Friday, September 30, 2011

~somewhere in france~

Is it really Friday already?

this week has just flown by!

we are still enjoying an amazing was in the 80's yesterday
with a gentle breeze....ahhhhhh!

the weather is so perfect for going
to farms, outdoor markets & such...

yesterday I stopped in
at wonderful farm just up the
road from us.....
{which I'll be sharing with you next week...}
and picked up my corn stalks for
front porch decorating....
which I'm just getting started on....

~love this time of year!!~

it's an annual tradition around here
to go to the corn maze
and pick out some pumpkins...

and now that the girls {2 of them anyway...}
are a little older....
and in high school....
~ double gulp~
I'm sure they'll be getting all their
 friends together on a Friday night
 to run frantically through the

ahhh the days of high school....when you get
an absolute JOLT
of energy at 9:00 on Friday nights.....
and why is it we as parents
are on the exact opposite end of the ol' energy
spectrum at that particular hour??? 

ah, it appears I'm off track....
haven't said a word about this amazing home....
where to it's uh....well...amazing.
pretty much.  in a nutshell.

....what I really love about it is
the charming rustic floors.....
they almost look bare right?
I'm sure there's some kind
of sealant on them but
they just look amazing....

I am loving the natural furnishings
against the white backdrop....

and you see those vintage decoys
up there above the door??
I am in LoVe with those!
always wanted some....

and that door has the most amazing it too....

ok...this bedroom....
the wood ceiling...
 the white walls...
the ruffles on the all white bedding....


and a wall of books!

and here we have more of that off-the-charts,
yummi-fied, de-lish-ess-ness, 2die4,
seriously-in-love with
 w  o  o  d.

weathered, & wornout  w  o  o  d.

love it.

do you notice there's no baseboards?
it seems to be quite common in Europe!?
makes remodeling easier for sure!

before I let you go....
thought I'd just share with you a new

this was a result of a custom order this last
week, and I love the way it turned out so much....thought
you might too!

It's perfect for holiday fits
right over a 6ft folding table....
... I'm thinking side table for Thanksgiving
or for a display table for all you junkers
out there.....

well enjoy your weekend girls!!

I'll see you next week with
and some creepy critters I'm making
to scurry about.....

aren't these awesome???




I don't know if any of you are having the same
issue with blogger & leaving comments.....
but I haven't been able to leave comments
on many blogs!

I'm so sorry!!!

Ria from It's Me...
please leave me your email address....

{images via art & decoration, except last one}


Ido said...

What an amazing home, absolutely love the first picture, the table, the wall of books, everything!!!
Have a fantastic week decorating for fall.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those photos are so beautiful. I love all of that dark raw wood, it really adds so much to the home.
I can't believe you have 2 kids in high school, I'm dreading when my boys start high school, thankfully I have a little while before that happens. I imagine they won't be hugging and kissing their momma anymore. :(
Well have fun decorating for Fall, and I know how much you must be enjoying that wonderful 80 degree Fall weather, cause I'm enjoying our 80 degree Fall weather too! :) ~YUCK!!

Anonymous said...

When you get ready to head over to France be sure to let us know....! We will make sure that you have a great time.

Vår sekelskiftes-dröm said...

What a nice inspiring blog you have. We have also caught on to the French countryside interior design. Consider that our interior design style is so alike even though you live over there.
Hugs Anette

Seawashed said...

I too am having problems leaving comments. This house is exactly what I find comfortable and peaceful and all together homey. It is in the same color palette as my own cottage but my home has a coastal decor...natural coastal not beachy. Lovely lovely lovely. I will be adding these photos to my inspiration folder. Thank you for sharing it. Your table covering is rustic romance. another lovely. Now I am off to add your etsy to my circle!

It's me said...

Hi darling...It's Me.....hahahha!! your post today !!....really great houses you show us......i will email you...have a nice love from

Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

Yes mam, I am having issues with blogger, with more than the comments. Anyhoo, love all of these pics you have posted! Thanks for coming by my place and following. I am following back! That is another of my issues. I did follow you once upon a time, along with many others, and for some reason, I no longer am? I thought I was just imagining things at first, but I have been keeping track, so I know it is really happening. Go figure???? LOVE the burlap table cover!

rachel@Acts of Life said...

I love the house you shared with looks so cozy and calm. The wood floors and ceilings add so much character and warmth...oh to dream of having a house like this..*sigh* maybe one day!

Karen said...

Hi Shellagh- That home is so warm and comfy and inviting. I really loved it. And those little creatures that will be joining Zelda and Darnell are so awesome! I love how their eyes glow. I'll watch for all of them this week.
Have a great rest of your weekend.

Ainosofia said...

You have very Lovely Blog!

Greetings from Finland <3

Anonymous said...

Loving the photos and fall is my favorite season also..I too have been having problems leaving comments..Enjoy your fall porch decorating..Can't wait to see what you come up with..I love your blog..

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