Thursday, May 10, 2012

~patio plans~

Hello everyone!!!

How are you doing???

 I am doing great!
the weather has been totally amazing
for 4-5 days now & expected to
continue for another week!!

are you kidding me?
pinch me ~ please! ;)
75-80 degrees and just perfect.....

I just love this time of year....
sunshine ~ garden is started to bloom
birds are chirping.....heaven!

do you remember last year when I
posted about garden traditions? (like I totally expect you all to
remember this....hahahaha)
you can check it out here
I mean if you just can't get enough of my babbling....;)

well we have the fabulous (for me at least!!!)
tradition of Mr. Ticking and Toile
offering his beloved services for
a n y
garden project I've been pining for as a gift
to me for Mother's Day & my

it's my love language.....service....
build me a fence, plant me some roses,
construct an arbor, plant me a tree....
and I will know you love me! <3

the lawn was kinda scraggly
recovering from buckets and buckets of rain
when I took this picture, but you can see
the split rail fence on the right
and the arbor next to the house....

each done a year at a make his wife happy....:)

so these little acts of service are something I really look
forward to each year....but believe it or not ~
I almost forgot about it until yesterday!!!

so this year....Mr. Ticking and Toile is we are
painting the back patio.....woo-hoo!!
we've been wanting to build a deck but that will
be awhile so this will be an interim step....

kinda like the looks of this.....
but not too interested in all the work that would
entail...ya know?

I know you've all seen this picture~
and it is by far my ALL TIME favorite
patio inspiration photo....

aside from highly coveting the amazing table...
I am loving the color of the patio floor ~
even though it's wood & ours is concrete...

you love?

so this is close to the shade I want to paint...
maybe a little more grey....

we have the same kind of ceiling/overhang...
painted white as well....

I think it will really brighten up the space....
so if all goes as planned
we will have a brand new patio (so to speak...)
come Monday....

did I tell you I planted a bunch of lavender all
around it last year????

they have gotten sooooo big
& I
simply cannot wait
for them to bloom!

for me it's all about fragrance.....
ohhhh feed my senses please....;)

I'm really excited to see it bloom......
and really really excited to have a freshly
painted relax on.... while drinking in
the yummy fragrance..... 

hope you all have a fabulous Mother's day!




Lorrie said...

It's finally beginning to warm up around here, too, and I've begun setting up my patio. Your photos are so inspirational - I always have way more ideas than time/money.

What a sweet gift from your hubby. Enjoy painting!

Kate said...


What a breathtaking garden and how lovely a gift from your husband. I love perfect weather it and hoping we enjoy some here as well too.

Happy Mother's Day


Burlap Luxe said...

Shellagh, amazing beauty you are creating. We have had up and down weather here, crazy heat one day cool and windy the next, enjoy all the beauty you can.

I am always so inspired with all your share over here I leave wanting to get creative and tear out the garden or start another one.

I am inspiring a new find perhaps it would suit your style and you too can have one as well.
Come for a visit and see what I found to inspire my home.


Burlap Luxe said...





Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Oh how exciting!

I am so happy for you!

I am that way too - much prefer getting some things crossed off the "Honey Do" list than candy, flowers or jewelry, and that is the plain truth of it.

You have a lovely home!

Happy Mother's Day!

NanaDiana said...

Shellagh- What a wonderful Mother's Day gift! I love it..and it will be so nice to have your back patio painted and fresh for the summer. xo Diana

EllenaElizabeth said...

Such pretty photos. You have a good man there, I can really appreciate that as I have one too. Thanks for sharing.

It's me said...

Beatiful garden pictures!!,...enjoy a happy weekend.....and mother' first without my mom.....i feel from

Shabby-Rose said...


I'm a new member of your Blog.
Your Blog is very nice.

Lovley Greats from Germany


busana muslim trendy said...

Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

Special 'K' said...

Oh Chandeliers and beautiful sofas on the patio my kind of loving. Happy Mothers Day. Thanks for sharing Cheers SpecialK XoXo

Wild Oak Designs said...

Ah, Patios, we love and change em...I so wanted a special really fantastical change to ours, and we got quotes....not to be....simple was how we had to go, after doing our bathroom...I would be so happy to have a patio cover.....
Oh well, the patio is better than it was and it was simple, simple...(see
it will do...we are celebrating our 35th shortly in the backyard...even with the imperfect patio....

Kellie Collis said...

Oooh! Love these outdoor seating! They're gorgeous! Enjoy the fabulous week ahead, Kellie xx

Anonymous said...

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have a great week.

LOVE Maria at

Cosy Life by Elly said...

You have a really nice garden! I hope you had a very nice mothersday!
Dear greatings Elly from Holland.

piccolaceleste said...

ciao complimenti! che bella casa.. e tutto l insieme baci a presto lu..

Highlands Ranch Patios said...

Such a lovely garden, I am also planning to add some lavender on my garden can you give me any advice on how to take care of them to fully bloom?

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