Saturday, December 1, 2012

~Christmas inspiration~

Hello everyone!!!!!

a disappearing act.....

I almost forgot my login....
it's been so long! :)

I have been so busy & just haven't
had much to share....
ya' know???

if I actually had time to decorate
my own house again.....I would definitely
be sharing more often!

{but I do post inspiring pictures on
facebook each follow me over there
if you like!

right now I'm just having fun helping other's 
decorate their homes right now! :)
{by means of my Ticking and Toile
Linen Shoppe, in case you aren't following

most recently, my Michigan BFF Laurie,
dreamed up a tablecloth we made for her..
I love the way it turned out!!

I'm loving the double ruffles & the frayed edges...
Now if you don't know need to!
she's a doll!

she is just amazing....
I am in love with her home, her garden &
she is just the sweetest!!

ok...back to Christmas...
today is the day for our family
to decorate!!!  Yay!!!!

lights are going up outside,
the tree is getting decorated inside,
as well as the rest of the house...

and's sunny out!!
it's been raining all week so this
is a surprise!

right now I'm totally obsessed with
these skinny trees in buckets or baskets...

just love them!

but to find a tree like this around here
seems next to impossible....
everything is fat & bushy!

I need a Charlie Brown tree!! :)

although this little guy is a little fatter,
and looks totally adorable in an old box!

well....time to get going...
I've heard.....I am way behind on decorating....
I've heard....all the bloggers are already
showing their homes....

oh well!  wouldn't be the first time!! 
lol :)

I'm just excited to do it today!

How's your decorating coming??
if you're all done,
do not tell me....;)

if you're just starting...feel free
to leave a comment! lol :)

no seriously, I'd love to hear from you 
either way! 

Have a great weekend!!!



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