Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~tutorial tuesday~

Hello hello friends!!

I hope you're all having a terrific week
so far! 
 Mine is good....the sun is still
shining so I definitely can't complain!

I've been wanting to share this
tutorial with you for awhile ~
but it just felt toooooo

too many ingredients in the recipe ya know?

{oh you know how your eyes glaze over when you
hit about item number 9 in a recipe you want to try?
well that was me with this one.....too many steps...
too much work....for this girl! ;)}

But I reeeeeeeally like this look
so I kept digging....

and found an easier way!

I came across it in a very round about
way ~ but I'm thinking it's gonna work!

so here' what you do!

frame a piece of glass
{not a mirror}

now go to this website
(another Graphics Fairy success story)

and follow the simple directions on
enlarging images to transfer to furniture,
walls, or whatever else you can some up with!

{this is sooooo cool &
no stencils required!}

then simply tape your image
to the back of your glass
and paint your words with glass paint!


now the aged mirror part:

for an aged mirror

she just used good ol' Krylon Spray Paint
in "Looking Glass"

and then spritzed a teeny bit of water
on it & let it dry!!


awesome huh???

I totally want to do this!!!
what do you think?

too many steps?
are your eyes glazed over??
or do you wanna give it a try??

Just think of the possibilites!

Got a cool ornate frame somewhere?
get glass cut from a glass cutter, or
Lowes or Home Depot!
find your graphic
print it out
paint it up
and krylon it!

love it!



images: 1st here
2nd here
3rd here
4th here


NanaDiana said...

Not too complicated at all- I think those are wonderful directions. xo Diana

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Sounds like a plan! I've been playing with the Looking Glass paint for a while.....it's pretty cool stuff! I love the idea of painting also, especially since I picked up a bag with lots of glass paint at the thrift store this morning!

So glad the sun is shining your way,

Heaven's Walk said...

Waay cool, Shellagh! No glazed eyes, here! Love this project, girlie! :)

xoxo laurie

Unknown said...

Project is a definite win! :D wonderful!


It's me said...

This is so nice!!!!......love Ria...xxx

Anonymous said...

Shellagh--I feel like the only dummy in the room. I don't get the transfer/painting step. Can you explain it for me??? thx, Allegra

Unknown said...

I really love this project. Its so amazing and beautiful. I love this blog too. Thanks for sharing this. God bless you.

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Karissa said...

Great project for sure! Thanks for sharing!

Stembridge said...

Great project for sure! Thanks for sharing!

Juliesar said...

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