Thursday, March 29, 2012

~I need a farm~

Hello Everyone!!

Happy almost Friday!! :)

have I mentioned lately.....
I need a farm.

I really do.

oh and I need a white farmhouse
to go with the farm....

and a lovely vegetable garden ~ even
a potager browse about
in and gather greens for dinner.....

a lovely old barn in the distance would
also do

apparently I am in the wrong
part of the country for such things....

perhaps I need to be in Ohio, with
Mary from Urban Farmgirl??

isn't this a lovely picture she took
on her way to the Country Living Fair....
ok ~ so unfair.....heehee ;)
(I don't want to whine here but I reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaly wanna go to the Country Living Fair.....!!! )

I'm thinking a nice farmhouse window ~ with
a simple white lace curtain~ with a view like
this...... would suffice.....

actually, it'd be a dream come true.....
don'tcha think?

so I came across these pics on the Country Living
website....and thought you would enjoy them
right along with me!

it's a darling farmhouse built in 1830
in Milan New York....

hmmmm.....maybe we need to move to Milan??

apparently the kitchen, with the
d.a.r.l.i.n.g. sink sold them on the house....
oh ~ and those beams on the ceiling...
that woulda sold me!! 
"fo sho" as my 15 year old daughter
would say.....well she would say,"fo sho, dawg"
actually, and then followed up with
a "true dat"
(I'm sure she'll outgrow this....let's hope so, but for now I gotta admit,
she sounds so darn cute when she says it, because she is so 
un-gangsta like!! :)  )

anyway~ I digress....
back to this amazing farmhouse....

check out the beams....I'm officially
obsessed with them.

and one more for your viewing pleasure...

quite the cute cabinet huh??
all stacked with yummy plates & such....

ooooooh, forgot about this picture
with more yummy beams to drool over....
wood beams, white walls.....

~big sigh~

well let's move on to the bathroom....
and imagine how wonderful slipping into
this clawfoot tub would be.....

I'm really loving the industrial elements
mixed with the vintage tub....
cute cute.....

there's those white floors we all love....
gleamy & all polished up.....

so what are your plans for the weekend??
is it spring in your part of the country?

don't tell me if it is because we are still
sopping wet with rain.....6 inches expected in the
next 3 days....UGH!!!!

I'd love to hear!! 
no, seriously...
I can handle it...

just not too much gloating please...



{all images from here, with the 
exception of the Ohio barn which is from
Mary at Urban Farmgirl found here)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

~my fave~

hello peeps!!

how is everyone doing???
I'm doing great!

 I'm sooo excited.......because I found some
of my all time favorite pics
all in one place!!

it's so weird.....when I came across
these pics....I was like "oh I love this
living room.....and that bathroom is one
of my favorites!!"

do you remember seeing this bathroom??
one of my all time favorites....
just love it!

I am in love with all the mirrors on the
ledge....and of course the tub itself....
and the shutters on the window....

 are these pics looking familiar yet??
who woulda thought....all the same little
cottage.....oh so it & could move
 right in.....

 note to self.....panel every wall in house....
oh, and then paint everything white....

no prob....;)

there's   n.o.t.h.i.n.g.  
 Mr. Ticking and Toile would rather be doing....

oh, and while we're at it ~ better add the ceilings to the list, as well!
[note to self....panel all walls, and ceilings...
then paint everything white....ok...]

just a little itty bitty project for the weekend, right??
seriously though....Mr. T & T has been home sick
this whole week!!
is starting a new job where he will be
working from home!!! ahhhhhh!!!
babysitter for me!!??!! noooooooo!!!

so that'll be new & shall we say different??
heehee! :)
now I'm just saying....a little adjustment
might be taking place around here!

actually ~ I think it'll be fun....he's great
to be around & as you all know I just love
him to pieces!

 but you know how having hubby around
makes it feel like the weekend???
yeah ~ gonna have to fight through that....
and actually work & stuff! ;)

but of course he'll be major focused
on his own stuff anyway ~ so it's all good!


I totally forgot to give you a weather update.....
um....let's see....

woke up this morning not to
the usual steady rain, but.......

3-4 inches!
are you kidding me??

seriously.....late start for kiddos...
and um the 2nd day of spring....
just sayin'

hope you all have the best



{all images via}

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

~sticking my head in the sand~

Hello everyone!!

How are my bloggy friends doing today??

well ~ as you can see from the title
of this post.......

I am officially sticking my head in the sand....

why????? you may ask????

{ok is that the funniest looking creature ever???
just sayin'.....hehehe}

because apparently......
the  ^@#*!`;*%  rain will  n.e.v.e.r.

I want to pretend that it's almost
spring.....and that the sun will shine.....

and that I will possibly be able to play in the garden....
you know....?

but..... such luck...we will....(instead of
having a wee little bit of sun...) 
enjoy sideways rain for at least 6 days in a row....
 yup and we will enjoy snow as well...
not the "bright sunshine-y, blue sky & clear" snow....
nothe kind of snow that is freezing
wet, and miserable.....

can I just say I've been wandering around
my house in a snuggie????
and complaining profusely????
    s n u g g i e.....

the ultimate in complete lameness....
{oh and I do apologize profusely if you are a wandering all hours of the day in a snuggie
it just doesn't do much for making you feel
like you're accomplishing much...
you know.....

but I'm seriously freezing to death....
like wet & cold ya know???
in & out of the house & rain....
wet - cold and the only thing that warms
me up is my snuggie....
{seriously pathetic...I tell ya!! ;) }

oh and, of course, my Sadie dog....
who is perfectly happy being wrapped in a blanket
in my lap the whole entire day....

not that I've ever done that!!! ;)

ok....enough ranting.....
if you know me at all.....
you know by March of 
 e v e r y
year...I start the complaining....
about the rain.....

but it was 70 degrees last week!!!
for 2 full glorious days!!!

I knew it was a set up blessing.....
I should be thrilled for the little peek of sunshine we got...
and stop my complaining.....

so I will just keep my head in the sand....
and my body in the snuggie....
for a little while longer....
and wait patiently for the sun...., that's a little better....

thanks for letting me vent.....
I think I might actually feel better!



{all images and credits found here}


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

~rustic amazing~

Happy Wednesday friends!!

it is bright & sunny here today!!
yay!!!!!!!!!! love it!

I have been in the weirdest state lately.....
have you ever felt like you just can't get
a   n   y   t   h   i   n   g  

like moving in slow mo?
yep ~ that's me....for the last few days...
slooooooo moooooooo....

it seems like everyone else in the house
has so much going on.......
 and I feel like I'm
just following them around making sure
they get there, are fed, dressed, picked up,
and sleep......I'm just hanging around waiting
for their next move....

oh my gooooooodnessssssssss!!
enough already!! hehehe!

ever feel like that??

just a little know I need to whine
on occasion.....yes?

one good thing, as of late,
is my renewed affection with

yummy green juice.....
I tell ya ~ I'm hooked!!

I am sooooooo loving my green juices's what I'm putting
in them:

one whole head of romaine
2-3 stems of kale
a big handful of spinach
1 apple
1/2 a lime

it makes about 16 oz of green juice
& makes you feel fantastic!!

I've been drinking them for
breakfast & a mid afternoon snack...

all the fresh colorful vegetables really
make you feel alive!

and I'm finding the more I drink ~ the
less inclined I am to eat processed, junky

My kids will even drink it!!

so anyway ~
been drinking juice & trying to be healthy....
still! and if
 I happen to lose a pound ~ I'll let you know!

I love all these rustic european kitchens....
don't you??
oh, to have a brick wall anywhere
in our house let alone the kitchen....
be still my beating heart.....serious

and hello mr. island!
can you please come to my house?
and mr. range over there...?
and miss sconce lights...?

what a beautiful kitchen with so many
wonderful elements!

I love the modern pendant lights mixed
with the elegant sconces....the wood mixed with
stainless appliances and the brick wall
oh the brick wall.................!

here's another rustic lovely.....

look at the amazing work table they've dropped
the stove top into!
love it!

more wood, more brick, more stainless...
yum yum yum...;)

well ~ I've got to get back to work
now......must get  s o m e t h i n g done!

have a wonderful day!!!



{all images & credits found here and here}

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