Saturday, February 25, 2012

~vintage bedrooms~

Hello everyone!

well, I survived.....the dentist....
phew!  what a relief to
have the whole ordeal over with!

if you've not a clue what I'm talking about....
you can read all about my ridiculousness

....I am still a little sore....
my jaw isn't completely thrilled~ but
it's not too bad....and thank you all so
much for your sweet & reassuring
comments ~xoxo~ :)

I was looking through my "bedrooms"

and thought maybe you'd like some
yummy bedroom inspiration for your Saturday....

the pics in this post have one thing in common.....
they are all fabulous {of course!}
and all feature vintage iron beds....

who can get enough of them??
not me!!

so utterly charming.....
.... beautiful & understated....

cannot believe we sold our beautiful iron
bed a few years ago.....
yup....sold it....but it was a full size!

who can fit in that?
I n.e.e.d. my space...ya know??
me likes my breathing space....
"no touchy!" hahaha :)

so we have the mondo king size....
room for everyone to spread out...
Mr. T & T, the fat weiner dog, and
myself....with the occasional 11 year old
squeezed in the middle from being lonely, cold or generally wanting to snuggle  a bad dream or

totally should've kept it for one of
our girls....but of course it was too vintage
looking for their likes {blasphemous!}
....oh well ~ I'm sure I'll find
another someday!

what're you guys sleepin' on??
any diehards still in a little teensy
full size?? or are you with me on
spreading out as much as possible???

and seriously, if you are sleeping on a teeny
vintage iron bed {and yes, I'm jealous....}
....I ask one little question....
how in the world do you/can you do that???
do tell!!! :)

well I hope your weekend is and will
continue to be wonderful!

{oh and btw....I just need to know that you
have been watching
Downton Abbey.....right????
if not.....well there are simply no words....
we'll talk about this next week....:)}



{all images and credits from here}


All Things Chic 2 said...

All those bedrooms ... So so beautiful...It's pics like those that get me excited...Blessings Lori

NanaDiana said...

Love all those beds. We have a big old kingsized bed. Dark with a leather headboard. I don't think I could go back to a full sized bed again...although I could certainly sleep in a queen.

I am glad your dentist appointment was not as bad as anticipated!;>) xo Diana

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

GORGEOUS images!!

Sandi said...

These bedrooms all all so gorgeous! I would move into any one of them right now!:)
PS My friend watches Downtown Abby but I have not yet...:(

Sarah said...

Beautiful bedrooms! We sleep on a king, but our guest rooms only have full beds ~ a four poster in one and an iron bed in the other. ;-) Hope the guests don't mind. ~ sarah
Addicted to Downtown Abby

Pura Vida said...

I have bought and sold several iron beds and would like to have one now...again...brass painted white?

Becky said...

Well I do sleep in a full sized iron bed. It was my great grandmothers bed she got when she got married. So its been in the family forover 80 years. We always cuddle up in the middle. But when he is deployed or gone I sleep on his side of the bed. I think i would have a hard time sleeping in a bigger bed.

Unknown said...

I sleep on a full size iron bed , I love it ! But other than my small dog , I am the only one in it so there is plenty of room .

Kathy said...

Lovely pictures! We have queen and considering our family size and various youngins coming in at night, we would love a king. Fortunately my talented hubby makes great headboards from reclaimed doors and architecture pcs so he could... make another.wishful thinking

raggygirlvintage said...

What gorgeous beds!! I love my king size, we just got my daughter a full size and it seems so small, seriously how do two people sleep in a full size?? Isn't it great to have all these inspiration photos, thanks for sharing!!

Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

We have a queen and it just barely fits in our bedroom. There is a full size bed in our spare room although my hubbs refers to it as my room because most nights that is where I end up (he snores LOUDLY, add in 2 dogs, 1 cat) no wonder I am a nomad at night. Both beds are comfy but I have to admit...I like the full size better. Only because it is more girly and I don't have to share...except with 2 dogs and a cat! haha

It's me said...

Beautiful bedroom inspiration!!! it...have a nice sunday

Sarina said...

I wish I had a bedroom like that.Looks gorgeous.


Katherines Corner said...

beautiful images,thank you for sharing with us . I am particularly drawn to the photo the third from the bottom. The cream and browns seems so warm and cozy. xo P.S. Did you get your entry in for the sweetheart giveaway? It ends tomorrow

Bliss said...

When I was a kid I screamed so much at the dentist one time the assistant put her hand over my mouth to shut me up and I couldn't breath - which of course made it worse. They took me back out to the waiting room to my mom and basically said take her HOME! The worst part was I didn't get to pick a pretty little ring.


mary pernula said...

Hubby and I love old iron beds. We have four in our home. Two are twin size one is in the sewing room and one is in the office. We have a queen size one in our spare room, my hubby had a iron worker make the frame bigger for a queen mattress and then we sleep in a full size one. We had a king size bed and my hubby and I always wound up in the middle by each other, we do better in smaller beds I guess we keep each other warm and like the comfort of each other, as far as the beds go I also have two in my yard set up, so it looks like I have a fetish for them to. HUGS MARY

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Love your funny posts! I missed your dentist one, I will have to go back and check on that one. (I'm a dental hygienist :) )
My husband and I have the king size as well (I'm with you, no touchy touchy while sleeping, who are these people that can sleep all entertwined?) My hugely oversized furniture needs TO GO! I'm am hoping to start a major redo on that room soon. Love the inspiration photos.


Heaven's Walk said...

Are you talking with a lisp now??? lolol! Just kidding! I'm so glad that you came through that experience ok, Shell! I HATE going to the dentist. But then again...I hate going to any doctor! :)

We are KING size sleepers for sure! I don't know how people sleep in anything smaller!!! I need my room to (no-touchy here, too!)and the hubs tends to hog alot of it, so at least I'm not falling out of bed every night. lol!

Love your photos today! Makes me want to sell my Jenny Lind bed and buy one of those! :)

Hugs to you, sweetie pie!

xoxo laurie

Vintage Home said...

oh I love Downton abbey! isn't it over tho????
My dear husband & I sleep on a double antique iron be...that with the rails extended (@ a iron shop) is the same as a queen in length and the sides hang over a bit but we you can't tell cuz all the cozy linens hide the fact!
We have tried so many times to change it up....but we get part way there and never do it!
It always looks romantic!

Vintage Home said...

p.s. glad you are felling better!

Faded Charm said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my kitchen. Loving all your beautiful bedroom photos and yes, I am one who squeezes into that full size bed just to have my vintage metal headboard:-) Some nights are better than others..hahaha

Sorry to hear about your tooth....I've never liked going to the dentist and I even used to work in an office before kiddos.

Hope to see you's been a while!


Unknown said...

Yummy bedrooms...could easily slip into one of those and go off to dreamland. Gotta have some room to move in a bed, no full-size for me.

Elma said...

Oh I so dislike the denist!! I rather have a baby!!
Love all the pictures. We have a queen that we just bought. We had a full for 23 years:)I think a king would be way to big I would never find my Al.

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Nothing like a dream bedroom to escape to. All the photos inspire me to change mine. Love your blog.
New follower.


Wild Oak Designs said...

Dentist trips are no fun, especially the kind you had. Wishing you the best.

Passionate for White said...

Although they are all gorgeous...I especially love the 4th one!

EllenaElizabeth said...

Hi ya! I live in Australia and I think the Full size bed is what we must call a double. Hubby and I have been sleeping quite happily in our double iron bed for 30 years. No complaints from either one of us so far. We have another two iron is a single in guest bedroom with another silky oak single beside it and the other iron bed is what we call a day bed and it's a skinny single..the day bed is in my sewing room. I regularly have guests sleep on it too and so far no one has fallen out. Lol All my iron beds are white.

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