Thursday, July 9, 2009

slipcover project

I am now in the middle of making slipcovers for a sofa, loveseat and wingback chair! I really wanted a soft, natural looking fabric, and it had to be either white or cream, so I went with linen in white. I love it so far! I'm 99% finished with the sofa, 75% finished with the loveseat, and haven't even started on the wingback chair. This time around I decided to try to make them w/ piping---I've been too intimidated in the past, but decided I needed to get some courage & give it a try! Guess what? It's not that bad!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vintage Cupboard Project

I picked up this old cupboard in the countryside--in an old barn. It was covered in grime, dust, and cobwebs...yuck...even came complete with a daddy longleg!

With lots of cleaning, scrubbing, painting and tlc this cupboard is about ready for a new home! I see vintage quilts, tablecloths, and other beautiful things folded neatly!

I Love Summer

Phlox from the garden....mmmmmm can you smell their sweet scent?
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