Wednesday, June 20, 2012

~ruffle heaven at Heaven's Walk~

Hello everyone!

Happy Wednesday!! :)

We are expecting 80 degrees today &
tomorrow ~ before it gets back to rain....
but I'll take it! 
a little sun is better than all rain....

I thought I would show you some ruffly
yummi-ness we've been working on lately
in the Linen Shoppe.....

this beautiful ruffled throw was custom
made for my sweet friend Laurie

in case you don't know her ~
let me just tell ya....she is just fabulous!

her vintage Michigan farmhouse is 2die4!! amazing!!

here's a little sneak peek at her cute as can
be bathroom.....oh how I covet thee....;)

I tell her {every other day or so} that I'm moving
into her guest room.....

don't cha think???
so perfect, ya? 

she is always creating.....

everything she touches is just darling....

like these french baskets...
started out rather plain & simple, but
one afternoon with Laurie
and presto-chango ....
frenchy perfection!

she's a decorator, gardener, flea marketer, shoppe
keeper and just a beautiful person....
inside & out!

her blog is so fun....and totally inspiring....
grab a cup of tea & prepare for a lovely visit here


so a little more on the ruffly throw......I found this
totally yummy silver-ish pale blue-ish
linen &  f.e.l.l.  i.n.  l.o.v.e.......

I was so excited that Laurie wanted to use
it for her throw....

didn't it turn out so cute??
and it looks so darling in Laurie's home....

she was e.v.e.r. so kind and took
pictures for me since the 25 pictures I took
of it prior to shipping it to her
came out blurry.....
but only
e.v.e.r.y.  s.i.n.g.l.e.  o.n.e.

{note to self....use auto focus on new camera cuz 
apparently your 40-something year old eyes 
well...shall we say...suck? sorry mom....she hates that word.....;) }

we also made her some euro shams
...more ruffly yummi-ness....

same great linen ~ just another color....
these are made in off-white....

they are beautiful on her sofa....

click here to visit Laurie & her beautiful home......
& be prepared to fall in love! 

both are available in 
if you'd like to come take a look ;)

Hope you are all doing fantastic!



Monday, June 11, 2012

~chippy white in the garden~

Hello everyone!!!

where in the world have I been, huh?
I tell ya.....I don't know!
everywhere, no-where, running in circles,
birthday parties, end of school parties
work, working out, working in the yard

I have seriously missed you all!!!

but my little blog vacation is over & I will
try to be more diligent :)

I had some fun the other day snapping pictures
in the garden.....

when my mom passed away almost 13 years ago,
this chippy white garden chair was one of the things I was able to bring home with me....

I just LOVE it......there's also a matching loveseat
and even though they are rickety & tattered....
they remind me of her & I will keep them forever! :)

there were many summer evenings spent with
her, sitting on these very chairs, out on her deck....
enjoying her beautiful yard & garden....

 we had some incredible rain storms here
in the last 8 months  couple weeks
{shocking I know, eh? ;) hee hee} 

so before they even peonies were 
literally laying on the ground....
even with the stakes & supports.....

so what to do other than cut them all!?
and enjoy.....!

oh how I love peonies.....they are just the best....
wish I had a whole garden full....
really wish they bloomed longer & more often...
once a month would be perfect!

the lovely purple behind the chair is
Walker's Low Catmint....
..... it is c.r.a.z.y.....seriously...grows like crazy!
evidently some Catmint is quite invasive, 
but this type is not supposed to be.....
we shall see....this is only it's 2nd year
and it is quite h.u.g.e. 

but I am loving it ~ it really adds to the whole
cottage feel in my garden...

I have Knock Out Roses behind the Catmint...
and they always bloom like crazy as well!

apparently, all the plants have been enjoying
the extremely wet spring...winter...fall...we've had!;)

I've really been enjoying the 50mm lens I bought 
with my camera....
it's the lens that blurs out the background while
keeping the focal point in focus....

well worth the $ money spent.....

I think we are almost caught up on the all weeding
in the garden ~ finally!!

Mr. T & T weeded for me for 4 1/2 hours Saturday, 
while I was working in the Linen Shoppe!
What a sweetie ~ :)

and his rear end is quite sore from all the 'stiffed legged,'
'non-bending' weeding he was doing.....

he said he didn't want to get his pants dirty ~ 
so the 'stiffed legged' 'non-bending' weeding 
 process was invented, that just so happens to
directly target the hamstrings & gluteus maximus

I shouldn't laugh....everytime he stands up... or walks
up or down the stairs.....
cuz that just wouldn't be nice....;)

but it is kinda funny....:)

hope you all have a fantastic week!!!



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