Tuesday, December 6, 2011

~simple swedish decor~

Hello there!!

I didn't make it for my Monday post....
I was buried in linen & grainsacks....

my life is a little  i.n.s.a.n.e. right now
filling orders in the Linen Shoppe

we are a "2 man" show but even with my
super ninja sewing girl......I have been swamped with
cutting, image transfers, & everything else that
goes with running a business....

I do feel very grateful for my little business though,
and thank you all for your support :)

due to my current state of craziness,
I think I'm leaning towards a more simple
look for Christmas this year....

I really like this home ~ and it's simple
touches of Christmas here & there...

I have to tell you though ~
the notion of decorating my kid's rooms
flew right out the window when my little Allie
(well not so little...age 11)
was so excited to show me the lights she
put up in her room......

she was begging me to come look....
uh oh...I'm thinking in my blogging brain....

.....and here's what my little sweets came up with....

oh, you like the JB poster???
no, it's not for sale....don't even think about it!! lol...

so I walk in & she's got a very nice string
of lights starting from her doorway ~
across her closet....
to the top of her dresser~
and bed....to the JB poster & beyond....

and the best part??
the special fashion in which she attached
them to the walls....

yep, that would be priority mail tape...
.....such a nice touch....;)
hee hee....

what to do ... what to do....

I kissed her on the forehead & tucked her into
bed and told her it was beautiful....

walked out of the room and thought
okie dokie.....
guess I won't be showing that on the ol'
decorating blog...hee hee hee
 these are the moments to remember huh?

would you like a little more eye candy?
{and not the 11 year old variety!)

I love these yummy drapes....
with the simple wreaths tied w/ ribbon...

and the look on this kitty's face is so funny!
like...what are you doing????

love this little chandy....
that would probably be easy to make huh?
well sorta....ok, not so much but I bet
there's some amazing blogger girls
who could whip it up in an hour or so!

btw...where do these very cooperative
kiddos come from?
you know the ones who don't put up
JB posters?
or green strings of Christmas lights?

oh I'm only kidding.....I love love love
my kiddos & their amazing decorating

Hope you're having a great week!!



{images via skona hem}


It's All Connected said...

This is the best Christmas post I've seen this year! Good Mommy to let it stay real! ~ Maureen

Divina Chita Brasil said...

Fotos lindas!!!Adorei!!

It's me said...

Hhahahahah!! you are the greatest mom ever.......love you....Ria...xxx.

janet said...

The pictures you posted of that home are beautiful..I love the lights your daughter put up in her room..The tape is priceless..

Anonymous said...

The lights with the postal tape is my favorite. That's what it's all about!

helen tilston said...

Hi Shelagh

I love the pure joy and love your daughter has put into her decorating and I am sue lying in bed with those lights helps make all her dreams come true.

Helen x

sissie said...

Oh what beautiful and elegant rooms but nothing compares to the love and excitement that went into your daughter's decorating theme.

I just love it.


Fresh Vanilla For C said...

Hi~ I love what your daughter did. I am sure SHE was very proud of her work. Mine would do the same thing.

Hope you are having a great night and not working too hard.

Blondie's Journal said...

I love looking at these images but sometimes they make me feel deprived!! ;-)

Love what your daughter did with the lights! She is getting a bit of your creativity!

I'm so happy your business is doing well. You really make the most beautiful things.

Happy Hoidays, Shellagh!


Heaven's Walk said...

Okaaaaayyyy......I was going through a really BIIIIIG envy fit while I was looking at these goooorgeous photos thinking....."Holy Shmoly....Shellagh's home is incredible!!!! It should be in a book!!!! I WANT what that house! Oh the windows and big rooms!!!" But then I realized that it wasn't. But once again, you captured and matched my heart's desire, girlfriend! :) That house is right out of my dreams! LUVLULUV!!! ♥

And I can see that your sweet daughter's going to take after her sweet momma someday with her decorating talent! It's in the making, Shell!!! :) Her decorating was just adorable! lol!

Hugs to you, sweetie!

xoxo laurie

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Shellagh although I love all the inspiring photos of beautiful rooms, I have to say your sweeties room is the best, I love that she was even brave enough to not let the U.S postal tape bother her! tell her beautiful and I may even try it myself :)
Merry Christmas to your sweetie and of course her mother too!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Amazing house...Amazing Christmas decor...but my favorite is your daughter's festive touches. It's creative and fun and has the magic of Christmas!

Crimson Heart Studios said...

We should all have a room like that sometime in our lives. If you have time in between all your sewing, ironing and businessing. I know not a real word, but should be. Come over and see my vintage garland tutorial and giveaway. You will enjoy it. Your daughter can change it up with little pictures of JB. That actually might be cute. Cindy

Ivy and Elephants said...

Those photos are gorgeous. What a sweet daughter, let here create her own decor, one day she'll follow in your footsteps, don't worry!
Hugs and happiness,

Lisa said...

Love the rooms, my fave is the alter to JB! My daughter has her own distinct decorating style.

Debra Hall said...

LOve your post...my son did the exact same thing!! he is 14 and went to town with the lights, tape and tacks!! God love them...the spirit of Christmas! Awesome that you shared it Shellagh xo

Anonymous said...

Shellagh....I received my "winning" stockings and as always...you NEVER disappoint...these are amazing. I am so happy to be sharing these with a friend who recently moved into a new home. This will be the perfect holiday gift for her...filled with greens and a beautiful red ticking bow....thanks again. I am SO happy that I won! I love your goodies.........Happy Holidays!Andrea

Miranda said...

Gorgeous inspiration!! I adore that house...everything in it.

And I have one of THOSE kids, only she's 8. It's hard to swallow our natural desire to have everything look perfect, but it's so important to give them room to practice their own sense of style. I think the Christmas lights and UPS tape are very cutting edge ♥

Have a Merry Christmas

Simply Deluscious said...

It is great that they want to decorate and experiment with it, I agree though that sometimes it just isn't part of our plan...ie christmas tinsel strung from bed post to picture to window in my little girls room.....fun for her though...

Martin said...

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