Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~a little creepy halloween~

Happy Tuesday!!

Well it's 10:38 Tuesday morning
and so far we've had partly cloudy,
cloudy, rainy, partly sunny
and sunny.....weather!!

and can you guess which "weather pattern"
I "enjoyed" on my................drumroll please...............
***40 minute*** run??

yup!  you guessed it....the rainy portion
of our wonderful fall weather pattern......

hahaha...but of course! :)
but shockingly.... I loved it!!  I had on my
water resistant running jacket
and "moisture wicking" shirt
and stayed quite dry.....

if only I had not been so optimistic
as to assume it would not rain.....ahem....

and worn my cap......then I wouldn't have
showed up at our door looking like a 
wet rat ....oh well, only saw one neighbor....
what a sight! hee hee.....

{had to share my running success with you!
seriously! 40 minutes now with no stopping
or  walking!!}

well I fussed and fussed with this entry table
yesterday......it was not happening....for me!

holy cow ~ I guess Halloween is not my holiday!
but I finally came up with something I thought
I could share.....

it might be that the whole spider creepy crawly
thing just creeps me out!!

I am seriously so arachnophobic....
{according to Dictionary.com: the abnormal fear of spiders....abnormal? I think not!!}

my darling girls kill them for me.....
brave little things ~ grab them with a napkin
while I run & hide in the corner....hee hee hee
{no, I'm not kidding!!!}

I know I know....they keep the eco-system
in balance...yadda yadda yadda
well, I need them dead to keep me in balance.....;)


so ~ found some bat stencils while at Joann's
50% off so I grabbed them
along with some very sticky webbing....
that stuff is terrible!!

then drug it all over the table
threw in a couple fake spiders....
and fretted over real ones moving in to the newly
acquired webs....

filled a jar full of bones I picked up at
Dollar Store....
and added a creepy skull label found

she has so many fun vintage graphics!
definitely check it out...it's all free!!

I saved some seed pods from some
coneflowers, and columbine in the garden...
and added some dead queen anne's lace
to the mix for my "dead" bouquet....

and that's it!!
kinda a quicky {you would think}
halloween display.....

If you'll recall my post

well the rats to scurry about.....

are also finished!!
complete with their eery eyes.....
but too wet to take pictures yesterday...

I'm hoping to get a shot of them
today during some sunshine.....
{the eternal optimist....}

Thanks so much for coming by!!

Have a wonderful day!!




It's me said...

Have a nice day darling love Ria....xxx....

Anonymous said...

I love your entry table, it looks wonderful!! I am seriously the same way with spiders. I can't even say "spider" without cringing and having chills run up my spine! My boys kill them for me as well. I know they do helpful things and all, but just keep them out of my house!!! :)
Have a lovely day.

Debra@CommonGround said...

This is really fun, but I'm afraid at my house the real spiders would come hang out with the faux ones. eeck!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I really like the cobweb with the vintage photos..Stay dry..It's to rain here for the next 4 days..Yuck..Have a great week..

jen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today, I'm your newest follower! I can't wait to look at a few of your posts, especially the headboard.

Yes, I am LDS, and I'm currently doing a series of five posts on what I believe, answering a few readers' questions. If you're interested.

Now I'm off to find out about that headboard. Great blog!

Unknown said...

sooooooo cool!

outjunking said...

I wish I would of thought to save some dried flowers. The colors are just right for fall.

the old white house said...

ohh I think your lawn rats are way creepier than the spiders, although yes, i find someone to kill them for me too! Congrats on the 40 minute run... that's awesome! t. xoxo

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Very cute! Loved looking at your photos and reading your notes.
Great job on the 40 minute run!


Kathy said...

I love your yard art. Great designs, Congrat

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