Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~what came home with me~

Hello everyone!!!

I've been a little swamped lately
but managed to sneak a few pics of
what came home with me......

you know how it works when you
"all of the sudden" can't stand a certain item
in your home????

well, that struck me about 2-3 months ago
with our light fixture over the kitchen table.... had to go....
so the hunt Monticello....

and this is what I came home with.
I bought it from the girls at Worthy Goods
they are just the sweetest & soooo talented!

I quickly cut down my other chandy 
{if you can call it that....}
and cranked out a cover for the chain~
in cream linen.....wired it up & hung it
while Mr. T & T was out! :0
{my favorite time to get into mischief.....}

here's another shot with the lights on....
the chandy is creamy white chippy iron
whaddaya think?

well, while we're in the kitchen, I thought I'd show
you a couple other things....but don't look too close
cuz I wasn't planning on a photo shoot~ just as is
on a Wednesday morning....

I got this little sign in a shop near home.
I thought it was kinda cute, no?
it will get replaced when we install
our new hood & range but for now I like it!

my kitchen really looks so much more ORANGE in
pictures than in person.....just know it's not quite
this bright/orangey....kind of a warm faded
terra cotta.

As you know, I'm going to be painting soon ~ just
not top of the list!

we attached these corbels
 last weekend in the
doorway that goes into the dining room
& living room

there you can see my hutch w/ my cute little
birdcage I picked up at Monticello as well.
I bought it from Kathleen at Faded Charm
you know "White Wednesday's" Kathleen?
her booth is as adorable as her blog!

She's so fun & we are so lucky to get to meet
up at these fantastic sales!

I have a thing for birdcages.....
so once I got it home I was like, where am I
going to put this???  So did a little rearranging
and this is what I came up with!

remember......not to look too closely inside
the hutch!!!  no peeking!! ;)
It's not that pretty right now.....needs some serious
organizing along w/ the rest of my closets & cabinets!

and then I got this cute little
you would think I would just make one up for myself...............apparently not!  :)
it was just too tempting all ruffly & cute

it's a cute little guy is it not?
I thought so & a great price so worth it
to not have to go out & find an old ottoman
and make the cover!

it goes well with the rest of my whites & creams
in the living room~

well I think that's most of it.....

I did pick up the rolling cart soon to be island,
but no pics yet ~ it needs some work

OH!         MY !          HEAVENS!..........

TRAGEDY has struck!!!

ikea is OUT of butcher block counters!!!!!!!!!!

and not just our ikea....


this was my major perfect plan
for the island.....a $59 butcher block
counter from ikea.....she said they're out
till AT LEAST June. :(

Plan B.

don't know what that is but I'm working on it!


I hope you all are having a fabulous week!

Thanks for coming by today!




Wednesday, April 13, 2011

~swedish inspiration~

hello everyone!

I can see blue sky from here!!!!
can you believe it?
I should run outside & soak it up.....

but first ~ a little inspiration for us all....
these photos are just pure eye candy!

in one of my recent posts I told you all
I could not get enough white & chippy...
what is it about it??  white chippy w/
exposed wood makes my heart beat faster!!

add some urns and chandeliers and
I'm through the roof!
And I haven't even gotten to grey painted
floors....holy moly.....

vintage french baskets, tattered linens,
painted stools......oh baby...

throw in a little ironstone, some weathered
wood tables and slipcovered sofas...

ok...I'll get a grip.....but seriously....

I do like the swedish style of mixing
in slightly contemporary chairs & whatnot
with all the rustic....but I haven't tried that yet....
what about you?

I'm still way too in love with french style
chairs....not quite ready to make that leap...
but I'm thinking about it for our island in our kitchen...
oh..... you didn't realize we had one?
well we don't....YET....but I recently purchased one
at Monticello Antique mall.....oh it's yummy girls....
white CHIPPY (but of course...) iron
industrial cart w/ WHEELS that lock....

can't wait to show you....I'll pick it up probably next
week! woo-hoo!! :)

I got a couple other goodies too...
that I'll show you in my next post....

oh how about a little mercury glass?
can't get enough....

don't know if any of you remember my
well ~ finally finally finally got them
done!  holy cow long does
it take to get somethin' done around here??
hee hee....
{a very long time apparently....when Mr. T & T
is extremely busy & Mrs. T & T has a linen
shoppe to run! ;) }

so I will be painting & distressing them
very shortly and
showing them all to you......really can't wait!

I "promised" {my idea of course....}
to get dinner ready at a reasonable time
tonight......{sheesh...the pressure....}
so I gotta run....
talk to you all soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



{all photos courtesy of Skona Hem}

Friday, April 1, 2011

~shabby love~

Happy Friday everyone!!

well there's been rumors that the
sun might shine today.....
so far...nothin'.  

you all may think I'm complaining....
well ~ yes.  as a matter of fact...
I am.

because, you see....
we have had rain the last 30 of 31 days....
it's rained 6.43 inches in March
5th wettest on record.....
we did however finally reach 60 degrees
for the first time (this year) yesterday.

so yes....I'm complaining....
I want SUN!
just a little ~ even an hour a day would suffice!

it's starting to look like I'll have to leave town
in order to get some sun....
I seriously have forgotten what it feels like...!

anyhoo....I was drooling  looking at the Shabby Chic
website earlier....what a bunch of eye candy!

I thought you might enjoy it too.....

it is just pure delicious-ness....
her style never goes out....
I never tire of it...

it's just so beautiful & serene.....

who could tire of chippy and white?

how does one ever tire of worn wood, or painted furniture ????
or old linens,  ironstone or chandeliers???

I am quite certain it's impossible.....I'll love it forever.....

what an inspiration Rachel Ashwell has
been to the design world....

on another note ~
I've been working on a couple custom
orders this week & loved them so much
I had to add them to the store....

first up ~

this collection has the perfect blend of
rustic romance.....

the fabric is distressed, and softened...
nubby and full of texture...

there's some lovely ruffle pillows and
pillowcases that go with....

you can find the pillowcases here

another custom order I recently completed
is the....

she's very similar to the

except she is made with a beautiful cream linen
and without any graphics....

she's so feminine and romantic...
and I am simply in love with the cream linen....

if you'd like to take a closer look skip
on over to my Etsy store


next week is spring break for us....
Mr. T & T will be out of town on business
so it'll be me & the girls for most of the week.

But we're going to have some fun!
maybe head to the beach or something.
{that's assuming it's not pouring & freezing over
there....;) }

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



{Shabby Chic images found here}

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