Tuesday, January 31, 2012

~inspiration for today~

Hello there!

how are you all doing???

are you warm?  cold?  sunny?  rainy??

we've been fairly mild ~ 46 today overcast ~ with
a peek....and I mean a teeny eensy wheensy peek
of blue sky....

ahhhh ~ all I need
{well that's all I get so we'll call it "all I need" ;)}

my post has no purpose.....

none..... whatsoever.....;}

so I thought I'd just share with you what
inspires me today.....

did you know I love ticking??
bet ya could've never guessed that huh??

and old clocks....oh yeah...
love those too....

sun alert!!!!!!!
holy cow!!!
it's out!!!!

excuse me ~ we get a little excited over here
in the middle of winter when the sun shows it's face!

I have to laugh ~ because my sweet 15 year
old "Madi" is soooooo her mom's daughter....

I guess a little ray of sunshine came into the
classroom through the window &
she blurted out "sunshine!" in the middle
of class yesterday!!!
don't think her teacher appreciated it much....

but seriously.....it is a big deal
we are sun-starved in the NW...

ok so back to inspiring things.....
can we talk chandys here?

and chandy's mixed with chippy things...
oh yeah.....love for sure.....
I absolutely love mixing chandys with
rustic stuff.....I haven't completely jumped
on the industrial lighting trend yet ~
because I am so in love with

ahhhh.....just does something for the soul....

plank walls...vintage luggage...dress forms...
shabby bins.....
all in one shot.

sun is gone.

just in case you were wondering....

I just have to come back to this photo....
so much to love about it.
first of all ~ I need a chaise like that.
for the record...
nope ~ no place to put it ~
but I'll figure that out later...

it's just such a cozy wonderful spot...

vintage linens & quilts~
dried hydrangeas~
chippy paint~
terracotta floors~
vintage paintings~
could totally handle it.

next up:
um...yeah....grainsack love.

love them.
 and might I just add how adorable
little white flowers are in little zinc

love them too....
any white flower will do....:)

anything french...french script....

are you crushing on anything right now?
 {well of course you are ~ but tell me what it is!! :) }

did I mention it was Mr. T & T's birthday

yay!!!  love him.
I am a very lucky girl to have such an amazing

we had fun!
out to dinner...
visiting....opening presents....
eating too much (ugh!)

Hope your week is fabulous!



{all images via my pinterest boards :)}

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

~locker love & storage ideas~

Hello friends!!

How is everyone doing today???
I'm doing good.....got a kiddo here sick
but we're doing fine :)

I swear they just get tired of
going to school.....and the "illness" starts
from there....she really does not feel
good but sometimes I wonder how much
could be self induced...ya know?

my parents moved us in the middle of my
8th grade year & I remember wanting to
get sick soooo bad so I didn't have to go....
then wham-o a major flu bug...
not fun...I remember it like yesterday!
self induced perhaps?

who knows...but how about some
storage ideas?

seems like this time of year is perfect for
streamlining things.....

so, ya like the lockers??? yes...
and the bench???  yes...

love, love, love the look of old lockers...
but probably not the most practical
maybe?  maybe not?

this "mudroom" below is awesome...

tons of room for all the stuff the kiddos
need but I personally do not have
room for this sort of contraption....
and not much character....right?
but it's almost worth it to be so
o r g a n i z e d....

I am loving this idea....
we just happen to have dead space like this
under our stairs....wonder if Mr T & T
would feel like ripping the wall apart???
hee hee ;)

this one is 2die4!!!
love it!!
need room...
big room...
need farmhouse....
big farmhouse....

fun to dream but now it's
time to get back to work!!

Hope your week is going great!



{all images via}

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

~chair makeovers~

Hello my friends!!

Happy Tuesday to you!

It's snowing here in the northwest....
crazy!!  we really haven't gotten too
much but they got 6 inches in Seattle!!
but the kiddos are bummed since they've missed
no school yet.....

here's what I've been working on....

{I played with Picasa for different tones
of sepia & black and white}

I've been working on 
~chair rehab~

that's what's been happenin' here
while I've had time off from the

you may recall a few hundred years ago
my crazy chair extravaganza via craigslist??

I was actually relieved to see it has only
been a little over a year since I bought them....
phew....wouldn't want to be seen as a
procrastinator or anything like that....
I have a reputation to uphold ya know....

here is my dining room filled with all chairs
and no table a year ago....
see now you may be intrigued....no table?
what did she do with it???

well since I had some time off from sewing
& such ~ thought it'd be a good time
to finally tackle these guys....

so here's the before!

a big part of the problem is the
gaping hole in the seats...
ya see it there? he he he

I really wasn't quite sure how to fix it
(only 2 needed the holes "filled" thankfully!)
but I did figure it out~
since the chairs (6 of them) all came with
these lovely & fashionable seat cushions

so purdy.....;)

we cut a piece of plywood & secured
it to the seats ~ no one will   e  v  e  r   know....

I decided to try a homemade chalk paint
recipe since I didn't want to spend much
 $$ for the Annie Sloan chalk paint...
{although I really do want to try hers soon}

I can't take credit for the homemade stuff ~
definitely not that smart....
It was Joy over at Savvy City Farmer
who posted on it awhile back...

you mix about a third of plaster of paris
{available for about $3 or 4 or 5? can't quite remember! at Lowe's or Home Depot}
with regular paint & start painting!

so I mixed some white (on hand) with
some beige (on hand) with a little grey
(yep on hand as well....) along with
some artist tints I had laying around...

came up with a nice creamy grey tone...
then I went over it with an antiquing glaze from
Lowe's....{American Tradition Antique Glaze ~ about $8}

I did 2 coats of paint & then the glaze...
& then used a dry and a wet rag to take
off the glaze ~ you just have to play with it...

I have to apologize for my picture quality...
my camera is officially broken & I'm looking
into what to buy....meanwhile it's the.........

shhhhhhh don't tell....

cell phone camera....

well I had to show you something right??? :)

here's a couple shots in b & w

wow way to stage a shot with
no props....whoops!

sepia....gotta love picasa!

glazing works best (in my humble
non-professional opinion....)
when there are grooves & such
in the furniture....
it gets in those little cracks & crevices & stays...
gives it a nice aged look...

so next is the cushion recovering....
I've gone back & forth with the idea
of using my antique grainsacks....

or a yummy french linen sheet...
or painter's dropcloth...

the grainsack is so beautiful but very
thick.....and the chair cushions have piping
so I'm not so sure it'll work....

anyone ever tried to make piping out of that amazing
luscious fabric??

so there ya have it!
the chairs are painted & ready for seat cushions....

next the dining table gets an overhaul as well....
here's a sneak peek at what we have in there
{don't mind that beautifully upholstered chair there! I know you all
love green upholstery but no I'm not selling it!!}

so it's just a queen anne style table that I picked up
at goodwill.....{spent like $10 and you'll recall if you went back and read my insane post we had n.o.t.h.i.n.g. in there! what a mom I am!}

I'd really like to build a farmhouse
table like I've seen around but for now ~ I'm thinking
just doing the same paint treatment on the legs &
maybe a natural bare wood finish on top ~


I'll be sure to update you on my cushion progress...
it's on the agenda this week!

oh, and a little sidenote....

open again

so take a look if you like!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!



Thursday, January 12, 2012

~inspiration love~

It's almost Friday.....
and you know what that means???

oh you don't?
hee hee :)....it means ~
it's my favorite day of the week!!

I really look forward to Fridays....
and the hope of what projects Mr. T & T will get done
what the weekend will bring!

now you all don't think I'm that laser focused do you??
well, ok ~ yes you're right, you know me so well.......I am.....but I do try to
restrain myself......ok not really little....he he he...
no seriously...I do try....;)

I've been hitting the inspiration 
jackpot lately....and officially 
addicted to Pinterest

in fact maybe you can relate?

or my personal favorite...
because it happens to me 
all. the. time.

oh my goodness ~ if it wasn't for
all the amazing plethora
of yummy pictures...

it's like thumbing through 
your favorite magazines anytime ~
and they never end.

so funny....but definitely 
a potential time waster *ahem*
just possibly.

here are a couple more pics I was
so excited about I just had to show you 
right now.....

k, now do you love these stairs
as much as I do???

so perfect! yes?
what could be better than grainsack stairs??

and here I am back in love with this 
bedroom.....I have posted on this house
before because I am seriously in love with it.


and another all time favorite...
this room just makes me happy...
another true love...

and perfect island / floor chippy-ness

ok officially ~ Mr. T & T
wants his laptop back...boo!
I wasn't done showing ya stuff!

but allegedly he has to "work"
sheesh! ;)

I'll leave you with one more yummy 
place to soak your tired bones...

and I'm off to dreamland....
g'night all!



{all images found here}

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