Thursday, November 9, 2017

~anybody out there?~

Well hello there my friends.....
it has been quite awhile

I am still here :)

how about a little bathroom eye candy
while I catch you up on life....

{photo credit}

it's been over 4 years since I posted last...
and honestly just about if not certainly
the hardest 4 years of my life

not to be too dramatic...
just honest....

{photo credit} has been several years of transition
for this mama....

children graduating high school
going to college
serving missions

aka leaving the nest....

wow...what a heart wrenching experience
it has been for me...

but I am learning to cope...
learning to let go...
and realizing they aren't gone forever...

let's go back to some eye candy before this gets too deep...

{photo credit French Country Cottage}
oh do I love Courtney's style at French Country Cottage...
its simply   a  m  a  z  i  n  g!

so if the kiddos growing up was the
(I have one kiddo still in high school...senior year....) 
only major life change
and upheaval I was experiencing,
I would say wonderful!

oh...loving the paint finish here...
{photo credit Tidbits and Twin}

but we combine that with going back to work
to a very stressful job unfortunately
commuting an hour or more each way, in horrid traffic
dealing with Mr Ticking and Toile's career upheaval,
a couple major health challenges we won't go there now
and you have your ~general everyday
blogging disappearing act....

I tell's been one for the record books...
quite the challenging time in my life...

it has stretched me more than I 
thought possible...
and literally dropped me to my
knees ~ submitting to God....

more than ever before...

He has been there...
He has lifted me...
and strengthened me....

because of Him I have been able
to get through these storms....

my faith is stronger
my marriage is stronger
and our family is stronger...


and I am on the upswing...

things are getting better...
and life is starting to even out a bit...


phew...time for a little more
eye candy....

{photo credit apartment therapy}

I am realizing I've never written any of
these thoughts down....
even though I have journaled in the past...
it's been a little too hard for me to even journal...

{photo credit Velvet and Linen}

none of us are immune from trials and challenges
in's what we do when we're 
in the middle of them....

One of my favorite quotes....

so here I am...growing, stretching, and 

talking to my blogging buddies...
and resurfacing...
sharing the journey with you, my faith with you,
and my dreams with you... 

{photo credit Country Living}

I imagine us 
sitting at the kitchen table... 
flipping through decorating magazines, 
talking about life...laughing, crying,
and strengthening...

and in the middle of it...
getting distracted with eye candy...
and dreaming of what we're gonna do next...

what fun projects to embark on...
recipes to try...
gardens to plan...
and dreams to fulfill

{photo credit}

so join me...
stop by...say hello
and sit for a spell...

let's reconnect...

thanks for stopping by...
see you soon...




Anonymous said...

We have two sons. The first one enlistedin the United States Marine Corps right after high school, and left the house 6 days after 9/11. That was hard. I cried. The second one got an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. It was easier when he left to go to basic training because he wasn't leaving right after such a tragedy.

They've gone many places and seen many things in their military career thus far. But they're never close by because of the work they do with the military and we miss them a lot. Skyping and letters and emails are wonderful....but they don't really take the place of seeing them in person.

Both sons are married and one son has two young children. People say "Isn't it great to be a grandma!" and my reply is "I don't really know. They're so far away we don't get to see them much." But as a military family, this is a life we've had to get used to.

My father died in January and I still find myself crying every now and then. I'm comforted knowing he has no pain and he's probably happy as a lark, doing in Heaven what he did here on earth: ranching.

God will grant you many blessings that at first look like trials. I'll uplift you in prayer. Listen to "Blessings" by Laura Story. It will help you ease you.

Anonymous said...

Love you honey.

It's me said...

Welcome back !!! your post love to see you again....God is Great and doing good and wonderful things with us...have a Nice Ria x ❤️

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back! I always enjoyed your blog very much! I am happy that you have begun to see light at the end of the tunnel. I can relate to some of the life situations you mentioned. Our adult daughter has health problems and has to live with us. Sometimes I get very discouraged that my prayers for her have gone unanswered for quite awhile. I try not to loose hope or become bitter but as you know life can be hard and filled with difficult to understand situations. I will pray for you and your family and ask you to do the same for me and mine. I love visiting blogs such as yours that are not shy about expressing faith in God as well as showing beautiful things. Best wishes to you…

Michelle Made This said...

Welcome back x Love your post, beautiful pics. I too am back to Blogger after a break. Good to be here

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you for the new year.

Tonita said...

Many blessings in months to come. God is faithful.

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