Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~I am not complaining ....~

Happy Tuesday bloggy friends!

I've been a bit MIA as of late....
.....trying to garden.... in between orders and
"terrible weather" shall we say??
(downpours, hail, wind,
 and more downpours....
basically your typical
run-of-the mill 
freezing cold winter weather)
{.....but I'm not complaining... }

and since I'm not one to give up easily....
so in the midst of all the weather
 I transplanted 20ish
boxwoods, planted 24 new boxwoods,
divided and transplanted 20ish
blackeyed susan's, planted lavender, catmint,
hostas, bellflowers, astilbe, mock orange and clematis.

phew....but there's more.....
transplanted daisies, coneflowers,
 poppies, asters, 3 shrubs
 a fern, and an evergreen!
  I think that's it.
nope, forgot the veggies....planted bell peppers, watermelon, zucchini, tomatoes, peas and transplanted
chives....(which did surprisingly well considering
they were in bloom when I did it!!)

Everything did well with the exception of the transplanted poppies.....they still are upset with me,
but are surviving....sorry poppies.....wrong color, wrong size, and wrong place...it couldn't be helped! ;)

I'd LOVE to say these pictures are from my
garden but since it's raining
 no, pouring....

and I really don't have too much blooming
quite yet ~ I thought I'd share with you again
a garden I went through last summer.....

you see this gorgeous climbing vine below?
it almost looks like a climbing sweet pea, or some
kind of honeysuckle, but it's not....

it's a beautiful clematis and
I just got one at costco!
it's going to climb my new arbor that I told
you about a post or 2 ago!
yay! :)

it's a "Betty Corning" clematis
and it is beautiful and so fragrant!

this beautiful garden was such a treat to tour!
I am   r  e  a  l  l  y  hoping she has another
open house this year.....I'd love to see it again.

every little inch of her garden is so breathtaking
and surprising too....little surprises in nooks and

they have a cute little workshop where
they build all their own garden structures....
I tell ya ~  there is nothing this gal won't tackle!!

they build everything themselves, and
do all the gardening as well....

I just love her little potting shed....
chandelier & all

lovely huh??

one or 2 more then off to the fabric store for me!

have a wonderful week my friends!!



Monday, May 16, 2011

~waiting on peonies and roses.....~

Good morning everyone!

The sun is shining in the NW today!
After a very rainy Sunday.....
but a very sunny 1/2 of Saturday....;) 

I was browsing my pictures looking
for   a  n  y  t  h  i  n  g
interesting....or inspiring.....
or lovely......

I think I found it.

Can I just say I'm dying for summer??
and cannot wait for roses???

these are all, of course, from last
year......and I'm just now barely getting
buds on my rose bushes!

it really seems to me that we're getting
quite the late start this year....

maybe it's been the 11 straight months
of rain?  hmmmm.....?

I have noticed, however,
that the aphids are out in full force....
attacking every rose bud that has started....
~not for long~
they did meet their untimely demise
even in the rain....sorry guys.....

this is a little vignette from last year....
love the little vase I won in a giveaway from
Morning T!  Trish is the sweetest!

I also love this shabby little tray....
chippy & white...
nothin' left to say...:)

so moving on to peonies...
only the worlds most fabulous flower
E  V  E  R  !!!

I can't say enough how much I am
in love
with peonies.....

can someone please tell me
I only have one measly bush????
oh good grief!  I need to remedy that

they had them on sale at Bi-mart
last week.....
better run back & see what I can find.
found a white plant but just ONE,
and it was all bent & distorted....
so I didn't get it. :(

but I think I'll run back & see what I can find!

other garden happenings....
it's been so wet that we haven't even started on
the Mother's Day/birthday arbor!
it was literally ~ freezing~ that weekend!
a bit on the depressing side....
I must admit!

but it's supposed to be dry later this week so
that's the plan.

Mr T & T  tilled the whole side garden
on one end of our little lot so it's ready for stuff!
the plan is the little arbor will be in front and lead
to the back side garden (which was just tilled)

right now it's got 4-5 hydrangeas along the fence
and under a couple pear trees, but it's going
to get a cobblestone-ish path and a whole bunch
of transplants from the rest of my garden!!

It was the home of a little playhouse for a few years
but now that the girls are getting a little too old
for that......{boo-hoo}
it's a big old blank slate! yahoo!!

who doesn't LOVE a blank slate??
can't wait to get it done!

Hope you all have a fantastic week
of sunshine!



Friday, May 6, 2011

~garden traditions~

Happy Friday!


Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's
and all the women who mother & nurture!

Has anyone read or heard of the
"5 Love Languages?"
it's a wonderful book & really
answers a lot of questions......

Like, why I am way more excited to
have Mr. T & T build me something,
or dig a ginormous whole for me
to plant something....than to
receive a pretty wrapped gift......

My love language is "acts of service"
and due to this love language of mine~
it has become a bit of a tradition around
here for him to do something so sweet
for me for Mother's Day & my
birthday (which falls right around
Mother's Day each year....)

3 years ago or so....he built this split rail
fence for me for the occasion....
I was happy as a clam!

and dug huge holes for 3 rose bushes which
he planted for me too.......
couldn't have been happier....;)

2 years ago....Mr. T & T planted
a beautiful pink & white dogwood tree for me
and 2 climbing rose bushes......

I have to say.....a rose bush or tree
has got to be one of the best gifts
one can receive......to watch them grow
each year & remember the day you
received it!...it's the best :)

so this year.......Mr. T & T wants
to build or buy an arbor gate to go right here....

you see where the climber is?
well....I took it out last year ~ it just wasn't
doing well at all....the first year or 2 it was ok but
there's not quite enough sun there and the soil
is soaking wet all the time from all the #$&#~* rain  oh excuse me.....I meant, a little damp from
our wet weather here....hee hee ;)

and this little area would
be a perfect spot for a gate to go to the back
garden........and this weekend
is the perfect time to put it in......

my sweet husband....ok gushing here....
but he is just the best.  period.
sorry girls!  ;)  He is so willing
on this special weekend to do
I am pining for ...... without
complaining, and with the best
attitude in the world.....

oh happy me!

so here's a few ideas.....
from a previous garden post
which I am probably going to repost
next week because this lady's garden
is 2die4!!

here's the old doors made into a gate idea....

really cute huh?
but her home and garden might be able
to pull it off more....?

and a little tricky due to needing old doors etc...
of course, nothing that craigslist wouldn't take
care of.....

here's another view leading up to the doors.....

that's a whole row of astilbe by the way....
so beautiful.....

ok here's another neat idea ~ love this too....

although this probably won't work because
the space available is real narrow....
but I love the curved gate.....

so it needs to be on the narrow side.....

maybe something like this but with a gate??
really wish we had a big ol' piece of property
to do all this fun stuff....but
I will bloom where I'm planted......
right??? :)

we'll see what we can come up....
Mr. T & T's been out of town all week so
we might just buy something from a big box
store & be happy or ???????

if you have a fabulous idea
you're just dying to share....

please do!!!!

Have a wonderful day & weekend!



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