Friday, September 28, 2012

~why I love french country~

Hello everyone!!

Happy Friday!!

baaaaaaaaad blogger.....I am....

yup....that's me.....

busy busy busy busy busy....
linen washin', dryin', ironin' & cuttin' machine
over here!

but it's been over a week &
I missed my Tutorial Tuesday
yes, I know....I feel so small....
just couldn't pull it off.....

too many other things to barely pull off...
hahahaha! :)

so I'm forcing myself to sit down, catch up &
say hello! :)

and I thought you might enjoy some
lovely french country inspiration....

you know ~ I do believe this is my
"true style"

other styles really do inspire me...
JDL, shabby chic, and such....

but I'm pretty sure, I can definitely say...
I shoulda been born somewhere
in the French countryside.....

somewhere with stone floors....
and stone walls...

somewhere with a big ol' fireplace
like so.....

and patina everywhere....

you with me?

somewhere with exposed wood 
ceilings....or at least rustic
beams everywhere....

I love the warmth of it all~
and let's not forget
the worn wood, worn painted surfaces,
and the linens...

and the chandys.....
can't get enough of those mixed in with
all the rustic-ness.....

and of gotta have a little 
bit of vintage toile mixed in....

a throw, or a quilt is just right....

love it....
love it all....

how about you??

are you torn between styles?
have you wrestled with that??

or have you found it &
can say "this is me! once & for all!"

do tell!

and have a fantastic weekend!



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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

~tutorial tuesday & pumpkins~

Hello friends!!

Hope everyone is fantastic :)

We are still enjoying the most
weather.....high 80's ~ mid 80's
so crazy!

but definitely not complaining!

well, if you know me at all, you
know I seriously d.r.a.g. my feet 
headin' into fall.....

but, this year I'm feeling like I might be ready!
I'm even a little excited! ;)

so why not start thinking of fun ways to decorate
with pumpkins??

I found this cute little pumpkin on
{where else is there?? haha!}

so clever & cute!

using mod podge & doilies...
so darling!

first: spray paint the pumpkins
being careful to cover the stems...

and then start applying the mod podge
and the doilies!

so easy!

now I would be hard pressed to find
o.n.e.  s.i.n.g.l.e.  doily 
in my home....of course!
those would be in the goodwill bag 
sent out a few months ago!
cuz I definitely "wasn't going to use these" hahahaha 

but maybe you guys weren't quite as hasty as me??? 

so now's the time to drag that box out 
& see what you've got!

Be sure to head over to Mitzi's blog for more
detailed instructions :)

K time for one more???

super simple and perfect!!

 {especially since I know most of you 
have a stash of chalk paint
in your garage! ;)}

how cute is this????
I especially love it with just a touch of
orange showing.....

simply paint & distress!


Have you starting to decorate for fall?
Are you feeling ready for
the change in season?????

Fill me in!

Have a great day!!



Monday, September 17, 2012

~Introducing Mirabelle~

Hello everyone!

it's Monday.....
how's it been so far?? :)

I have to introduce you to 

french translation......lovely.....

oh she is lovely....

made of the most amazing
Euruopean Linen
in French Blue....

pretty button detailing....
long flowing ruffles....

she's almost like a ball gown.....

for your bed.....

have I piqued your interest??

would you like to see her
all dressed up & ready for the ball?


features a generous 15 inch turndown
beautiful button detailing
piping edging 
a 24 inch skirt length
and flowing yummy ruffles....

our latest lovely in the 

Come have a look 
& tell me what you think!



Friday, September 14, 2012

~linen & lace~

Happy Friday everyone!!!

l.o.v.e. Fridays.....

especially sunny Fridays....

lately I've been so inspired by linen
& lace.....

it's so beautiful
and dreamy!

this is one of my all time favorite
bedroom pictures....
so much to love about it!

how about that crocheted overlay???


so, I shared with you a week or so ago
some heirloom bedding we were working on....

well we've since shipped it off to my 
wonderful customer down in Texas....

I am so thrilled with how it turned out
so is she!!

here's what she had to say:

Gorgeous heirloom bedding... love everything about it! High quality linen and the perfect weight for bedding. Stitching and crochet work is top notch and everything laundered beautifully. We wanted a set like this from a well known, luxury bedding company online, but weren't excited about the price tag. Shellagh produced the same quality bedding (if not better) than the other company we have been buying from for the past few years... and she did it at about half the cost. Reality check for how much we pay for a "brand name" alone. Thank you, Shellagh! Truly, you did an amazing job and we are thrilled!

I was so happy to hear she loved it so much!
It definitely made it soooo worth it!

here's a couple shots of the duvet cover
and dust ruffle we made for her~

the crocheted edges turned out just lovely

her set included matching sheets
and pillowcases....which made for a dreamy

and here's a full shot of the bedding....

now (of course) I need a set for myself!!
that's the problem with making beautiful gets really tough to send it out! ;)

Super excited to have this in the 

this all started with a photo from our customer
a dream of what she wanted....

we're more than happy to turn your
bedroom dreams into reality!

Thanks so much for coming by!!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!



{images via: 1-3 here}

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~tutorial tuesday~

Hello hello friends!!

I hope you're all having a terrific week
so far! 
 Mine is good....the sun is still
shining so I definitely can't complain!

I've been wanting to share this
tutorial with you for awhile ~
but it just felt toooooo

too many ingredients in the recipe ya know?

{oh you know how your eyes glaze over when you
hit about item number 9 in a recipe you want to try?
well that was me with this one.....too many steps...
too much work....for this girl! ;)}

But I reeeeeeeally like this look
so I kept digging....

and found an easier way!

I came across it in a very round about
way ~ but I'm thinking it's gonna work!

so here' what you do!

frame a piece of glass
{not a mirror}

now go to this website
(another Graphics Fairy success story)

and follow the simple directions on
enlarging images to transfer to furniture,
walls, or whatever else you can some up with!

{this is sooooo cool &
no stencils required!}

then simply tape your image
to the back of your glass
and paint your words with glass paint!


now the aged mirror part:

for an aged mirror

she just used good ol' Krylon Spray Paint
in "Looking Glass"

and then spritzed a teeny bit of water
on it & let it dry!!


awesome huh???

I totally want to do this!!!
what do you think?

too many steps?
are your eyes glazed over??
or do you wanna give it a try??

Just think of the possibilites!

Got a cool ornate frame somewhere?
get glass cut from a glass cutter, or
Lowes or Home Depot!
find your graphic
print it out
paint it up
and krylon it!

love it!



images: 1st here
2nd here
3rd here
4th here

Thursday, September 6, 2012

~how's your derrière looking these days?~

Hello friends!!

How is everybody doing??

I am fantastic!

We have had more than 60 days of
s  u  n  s  h  i  n  e!!!!!!

this time of year is seriously
amazing in the Pac NW....
warm, sunny & just perfect.....

it's really too bad it has to end! :(
but it will ~ it'll give way to rain
rain rain rain rain rain rain
rain rain rain rain rain rain
rain rain rain rain rain

in just about another month or so....

ok ~ where am I going with this??
you saw the post title &
you're thinkin' whaaaaaaat
is she talkin' about today??

well I came across this on pinterest
the other day......
and my daughter, Kenzie & I were
just shocked at what we found.....

.......drumroll please.......

do you suffer from mom butt?

jeans on the left Old Navy
same bottom, on the right, in LA Idol
{never even heard of that brand to be honest
with you....but you know me....I spend all my time
adoring linen & pillows & such...:)}

what a difference!

holy cow....I'm afraid I've been

now this is NOT my butt!
she's only like 50 years younger than me...

meet Rachel....
she is just adorable....and has quite
the thriving blog of over 40,000 followers!

 she recently made quite the case
against Gap & Old Navy being
manufacturers of the dreaded
"Mom Jean"

check this out.....

now I'm no fashion ninja...
but I think I would've felt somewhat safe
wearing Gap jeans????

not so!

"oh no you don't, 'miss 40 somethin'.....
don't be puttin' that behind of yours
in those babys!"

need more proof?

crazy huh??

Run over to her blog & check it out for
more compelling evidence
the mom jean.....

and what timing to uncover this information!

my girls (3 of them + a friend)
forced  me to buy new jeans
on Saturday....

have you heard of Miss Me's??
only a hundred smackers....yikes!

but I tried them on "just to see"
if all my crazy working out
& squats & lunges & deadlifts
& ballet squats etc...
made any difference on this here derriere...

and my girls freaked!
they were like ~
"mom! you rock those jeans!!"
to use their words exactly....
now mind you ~ they are used to seeing
me slough about in my old levis....
(actually cut off levis to be more precise...;) )

so I bought them.

you wanna picture?

k next time...hehehe
 I promise.....

got no photographer here right now so
tomorrow ok? hehe

AND I also got some super cute

very similar to this picture!
now don't be thinkin this lovely
gorgeous blonde is me ok?
I think she's a celebrity
of some sort!

but I really like this whole outfit
and "need" some jeans like hers now...
oh and the sweater...
um, and the necklace....
well, ok her figure too, would be nice...

so run to your closet
grab your gap or old navy jeans
p.u.t.   t.h.e.m.  o.n.
and check yourself out...

are you wearing mom jeans?

if yes, burn them.
proceed to Macy's/Nordstrom/Buckle
and grab yourself a new pair...

if no, congratulations
you are one lucky duck with boo-tay of yours! :)

{or you're just hugely self confident &
you should applaud yourself, regardless!! :)}

Have a wonderful day!!



{denim images via here}
{the rest from here}

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