Tuesday, August 14, 2012

~tutorial tuesday~

Hello everyone!!!

I know....I know...
what has gotten into me posting
so many times in one week??? :)

It's Tuesday & I thought it would
be fun to share a fun tutorial with you
each Tuesday.....

I originally found this on facebook
& thought it was just adorable!!
"totes adorbs" as my 15 year old 
would say! ;)

it's fun finding so many bloggers &
facebookers out there!  

posted a great tutorial on this...

she is just awesome & super funny!
her blog covers just about every subject
decor, food, workouts, remodeling & tons more!

so hop on over & take a look... as she
takes you step by step on how to make
this super cute little basket!!

Isn't it just darling for holding magazines,
or whatever else you can dream up????

ok....one more....

have you come across

ok...this gal is nothing short of a creative
{you all know if I type out a word like that it is serious!! hehehe!}

she is just so over the moon talented!
the things she creates are so gorgeous~
it's just mind blowing!

on this little frame (that was missing some trim)
she hot glued silk flowers to it...
painted it, added white gesso
& voila! masterpiece!! 

so another great place to go for
ideas & learning new techniques!

and btw....she is also an absolute
sweetheart & spreads sunshine wherever
she goes!! 

well I gotta get to the gym now!
45 minutes of cardio....here I come!

Hope your day is perfect!




Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Oh, you are just too sweet. Thanks for the shout out, Shellagh. I popped over to see what you were up to. What a surprise to see ME in your post. I'll have to check out the other tute.

Victoria said...

Rosemary is amazing and I was lucky enough to win one of her gorgeous giveaways:)

I love the basket!

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

Very cute idea...that basket is totally adorable. Going to visit both sites..thanks for the tip.

It's me said...

Love the basket !!...xxx

Maureen Wyatt said...

I follow Rosemary and Karen and there's tons of ideas and inspiration in both blogs! ~ Maureen

Sarah said...

Love it when you post frequently. ;-)

Heaven's Walk said...

Well, aren't you just the most clever girl....? Tutorial Tuesday is a fabulous idea, Shellagh! :) Love that sweet basket! And oh yes....Rosemary is SOOOO over the top talented, I envy the way her brain works!

And stop putting me to shame with your 45 min cardio workouts, will ya??? I struggled through 20 min of my Jillian Michaels DVD this morning!! lol!

xoxoxo laurie

Unknown said...

Oh, I love these creative decorations! :D The frame is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!


Pura Vida said...

I really enjoyed the look!

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