Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~farmhouse America~

Happy Wednesday friends!

Well summer is finally here!!
It's so nice to have the kiddos home from
school ~ and begin to enjoy the lazy
long days of summer!

the pools filled....the strawberries are
beginning to ripen.....and the S  U  N
has actually even been out!!
Now that's something to celebrate
around here! ;)

I'm loving this little bit of farmhouse
inspiration I found.....
oh to live on some land.....
that really is my dream.....
lot's of open spaces ~ with gardens in between...

is this just the cutest little potting station??
the charm of it all is just 2die4!
what is it about the old faucets and sinks?
they really evoke a feeling of nostalgia...

the inside of this home is just sweet
as can be, as well ~ classic fabrics
 and breezy window coverings....

so the antelope on the walls....
I am liking it ~ must admit....
they are antelope right??
I'm also really liking the vintage leather

I do suppose I'm hearing some moans and
groans with the blue dining room, eh?
well ~ yes it is a little more color than we all
like but I think it fits well in her home. 
And I am liking the travertine floors underneath...
oh ya ~ love me some travertine ~ anytime
anywhere~ :)

how about the barn wood on the wall heading
up the stairs?  I kinda like it ~ I really love
the ancestor's photos on the wall!  I'd love to do that
in our home somewhere.

ok ~ now we're gettin' somewhere....
I am in love with the simple farmhouse
bathroom.....I am in love with the simple
clawfoot tub.......
you with me??  Thought so! :)

love the simple farmhouse bedroom as well....
ahhhh can feel the gentle breeze coming through
the window......

lovely patio....I just love that wide open space~
the view.....anyone have a farmhouse for sale??
hee hee ~ jk of course.....I'll just keep pluggin'
along on my little cottage in suburbia....

Hope you all are having a wonderful start
to summer!!!



all photos courtesy of Country Living

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

~yummy french inspiration for you~

Happy Wednesday friends!

I came across the most amazing
french home & knew you would
all be inspired by it!

It's definitely got my wheels turning......;)
{of course Mr. T & T would say "when aren't they
turning??????"  hee hee so true, so true! }

first of all ~ can I please start gluing
rock to our interior walls???
no glue? ok, then ~ how about mortar?

and craigslist?  anyone got any
big ol' beams for me?  that'll fit in the back
of my suv??
cuz I need those too......

is this kitchen just 2die4 or what?
love perfect.....

the walls are just the perfect shade too.....
and throw in a little weathered wood
and yummy linens....

more wood beams....and a lot of neutrals.....


really the decor is rather simple....
not a lot of fussiness here ~ 
the natural beauty of all the surfaces and
walls is just stunning....

ok here are the 2 rooms I'm in love with....

I am just loving the little punch of color
with the faded turquoise.........
and the little bits of pink & lavender....
paired with the neutrals it's just amazing!!

totally adorable & perfect french perfection....
when I see this it re-affirms to me
"yes, this is the style you LOVE, no need
to second guess it....this is it!"

ok ~ I'm also loving the faucets here....
and what a cute door w/ the windows!?
{more wheels turning......;) }

and those darling, darling wall sconces....
pure yummmmmmmmminess!
and it looks like a little grainsack was used
for the window treatment....
~more sighs~

I'll leave you in the garden.....
with more french country perfection......

I hope you all are having a fabulous week!
See you next time :)



{all photos via campagne decor}
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