Friday, December 2, 2011

~holiday inspiration & hopes for the weekend!~

Happy Friday!!!!

Partially clear skies here in the NW ~
after a beautiful clear & cold day yesterday....
oh how I love a little blue sky in the midst of all the rain....

Mr. T & T has been out of town all week....
but gets back tonight & our schedules are
*miraculously* clear for tomorrow's...
"tree cuttin' down & lights puttin up, bins haulin'
down & decorations puttin up....."
{really not a redneck...but just sound that way...hahahahaha}

aaaaaannnnnndddd......what if the weather
was actually NICE for the day???
woo-hoo!  amazing for sure!!?? :)

so my hope is that we'll get
a little Christmas around here tomorrow.....

this mantle is just beautiful isn't it??
love the pomegranate....

we've got tons of fir, cedar, spruce & every other
kind of evergreen around here....
{we are the "evergreen" state ya know...}

so part of our Christmas decorating
tradition is to head down to an old road
and trim all kinds of greenery
from some random yard of course not!!
from the side of the old run down barn that
nobody cares about....he he he

at least that's my story & I'm stickin' to it....

then, we use the greens all through the house
~it's so fun & makes the house smell so

still needin' to find me some saplings....
{as opposed to "baby trees" as previously mentioned}
I really LOVE the way that looks....

and how fun to find a vintage drum &
bugle like this??

have you ever been over to visit
or the swedish name

these cabinet pictures 
and the sapling pics are from her blog
~ it is just full of the most beautiful

her home is so darling....I could totally
move right in.  If you haven't gone to see her
run right over & be prepared to stay awhile
because it is one amazing picture after another....

you see what I mean???
the very talented Susanne.....

now, back to tomorrow....
 I'm sitting here wondering about
crazy "Clark Griswold" expectations
for all my Saturday plans...
after all, aren't Fridays just full of hope??

"you know how you can get these things all
built up in your mind, Sparky?"
{From the movie Christmas Vacation...if you don't recognize it...not
that I've already watched it 2x this I definitely don't have time
for that kinda thing....}

I'm gonna try not to do that....try not
to  s-q-u-e-e-z-e  too much in....
any of you ever do that??
like all the time???
that would be me....

oh, cute little boxwoods....
never go out of style...
always love them...

well I'm out the door to pick up
some fabric & might get a little peak at
this show....since I'll be driving right by

Have a great weekend!!



{all images can be found here, come follow along!}


Blessed Serendipity said...

Beautiful photos and ideas. Hoping for some nice weather for you and fun coming up decorating.


Kelly_Deal said...

Gorgeous photos and some inspiring ideas!

It's All Connected said...

That house is so calming and beautiful. I could move right in! ~ Maureen

gamla skolan said...

Thank you soooo much !!!!!
I wish you a very happy weekend !!
Hugs // Susanne ♥

Ilona Katalin said...

beautiful things... christmas and all else just beautiful!! you always do pretty things!! merry Christmas and a sweet spirit during the time we remember the birth of the little baby who became our dear Lord!!

Blondie's Journal said...

Well, I really have to visit this blog, the pictures are awesome! I have about 1000 of those big Dollar Tree vases from a party we had and I thought they would be perfect for "saplings". or small branches. I'm going to try, I have a of of ideas circulating in my head! Hopefully we will get our tree this weekend.

Let the games begin!


countrycharisma said...

That is a killer opening photo with the horses (of course I am partial), and just love your mantle. It is so much fun to glimpse Christmas in other's homes! I am sure your tree time with your hubby will be fun and awesome results. Can't wait. blessings,carrell

Gracefully Vintage said...

Thank You For Sharing.. So Beautiful love the carriage pulling the tree..
Love it

janet said...

What great photos and the ideas are great..Happy hunting for your homes greenery and enjoy decorating..I did mine last weekend and glad to be done to enjoy and relax during the Holidays..

Lili said...

Happy spruce hunting!! I just love all these ideas and Christmas just wouldn't be the same without watching the Griswolds! Happy! Happy! ~Lili

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