Thursday, July 19, 2012

~chippy coffee table love~

Hello everyone!!

I found the c.u.t.e.s.t. little coffee table
last week......

thought I better show ya!

of course ~ there's nothing without a story, right??

well ~ I found this little cutie at a newer antique
store up the road from me (yay new store!)

fell in love....but thought ~ hmmmm maybe
a little too spendy...?  and then saw another
comparable (so I tried to convince myself of)
table HALF the price and thought ok...I'll get this
one instead.....

brought it home ~ had "nice neighbor man" cut
off the legs cuz Mr. T & T was out that night....
{that's right ~ I could not wait....}

{oh ~ explanation perhaps....BOTH were table height ~
not coffee table height}

so after nice neighbor man cut off the legs
I plopped in the living room & thought
good!  I like it! 
{but secretly thought uh-oh do I like it??}
{had talk with myself ~ of course you's cute & reason
not to like it....}

after all Mr. T & T liked it, kids liked it,
friend or 2 liked it.....
{now I'm starting to think chair escapade all over again....}

but....uhhhh... I wasn't lovin it...nope not right...
gotta buy the other one...oh crap....

so took the first table up to a bedroom...
thought "looks great!"
back to the antique store I went.....

and shelled out some more cash for dearly

and thennnnnnn......
showed Mr. T & T....
and we "discussed the legs would need to be shortened"

and thennnnnnn.....
I left to go grocery shopping (or some such a thing)

and thennnnnn....
 as I was pulling up to the house
I saw my dear husband proudly
up the leg cutting off task....


~cold sweat~

~heart palipatations~

Oh you all know what I'm talking about, right???

holy !#*%+$ 

he did it without me!!!!
how short did he cut them??
oh my...yikes...!!!

seriously, I was in a full on panic...

I mean ~ really~ WHAT are you thinking
exactly surprising me like that dear honey???

I, of course, tried to keep myself under control
while I carried it inside ~ all the while in full on
freak out mode...

while Mr. T & T stood there thinking
wow ~ she thinks I'm incompetent...

{of course not dearest!! it's just that these matters
have to be handled WITH me supervising & basically
totally controlling the situation....I mean what's so bad
about that??? ;) }


he did it perfectly!!!!


so what do you think??

you like??

I am seriously loving it <3



Friday, July 6, 2012

bottles and blooms

Hello everyone!!!

Hope you're all doing well ~ with all
the crazy storms & heat!

We've had very mild weather here....
rain rain rain until just a few days ago,
but we've barely hit over 70.  Weird!

I was playing around with my camera again....:)

so you might have to endure
approximately 56 pictures
of my roses....

these are my David Austin roses...they smell so
amazing....and the color is the sweetest of
pale pinks...can't remember their name off the
top of my head...

the only thing I don't love about them is their
flimsy stems....because of it they don't do well
cut {what the heck huh??!!} but they look nice cut
short in tiny vases....

I love the old blue bottles....
I have just a few ~ but I'm seriously in love
with them.....

while we are looking at the pictures ~ I figured I
could give you an update on my body...
heehee  {cuz this you simply must know!! right??! ;) }

K ~ I have worked out 6 days a week for the last 12 weeks!
3 days of weights, 3 days of cardio
well I do 30 minutes of cardio on my weight days
too so technically 6 days of cardio....

well ~ have I gotten anywhere?? you ask??
have I lost at least a pound you wonder??
do I hear 2 pounds perhaps??? ;)

well ~ yes!! 
 I've actually only lost 7
{whoopdee doodle might be thinking...}

but I've lost inches!  don't know how many
{cuz I wasn't feeling like measuring every square inch
of myself prior to this journey....}
but I did measure my waist...
which is now 3 inches smaller.....
and my clothes are definitely looser!

and Mr. T & T tells me every single day
how much different I look!
{course the natural female in me is sorry I was
so hard on the eyes before! }
I can tell too, but..... want more fat gone...

so I am continuing on.....I am loving building muscle...
don't want those jiggly wobbly grandma arms....
do want strong biceps, delts & triceps...

don't want my butt dragging on the ground...
do want a firm & shapely derriere....
{if see....;)}

don't want flabby saggy legs...
do want some serious definition....
{we'll keep our fingers crossed on that one with my 40+ legs...}

are you bored to death yet?? ;)

ok ~ I'll tell ya more in another 12 weeks! haha!

back to decorating then....
I got this cute little pale aqua table last week from

it's just the perfect amount of color.....
I have it behind my loveseat to put "stuff" on...;)

it's the perfect chippiness as well...
here's a little teensy peek...

I would show you a room shot but half
the slipcover is in the wash.....

but do you love the little legs??
and it folds up.........cute!

what's new in your life???
working on stuff??
body projects??

do tell!! :)


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