Thursday, April 26, 2012

~spring blooms~

Hello everyone!

well if I was gloating in my last post about the 
fabulous weather~ no need to worry
about that continuing! ;)

we are back to rain mixed with peeks of sun...
back to 60ish.....bah humbug!

well at least we've had a few sun breaks!
if I can see it on occasion....I am much happier! :)

I finally got my new camera & thought I'd 
show you a few pics I took in between
showers & hail!

I planted the white bleeding hearts this spring...
love them!

I planted the pink last spring and they
have gotten HUGE!

don't you just love spring?
I soooooo love seeing everything come back
to life after a long winter's nap!

this crabapple is so bright & magnificent....
such pretty blossoms to enjoy....

and these little forget-me-nots
are just everywhere ~ willy nilly!
they self seed in abundance!

I bought a few annuals to spruce up a few
pots & baskets ~

I really loved the pink & white dragonsnaps...
they're really sweet & kind of on the petite side.... 

I also picked up these daisies
I love all the varying shades of pink...

isn't God's work amazing??
what would we do without all the beautiful flowers,
trees and shrubs??
not to mention the cheerful songs of the birds?
I'm so grateful for these little bits of heaven on earth!

I planted this candy tuft last year & it is growing
quite nicely as well....

and I planted these pink flowers which I have no
clue what they are but after not doing so hot last
year ~ they are coming back in a big way!

are they called sea foam?  don't think so ~
but I swear the name had something to do with
the though they are pink...?

that's it for garden shots....

thought I'd show you a new slipcover in

it's not exactly "new" but it's kind of new
because it got some modifications &
 a brand new fabric!

I am loving this yummy natural linen....
it's got lots of texture & nubby yumminess....
I think you'll love it too....

we added long flowing ties for a soft
romantic feel.....
perfect for tying a pretty bow....

one more close up of the fabric....

you like?
you can find it here

and yes it seems, I'm addicted to fabric.....
and flowers....
and anything that blooms...

Have a wonderful weekend!!



Monday, April 23, 2012

~breezy spring~

Happy Monday everyone!

first off ~ thank you soooo much
for your well wishes....I'm happy to report,
we are all quite healthy now & doing great!!!
I really appreciate your concern & sweet comments!

What amazing weather we've
had here in the northwest!

it was clear....
and magnificent!
a lovely 82 degrees here yesterday....
and 80 today!

definitely the kind of weather that's
got me thinking of summer.....
and sitting on the porch swing...
soaking up the sun with a good book &
listening to the birds sing...

can it get any better??
the sun has been so elusive for sooooooo
long that it has just been a treat!!

 of course my attention is now completely diverted~
gotta get outside & clean, weed, plant
fluff, decorate....etc....etc...etc... :)

right now I'm in the middle of attempting
to contain all my gazillions (seriously!)
of black eyed susans....
who have been happily proliferating....

pro·lif·er·ate   /prəˈlɪfəˌreɪt/ Show Spelled[pruh-lif-uh-reyt] "to increase in number or spread rapidly and often excessively. "
verb (used without object), verb (used with object), pro·lif·er·at·ed, pro·lif·er·at·ing. my garden everywhere!!!!

I've been digging up, dividing, gathering, giving
away, planting in my neighbor's yards, and doing just
about anything to get rid of them all!! hee hee
but still have lots to dig out ~ so if you live anywhere
near me~ come & get them!! :)

I have a new plan this year for my "boxwood beds"
they are smaller symetrical beds in our back garden,
that in years past, I have planted with a mixture
of veggies & flowers but this year I'm going
to forego the veggies and plant a mass
planting of impatience....
I think it's going to be amazing....
can't wait to show you....

and I'll be able to show you pictures because
after months of going without a camera....
I'm finally getting a new one!!
woo-hoo!  it's being delivered today!
it's a canon rebel t3...
anyone got one??  love it?? ya??

I am super excited!

ok...more ideas for outdoors....
how about a hanging bed on the back porch?
like this?

or this??

I can just see my girls laying out there
with a good book or hanging out with friends
giggling & such! 

as long as I could  s o m e h o w  manage to keep the
#%<*!  cats off there....
{any ideas???}
oh the cats...cats...cats....cats...
forever making me crazy with
all their fur & furry gifts they leave for us....;)

we've got 3, one is our eldest daughter's
who couldn't keep her in her apartment ~
so we being the dummies/softies/animal lovers
nice parents we are ~ said yes.....we'll take her....;/
...temporarily of course....
temporarialy 3 years ago....ahem.....


anyway ~  I digress!!

Happy times ~ planning, gardening
& outdoor decorating!

what've you been up to??
any gardening plans??
fun little porch projects??
do share!! :)

Have a lovely week everyone!



{all images from here}

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

~come dream with me~

Hello friends!!

Thanks so much for your sweet comments
last week!

Kenzie had so much fun doing her guest post
for me, after a
  whole buncha prodding, nagging, pestering
little nudge from me....;)

after reading all of your
super sweet comments & encouragement
{but of course, you guys are simply the b.e.s.t.}
she was on cloud 9!

I really think she has a gift for design....I could
totally see her doing magazine layouts or something like that...she's so good at creating "moods" huh??

here's just one, in case you missed it!
so pretty!

I am feeling much better now!
it was just crazy around here for a full 3 weeks...
don't worry ~ I'll tell ya allllllllll about it as you
browse these amazing pictures from my new
favorite designer Kelly Harmon

we'll have to have 2 conversations at once, cuz
of course I need to comment on the pictures...
ok....this is my favorite kitchen, hands down...
perfect french country yumminess....
perfect patinas, woods, marble, travertine
and wood beams....oh yeah!

and since I didn't comment on the very first
picture & I simply MUST
you will just have to look at it again.....
painful, I know....;)

hello faded aqua beams...are you kidding me?
 .....chippy, amazing door frames & columns.....
hello fabulous wood floors all rustic & such...
and HELLO amazing bedding & canopy....
holy smokes....simply amazing...
are you loving her yet?  Kelly Harmon,
that is....??? :)

another stunning room....
darling darling...
just look at those shutters next to the window!
and the simple lace curtain!
so perfect with the french beds & toile

oops....I know we were supposed to be having
2 simultaneous conversations.....
{cuz you must be dying to know all about
the ailments we had....hehehe}

ok if I must....

please skip if bored out of your
mind.....or creeped out by such nastiness....

Here goes:

 Mr. T & T was sick for 2 full weeks!!
just happened to be the same 2 weeks he had off in between
changing jobs....~humongous sigh~

we had such plans to get so much done....the short list....power wash house, driveway, garden clean up, office rearranging (cuz he'll be working from home now..)
nothing got done.....except laying around, sleeping,
sneezing, blowing, sighing, coughing, and such.....
during that time
Madi (my almost 16 year old ~gulp~)
got a nasty cold and then sinus infection
{she literally went through 5 boxes of tissue in 1 1/2 days!} 
and still during that time
Madi got vertigo....a leftover of the sinus infection...
woke up in the middle of the night with the room
spinning.....(yikes, I know!)
that lasted only about a week and 1/2.
Allie (almost 12 year old)
started throwing up
{night before first day of spring break...}
and threw up 18 times in 6 hours...
all in the middle of the night of course...
so you know how much sleep I got....;)
next day, Kenzie got it.....threw up 8 times....
next day, Mr. T & T got it....threw up 3 times....
{poor guy after being sick for 2 weeks!!}
next day, I got it...threw up 2 times, but lest I feel
ripped off....managed to end up with purple
spots under both eyes from the apparent force
necessary to remove contents from my stomach...
broken capillaries...uh huh....lovely huh?!
Madi got it.....very mildly....just a major tummy ache...
there you have times huh??!!

enough of that wouldn't you say!!??

so, let's get back to some more beautiful photos....

really loving the simplicity of this bathroom~

simple but still has all the right components....
travertine, chrome,
white fluffly towels, chandelier
and chippy shutters...

another stunning little spot.....

and a few outside shots...
what an a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

are you dreaming with me yet??

I think I will change my mind on the farm....
k ~ don't need a farm...
need a horse property....
and a white horse....

you with me?

have a wonderful day guys!!

hugs & kisses!


{all images from Kelly Harmon designs
and found here}

Thursday, April 5, 2012

~guest post by Kenzie~

Hello everyone!

I'm Kenzie, Shellagh's daughter!
She's not feeling well,
 so she asked me to do a guest post for her! :)

That's me!
I'm fourteen and a freshman in high school.

One of my favorite past-times is making boards
on a website called polyvore,
that my mom got me hooked on,
 (like she did with pinterest). :)

 Click here if you'd like to take a look!

These are a few of my favorites!

I really like this one, whenever I make these,
I go for a certain "mood",
 so each of them have their own different vibe.

This is one of my favorites! :)

My mom's been buggin' me a lot
for the past couple of days, telling me to start a blog,
 or at least do a post on her blog,
so here I am!

Now, something else I LOVE is the Hunger Games!
Well, to be more specific...
I loveeee Peeta!! And Josh Hutcherson ;)

As you can tell by this board... ;)

If you haven't read them,
I highly suggest it! <3 <3

I am totally dying to see the movie!
 Hopefully I'll see it soon, 
maybe my mom will take me... *hint hint* ;)

Well, that's all for me today,
so tell me what you think!

PS: Click here to go to my pinterest!

Love, Kenzie
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