Thursday, October 27, 2011

~dreamy warehouse living~

Hello my friends!!
How is everyone?

I am doing great!
 we've been enjoying a nice
sunny week in the NW.....
but it has frosted the last 2 nights!!

been pulling out all the big blankets,
slippers, snuggies, flannel pajama pants and 
let's not forget fleece...for which the NW has been
strongly chastised for on
"What Not to Wear"....

apparently we wear more fleece in the NW
than ever imaginable or acceptable!!

well....we are cold....yes....
when it's damp and cold...we wear fleece...
and slippers....and snuggies....and....
{oh Clinton, please do not show up at my house...already
warned the kids to not even think about turning me in!...ha ha ha!}

so this is just the coolest place!!
it used to be a mattress factory!

and it's been transformed into
a beautiful, expansive open living area
by Lyn Gardener of

one of the many reasons Mr. T & T
and I hit it off so well was the
fact that he has always said he
would LOVE to live somewhere like this....


he's so into stuff like that...
not hod podgy & stuffy ya know??

don't know if we ever will, but just knowing
he would want to is all that matters....

we used to live in a very urban setting
right in NW Portland....pretty trendy & hip
{the setting - not us..hee hee ;) }
....but not so much for raising kiddos....
so off to the sleepy suburbs we went....

speaking of sleepy....
now I'm stuck in a wake up at
midnight & 3 or 4 am schedule...
why do I do that???

love this bedroom....
her style is really amazing!

I mean seriously....painted brick walls...
wood floors....chandeliers..

all in the same place??
it's a dream!!

super talented gal....that's for sure!!

love it!!!


I'm off to cut fabric girls....
then out for a run....
I'm up to 4 miles now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can you believe that????

Enjoy your day~
whatever it is you're doing!!



{all images via Gardener & Marks}


Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Ok my brain just exploded!!!!
This is my favorite style... Shabby white and chippy. Ok that hanging crystal lamp, the mannequins and the open doors.... they must lead to a wonderland garden. But that room with the clawfoot bathtub and the high beams with the tall shutter windows!! take me there now!


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shellagh....Who cares what those people think if you wear fleece or's called "keeping warm" and I think some fleece looks pretty good! Love those rooms...cozy and down to earth! It is chilly and damp here in Ohio feet are freezing! I need to go put something furry on them! Have a good one!~Hugs, Patti

time worn interiors said...

Oh I could so live there! I would love to have some kind of industrial space to make my own. Great photos!
4 miles! Wow!

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh wow!! Do they have room for me to move in? Of course they do!! I am in love with the kitchen, especially the island {lately they has been totally on my mind}. A bathtub in the bedroom with a fireplace...yes!

I envy you with the running...I can't WALK 4 miles with shin splints. Keep it up!

Our weather is cold and rainy today, too. In the 50's. I guess we are preparing for winter. Have a good day!!


Anonymous said...

Holy Moly!!! That home is INCREDIBLE!!!! Can I please move in?!!
Her decor is amazing, I am stunned by all of the beauty!
Wonderful photos Shellagh, you always find the most inspiring places!
Hope you have a lovely day, and enjoy the crisp and cool weather.
P.S.~ I live in So Cal, and I'm pretty sure if it ever got cold here, I would definitely be wearing some fleece!!! :)

SLR said...

gorgeous, gorgeous that kitchen! WOW is all i can say.

Norma Bennett said...

I'd like to move in there right now!!

And good for you out running!

Vintage said...

Gorgeus images -as always:). Great time here (Finland), just too dark until next spring..

ChiPPy-SHaBBy said...

BeSt-Ever!*!*! Over-The-FaBuLouS!!! LoVE Absolutely E*V*E*R*Y*T*H*I*N*G...
Jeanine Burkhardt

NanaDiana said...

Oh-it is just an amazing and beautiful space. I love it! I could live in a place like that too...even though I AM old and hodgepodgy -or whatever that is!

Lovely post! xo Diana

the old white house said...

that took my breath away. Every room more beautiful than the next. my brother used to live in am old chair factory and I loved his place, the brick the tall windows, the space. The way these brick walls are painted white with all of the textures are stunning. Thanks for sharing! I need to pin these for more inspiration! t. xooxoxox

Tammy at The Drill Hall Emporium said...

Wow! You have stunned me with the collection of wonderfully gorgeous rooms, definitely very dreamy. And we can all dream, right? Have a great weekend, Tammy

Pearl said...

Gorgeous photo collection!
So pretttttty!
I'm really lovin the weather here in Portland too!


Burlap Luxe said...

Shellagh I hear you girl I too stay up to late past the midnight hour! :)

That home takes my heart and I can see all my furnishing right in her home so much so that I wish I were moving in right now ! :)

What a home to love!

Have great runs! Wow 4 miles you are doing your mind, body and soul well....
I am off to paint my Christmas displays for the Christmas Holidays, I will be doing a big post on them the first week of December! In the mean time still posting inspiration.

Thank you for sharing the inspiring beauty you do so well.

pam in oregon said...

I've seen glimpses of this home before, but never more than a couple rooms. I loved seeing more of the place, and finding out that it was once a factory makes it even more intriguing. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

OMGosh...what a beautiful space!!

Beach House Living said...

That's a fabulous space and the decorating is picture perfect!

Gracefully Vintage said...

Oh the Beauty of Simplicty..
LOVE the Chandeliers- the white.
Thanks for sharing such Prettienes.

Dumpster Diva said...

LOVE your blog! I am hosting y first linky party now, I would love for you to share your talent!

Unknown said...

OMGoodness Shellagh! Where do you find these?? This is it, I'm not changing my mind anymore. It's so me!
In Florida fleece is our winter coat.
Good running!

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