Thursday, July 7, 2011

~new to the linen shoppe & faded blooms~

Hello friends!!

First of all...the weather report....
we have had HOT weather for the last 4 days!!
amazing huh??
So beautiful ~ it almost makes you
forget about all the rain......almost....

evidently, until now we haven't had 3 days in
a row of sunshine since last fall!!!!!
oh my goodness! and you all thought I was
just whining huh??? ;)

I thought you might like to see a couple new
products I added to the

New table runners just in time
for outdoor dining & bbq's!

This cute little runner has frayed edges,
and raw edged's made
 with a nice lightweight cotton....

same lightweight cotton fabric, frayed edges,
with a monogram of your choice....

I love this graphic!!
frayed edges & shabby yumminess!

Affordable & fun for your
summertime entertaining!

In the garden.....

I picked my peonies earlier than normal this year
(due to massive rain....ahem.....)
...and we've been enjoying them for awhile now...
they are now quite faded & ready to be tossed, but
I just love the way they look all faded & tattered!!!
(imagine that!! ;)

Although I'm sure a better camera (on the wish list....)would produce more impressive pictures ~
I thought I'd share a couple anyway ;)

I just love the paper-like look when
they dry....

and lastly, my favorite bloom....

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!



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