Saturday, December 1, 2012

~Christmas inspiration~

Hello everyone!!!!!

a disappearing act.....

I almost forgot my login....
it's been so long! :)

I have been so busy & just haven't
had much to share....
ya' know???

if I actually had time to decorate
my own house again.....I would definitely
be sharing more often!

{but I do post inspiring pictures on
facebook each follow me over there
if you like!

right now I'm just having fun helping other's 
decorate their homes right now! :)
{by means of my Ticking and Toile
Linen Shoppe, in case you aren't following

most recently, my Michigan BFF Laurie,
dreamed up a tablecloth we made for her..
I love the way it turned out!!

I'm loving the double ruffles & the frayed edges...
Now if you don't know need to!
she's a doll!

she is just amazing....
I am in love with her home, her garden &
she is just the sweetest!!

ok...back to Christmas...
today is the day for our family
to decorate!!!  Yay!!!!

lights are going up outside,
the tree is getting decorated inside,
as well as the rest of the house...

and's sunny out!!
it's been raining all week so this
is a surprise!

right now I'm totally obsessed with
these skinny trees in buckets or baskets...

just love them!

but to find a tree like this around here
seems next to impossible....
everything is fat & bushy!

I need a Charlie Brown tree!! :)

although this little guy is a little fatter,
and looks totally adorable in an old box!

well....time to get going...
I've heard.....I am way behind on decorating....
I've heard....all the bloggers are already
showing their homes....

oh well!  wouldn't be the first time!! 
lol :)

I'm just excited to do it today!

How's your decorating coming??
if you're all done,
do not tell me....;)

if you're just starting...feel free
to leave a comment! lol :)

no seriously, I'd love to hear from you 
either way! 

Have a great weekend!!!



Thursday, October 25, 2012

~neutral heaven~

Hello everyone!!!

How is this beautiful autumn day
treating you??

I hope it's good!
I hope it's sunny!

we've been rained on over here, since Oct. 12th
although the sun is peeking out today! :)

I have to say....I'm not ready for the non-stop
rain.....not.  quite.  yet.
well actually I'll never be ready...
who am I foolin'???


I love neutrals....

I just never get tired of no color....
white, cream, grey, beige, off-white...
never tire of it....

white bowls, plates, cups
towels, slipcovers, blankets,
walls, cabinets...

no need for color here...
I got color outside...hehehehe
trees, flowers, grass...

I do have color in my clothing...
is black a color?? girls basically force
me to buy bright I'm not 
just a walking monotone girl...

I guess I just l.o.v.e.
the neutrals.....

they make me happy.....

how about you?
are you a neutral girl at heart??

or do you yearn for color??

are my children color deprived??
{well we do have  s o m e   color}
here & there....

well sort of ....
in their rooms at least! ;)

I do believe I could live with the little chair
above.....cutest little thing huh??

Hope you are all doing fantastic!!



{all images via Pinterest & found here}

Sunday, October 21, 2012

~are you going to be in class?~

Hello everyone!!

Happy Sunday to you!

Are you going to be in class?

what class you may be asking??

maybe this will give you a clue.....

I know if you're like've loved
pouring over her pictures these last couple years...

if you recognize her's of
course Tracey Leber's of

well as you may know...Tracey and
 a few other very talented ladies

teamed up to create an amazing 
online course.... that starts

who will be joining Tracey?

Sara Duckett....

Jennifer Rizzo

Kimberly Taylor

and lastly 
Jeanne Oliver....

wow!!! what an unbelievable amount of
~sure creative genius~ bundled up in one
sure to be amazing course!!!

I will be there & I'm soooooo
excited to soak up every bit of
creative, decorating, displaying, 
photographing goodness!!

If you haven't signed up's the link!

click here to sign up!

Hope to see you there!



Wednesday, October 10, 2012

~autumn inspiration~

Hello friends!

Been a little buried over here....but
wanted to stop in & say hello! :)

I'm getting ready to decorate my 
front porch ~ a little~

just barely enough to be some kind of
respectable blogger.....
how do you put up with me??? ;)

so I've been off browsing for inspiration.....

I like the simplicity of this one little
pumpkin in a zinc pot....

isn't this cute w/ the silver & pumpkins mixed 

I know, I know....this doesn't look like a front porch....
I'm usual! hehehe
it's the pinterest/facebook/blog/magazine ADD
kicking in!

ok.... f.o.c.u.s.....

front porches.....

find some that inspire me.....

k here goes....

I kinda like the look of piles of pumpkins
mixed in with the decorative cabbage....
I'm still trying to decide if I want color
or if I want to go with all neutrals...

my all time favorite picture is from Dusty Lu's....
~boy is she ever talented!

I absolutely love the white pumpkins & corn stalks 
mixed with the faded hydrangea blooms....

I'm still trying to find a place that has
white pumpkins...

I might just have to paint orange ones...

I love the asters planted in the pails too...
simple but beautiful!

I adore this next picture too....
I'm sure a lot of you have seen it...

it's been around the net awhile now...
but it's just gorgeous!

just need me some big ol' urns to dump
a pile of pumpkins into!

love it!

k back to color....
love the pumpkin topiaries...

you like?
or do you prefer the white pumpkins? (duh!)

but seriously!
the bright orange is kinda fun!

did you see this one from 

such a great use for an old chair frame
you might have laying around!

ADD warning.....I'm back inside....
I'm thinking I love this little vignette...

super cute ~ I think they are spray painted pumpkins...

I love the scampering rats on the piano!
so fun!

well I'm off to get some corn stalks
and a few more pumpkins....

I think tomorrow is our last day
of sunshine...:(

we've had the most amazing has not
rained since I can even remember!!!
probably 2 1/2 or 3 months!!!

can you believe it??
but it starts this weekend....
pouring rain....
on it's way...

Normally I would ask you if you've
got your decorating done....

but I am pretty certain I'm one of the last 
ones so I won't even go there! haha!

Hope everything is going great!
Take care my friends!



{all images via

Friday, September 28, 2012

~why I love french country~

Hello everyone!!

Happy Friday!!

baaaaaaaaad blogger.....I am....

yup....that's me.....

busy busy busy busy busy....
linen washin', dryin', ironin' & cuttin' machine
over here!

but it's been over a week &
I missed my Tutorial Tuesday
yes, I know....I feel so small....
just couldn't pull it off.....

too many other things to barely pull off...
hahahaha! :)

so I'm forcing myself to sit down, catch up &
say hello! :)

and I thought you might enjoy some
lovely french country inspiration....

you know ~ I do believe this is my
"true style"

other styles really do inspire me...
JDL, shabby chic, and such....

but I'm pretty sure, I can definitely say...
I shoulda been born somewhere
in the French countryside.....

somewhere with stone floors....
and stone walls...

somewhere with a big ol' fireplace
like so.....

and patina everywhere....

you with me?

somewhere with exposed wood 
ceilings....or at least rustic
beams everywhere....

I love the warmth of it all~
and let's not forget
the worn wood, worn painted surfaces,
and the linens...

and the chandys.....
can't get enough of those mixed in with
all the rustic-ness.....

and of gotta have a little 
bit of vintage toile mixed in....

a throw, or a quilt is just right....

love it....
love it all....

how about you??

are you torn between styles?
have you wrestled with that??

or have you found it &
can say "this is me! once & for all!"

do tell!

and have a fantastic weekend!



{all images via}

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