Friday, December 25, 2009

~Merry Christmas~

Merry Christmas to all my Bloggy Friends!

I hope you have many joyful moments...

and make many happy memories

and get a chance to relax a bit.....


Thursday, December 10, 2009

~simple & sweet christmas~

Good afternoon bloggy friends!

If you can believe has been blue sky and sunny....

.......for days......

12 degrees this morning


How about a little simple & sweet Christmas?

the kind that takes little time to put together?

How about some more white?

you got it!

isn't this garland beautiful?
let's get a close-up of the simple bows....

you could use white linen, or muslin to create
these super simple bows....cut with pinking sheers...
no sewing required!

and how about the same simple bow
on the wreath on the front door?

ok..I am seriously going to take down my wreath
re-do it with this simple it!

and look at how darling these are!
love them...thinking about making them....

I know what you're thinking....whaaaaaat?  right now??
ok...maybe that would be a little much....maybe...;-)


I love how easy & sweet this is....

start with a full length mirror

add an array of white candles...
I always check dollar store first ~ for these!

add greenery & clementines...
and you are finished with the tablescape!


Does that make your Christmas decorating any easier?
more simplistic?

I'm gonna give it a try....


Have a fabulous weekend!


{all images from Better Homes & Gardens}

Thursday, December 3, 2009

~Crafty Christmas~

Good Morning Bloggy Christmas Friends!

Blue sky....frosty grass
crisp air...
 ...our northwest weather today..yay!

I found quite a few very cute craft ideas
to share with you today!

I'm thinking these are mostly crafts
I can make with my girls~
maybe you'll want to make some too....

Jingle Bell Wreath

*click here for directions*

sweet simpleness
I'm loving the silver bells on something painted


Scented Christmas Ornaments

*click here for directions and templates for these lovelies*

aren't these little hearts & bells adorable?
they are filled with fragrant Christmas spices like
cinnamon, cloves & orange peel.....

a little gingham, a little lace, a little rick-rack
~completely manageable~


Reindeer and Snowflake Ornaments

*click here for directions and templates for these super cute ornaments*

these are made using felt & silver thread
I love the simple scandinavian look!


Gingerbread Tree

*click here for directions*

I have always enjoyed making gingerbread cookies
very kid friendly, huh?

~I so love the way baking makes your home smell amazing....~


Glittered Pinecone Placecard Holder

Soooo easy......
  .....simple and sweet!

To make these place cards:

*pour silver glitter into small bowl
~working one tier at a time~
  *brush the pinecone one tier at a time with craft glue
*spoon glitter over wet glue
*insert namecard when dry


       Egg Shell Ornaments

           *to make these egg shell ornaments click here*

these eggshell ornaments really lend themselves
to vintage decor...don't you think?

~especially when painted with metallic paint....~


Homemade Garland

*click here for tutorial*

I found this fabulous blog thru
my blog hopping today....

Her name is Livy and I am amazed at every
single post ~ you've got to go check it out!!


Fruit Garland

lastly today.... I couldn't resist this homey garland made of fruit

I've always wanted to make one of these....maybe this year?


I hope you are having a wonderful week!

...hopefully not too stressed yet!
...hopefully we can take some time to make some memories :o)

Till Next Time!


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