Friday, November 19, 2010

~a chair fetish perhaps?~

Happy Friday everyone!

It has been a stormy week in the Pac NW~
but today there's blue sky and it's definitely
starting to feel like winter....36 degrees
this morning!! BRrrrrrrR!

I may have mentioned my chair, it's true
major fetish.

Let's start by the definition of the word fetish....

fet·ish   /ˈfɛtɪʃ, ˈfitɪʃ/  
[fet-ish, fee-tish]

1. an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or as having magical potency.  (not so much)

2. any object (such as a chair), idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect, or devotion:  

I really don't know when it started ~ but
some years ago for sure.

I like chairs.
I like to find chairs.
I like to buy chairs.
I like to sell chairs. (? I do?)
I like chairs.

So let's recap my latest chair
shall we say "escapade"

es·ca·pade:/ˈɛskəˌpeɪd, ˌɛskəˈpeɪd/
1. a reckless adventure or wild prank.
(hmmmm, it could be argued....) 
2. an escape from confinement or restraint.
(now that could have something to do with it!
a break from sewing was needed, possibly...?) 

It all started with an
amazing antique farm table
I found in a store
in Portland....

didn't have my camera, but it looked like
swedish pine~ that really yummy
light wood w/ the most amazing patina...
I was in love.

It was $2000.

So, with visions of yummy pine
wood patina dancing in my head.....
I headed to craigslist to see what could be found.....

and hastily found this...

$75 for the french country table & 4 chairs.

Mr. T & T and I ran off (an hour away...eek)
to look at it early one Saturday morning
I mean $75? really?


brought it home ~ set it up~
kids loved it (it was newer after all....)
I mean, they seem to be tiring of vintage


I lived with it for a few days

but deep down I knew
it wasn't going to work.


something wasn't right.

couldn't really pinpoint it.

just not right.

so I sold it.

while no-one was paying attention
(kids at school, Mr. T & T working,
dog asleep.....)

oh and I had already sold the
table that had been replaced.....I mean, we can't have this stuff just stacking up around here right?
So it was out of "necessity" I had to start perusing
the craigslist ads......

well, I found these.....(I know, not exactly a dining table....)
but I have this spot in my family room begging for a pair of chairs....

but they were too small....too flimsy...not right at all....

of course I can't seem to figure this
out before I buy something and drag
it home....
so I...

and move on to the next......

cute, but alas too small & shrimpy
and felt a little grimey.... I got
 immediately creeped out after
taking them out of my car...

I almost took them straight to goodwill
but used a lot of self control,
and humbly, most feebly, asked Mr. T & T
to put in our already stuffed garage....

I ..... um.....don't like them....
*cough, cough*

so I....
and move on to the next.......

ok....we have here 2 very fine wingback
chairs.....neutral in color
so not too offensive to live with while
waiting for slipcovers....

they look nice in the spot
they are meant for....

can you believe I bare my soul
like this to you?

you will surely think "she's lost it"

the kids love them...........
"mom, don't sell them....please....."


shhhhhh......come I can
whisper in your ear.....
"they aren't comfortable....."

we can't figure this out ahead of time?

nope.  apparently not.

so I....
you know the routine....

and move on to the next......

you think I'm kidding?I wish I were,
this is flat out embarrassing....!

you think I'm sick? possibly.....

the most recent acquisition
2 lovely club chairs....

but I wisened up with these 2...
I measured the space....
I double checked all chair dimensions....
I asked a lot of questions....

I drove 45 minutes away...
I purchased them.

I like them.
they are comfortable.
they are neutral.
they fit.
I think I'll keep them.

you'd think I could be done talking today.....nope.
more chair adventures to come....

shall we continue?

ok. let's.

well, you still remember I sold the dining room
and the newest one?
and Thanksgiving is next week............yikes!

I really wish I had 6 of these....then my troubles
would be over.....

(you can see I started messing around recovering them,
right about the time my etsy store opened so I've had
very little time to finish this project.....only time to run around
the countryside to look at chairs....apparently......)

but I only have 2....

so I need to find more chairs......I found these at a steal.....
of course they need some help....
some fixing...
some painting...

but I like them.
a lot.

sorry about the blurry photo guys!

I primed one, real quick, to get an idea of what
they would look like w/ a new paint job

they have beautiful lines,
and came with chair pads.....

plan: prime & paint
replace worn through caning w/
plywood (no-one will see w/ the chair pads)
recover cushions w/ vintage french hemp
purchased off etsy.....

then I saw this picture

which helped solidify my decision.....
although I wouldn't decorate the room
like this, I love them painted &  paired
with the wingback chairs.

one more thing to show you.......
yet more chairs!!

6 more chairs came into my life
one day after I found the above chairs....

as luck would have it.....
I really needed to replace our breakfast
table chairs....

and these were practically a giveaway...

they are very vintage/antique, and sturdy as can be~
and the rush seats are completely intact
and in perfect condition!

I'm thinking they're going to need a paint job
as well......but I'm really happy with them!

What do you think?

You think me crazy??

well there is definitely the possibility of that!

but now you know what I've been up to when not sewing....
and you know what I do that makes my
family insane....if not slightly to what they
might come home to or to what might be missing.....

you have the most recent edition of the Ticking and Toile
chair escapades......


Have a great weekend friends!






Anonymous said...

What a brilliant entertaining post i love it! and all the chairs featured, i hope the last ones stay long enough for a paint job ;-)
Love Kristina x

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I LOVE both the new dining room chairs (they will be so awesome made over) and the kitchen chairs are adorable too!! I had to laugh at your buying/selling antics. Yet, I totally understand! There is this antique store in our area that routinly has chairs for $5.00. It takes all my willpower to not buy and bring home chairs everytime I shop there. Alas, I have too much furniture in the garage as it is. I can't wait to see your chairs when you have worked your magic on them!!

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

all i can say is wow! ok i do LOVE the cane chairs alot.

lala said...

Great chair adventure - love the new sets, but what about the dining room table, I am on the edge of my seat waiting to read your next post!!!

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

WHAT an adventure!!! ;)

Grammy said...

Shellagh you make me feel inadequate. How you do all that with your big family amazes me. I'm still waiting to see your plan for the "and to all
a good night" pillow, but can see how that would be low on your priority list. They are back at PB, but off white and I was hoping for a white background. Maybe next year?

Anne said...

LOVE the cane back chairs, and the rush seat ones.. what potential fun! I had a set of cream colored cane backs with white seats, and needed to adapt them to a new dark wood table... so painted them black and redid the seats with a green tweed... only cost $25! Hope you post pics of what you do with them...

stuf & co said...

oh boy! think I need to sit down(:!!!

Anonymous said...

My goodness girl... you've been doing a lot of shopping... and selling... and shopping... and selling... lol!! Love those cane back chairs! They'll look gorgeous painted white!
Happy weekend and a happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
Jo :)

It's me said...

Wowwwwww great story....lovely chairs and so much !!....lovely weekend darling.....Ria.....xxxxx

The Smith Hotel said...

Wow! I don't think I know someone that has that kinda of fetish before! I can see how it can happen though! So if I have some chairs to sell should I just contact you first??? LOL
Have a great week,

Gail said...

You're killing me! That story made my day!!! I think we can all relate to the "I'm sure this will work" thought while in the store, or wherever, then getting that item home and finding out it won't work after all.
Too funny, and I love ~most~ of your chairs, definitely the ones you're keeping, fabulous!

molly- See you downtown said...

Yay, a kindred spirit!

NanaDiana said...

Oh for the love of Christmas! And I thought I was the only one that loved chairs like that! A person can never have TOO many chairs, can they? Hmmm...I have been trying to give my daughters some of their grandmother's chairs because...well...just because. So, my dear...I definitely GET IT! I'll bet you have even more that you didn't show us, don't you? I can feel it in my bones! Hugs-Diana

June said...

Well Shellagh, now that we have established that you're CRAZY...............I have to say, that you are darling at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think you should open a shop called
'Take A Seat PLEASE!!!'
I loved your chair tales. You really have found some keepers. I also know that you can make anything beautiful, so I can't wait to see 'the rest of the story'
hugs to you...

cindy said...

Toooo funny. I have done the same darn thing with couches. I can't even count the number I have bought and resold on craigs. It's a sickness. :)

Love the last set. I think you found some winners!

Anonymous said... had me laughing hysterically! I can only imagine what it's been like around your husband would have locked me out of the house by now! But, I LOVE all your new chairs - they are by far the best in this whole escapade.
Breathe easy - now you have more than enough seating for Thanksgiving!
Have a wonderful holiday!

Laura said...

Hi there shellagh, i really love the first pair of chairs in the striped fabric.. i would have bought them off you in a heartbeat!!! Just love everything else you have bought and sold!!! Wish we had craigslist here in australia!
laura c xxx

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

LOL!!!! You are too funny!!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Hugs, Rachel ;)

Faded Charm said...

You are NUTS girl!!!!! Just kidding. How do you find such cool things on CL. I never have this kind of luck. Can't wait to see the finished projects.

I saw a peek of your mantel......pretty cool!

Enjoy your weekend. I'm goiong to be up to my earsin glitter.


Anne Lorys said...

I've missed you!!!
But at least now I know what you've been up to....up to your eyeballs in CHAIRS! Crazy girl. :-)


Connie in Hartwood said...

Chairs!!! Now you're talking my language. Scored a set of 8 perfect Windsor chairs (already painted!) just a couple of months ago. I was having a talk with a friend, trying to figure out why I am so attracted to chairs (and trunks ... that's a whole 'nuther subject.) She said that it's not necessarily the chairs that attracts me, but the spirit of the people who owned the chairs. (huh?) Chairs (and trunks and dressers) are personal objects, and it's that personal connection that may make them irresistable to us. Whatever. I just know that I find it hard to walk past a perfectly fabulous chair. (Loved the velvet ones with the buttons, but they did look a bit grimy.)

Sherry Hicks said...

I love hutches..........but My hubby would not be as patient as yours! Musical chairs..........I would not call you ill but I would say you have a bonafide obsession.! I loved the post it made me feel human with all my shenanigans.......
Have fun with your beautiful chairs and I admire all your work!

My Shabby Passion said...

It's kinda like Goldilocks, and the three bears.....they have to be just right! I really, really love the cane back chairs though. They'd have to be my favorite! Good job!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

I'm laughing, you are so funny with your chairs!!! I love the cane back, so pretty!

Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

I really enjoyed and related to this post so much. I have a chair fettish too and at one time had a horse barn full of chair redos. I'm a little crazy when it comes to footstools too.
Looking forward to see which you chose and how you redo them. I really like the round back cane ones, but I am sure you could make any of the chic.

savvycityfarmer said...

how do you relist and resell, pray tell
and so quickly???

my head's a-spinning!

Burlap Luxe said...

Wow you Too!!
I too have a chair thing!! and I have a hard time making up my mind to as what direction I want to go in :)

Love this post Girlie!!
Come visit me for my "Give Away"
ends 11-22-10

PS. I never really look for anything for myself it just happens...But I am on the hunt for 5 chairs in the kitchen :) Mixing and matching a european flea market style!

Unknown said...

OMG! I've found twin, separated at birth! Seriously now, I could've told this story myself. I buy chairs all the time, for no reason mind you, I just like them. There are currently 19 chairs (without homes) in my garage!
And that doesn't include the ones in my house that are setting all hither and yon, for no apparent reason.

I'm having a big sale this weekend and I have 14 chairs for sale in that! Boy, I sure wish you lived closer because I think I could talk you into buying them!

Great post! Made me come out of my reader to comment.

Rosie said...

Oh yes my dear, you are certifiable...but, we all are to some degree...and life would be quite boring...if not for a bit of insanity :)

I love both your cane seated, and the rush seat collection...painted with a yummy white brush...Ahhhhh...just delicious...

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Well I was reading through this post waiting to get to the bit where I think you are actually crazy. Didnt find it. Could it be because we share the same chair disease? ~ I think so!

Allison said...

I thought I had a chair fetish! Isn't it fun. I was completley entertained with your post. It put a huge smile on my face while reading it this evening. You are a great writer, Shellagh, with a great sense of humor. I love your 6 new chairs. It'll be fun to see what you do with those. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Bev said...

Too funny. I thought I was the only one who could make any project much more complicated than necessary and take my husband's unending patience to the edge! DH is always very supportive of my projects - sometimes I'll sell something and he'll walk through a room and say, "Didn't we have a sofa?" And then one will magically appear the next day and he'll say, "Wow. I didn't even know we wanted a new sofa."

My projects always take longer than I anticipate, are more difficult and more expensive. Add a dash of OCD about anything I make and it is a recipe for chaos.

hilary@oldhousetruelove said...

I am laughing! and can sooo relate! Lovin' your new chairs!!

Anonymous said...

Shellagh! I'm sorry to tell you that this is a sign of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER and I have it too! I wish I lived near you so we could trade cast offs--much cheaper that way. Can't wait to see the finished dining room set. Allegra

Susanne said...

I love this.....'an escape from restraint'! You are still alive and I assume not institutionalized, your family should be up for sainthood. I'm sure if I tried this my husband would either confiscate my truck keys or lock me out of the house! I like the look of the grey velvet but grimy and creepy huh? Too bad. Can't wait to see the finished chairs.

blossoms vintage chic said...

OMG!! Just found your blog...couldn't stop laughing!! You are too cute and boy what a shopper, a girl after my own heart! Can't figure out why I haven't been on CL sounds like quit the place to be. Love the new cane back chairs they are gorgeous! can't wait to see the finished product (hope you keep them)! LOL!!
Shellagh, You can be sure I will be following you from now on (loved your post)!

"Create Beauty" said...

Love those cane chairs in white! I seem to be looking at tables lately.... one for a desk, one for under the window to display things on.... and painting one of them a better white than it was... but I need a chair and wish I'd bought one I saw last week... Hmmmm, now I'm thinking chairs..... uh oh.

~ Violet

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh my gosh, Shellagh! I was EXHAUSTED after reading this post! lol! What a hoot! You must have one big hunkin' garage, that's all I've gotta say! lol! I do love those dining chairs with the round backs. Very French! And kudos to Mr T&T. He's a man of infinite patience compared to my hubby! :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving gathered around your.....chairs??? lol!

xoxo laurie

Beatnheart said...

One good thing about this? I know someone out there is as wacky as I am. I hope you are at least making some kind of a profit when you relist the chairs. yikes!! or else that’s alot of work for nothing....whew!! You got it right though with the last pair of chairs...I like em...

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Shellagh you crack me up! You must have a very patient and wonderful husband! I think he has a lot of faith in you and knows the end result will satisfy the whole family! Loved your post, girl!~Hugs, Patti

Tricia said...

Well, from all the comments I think we have a chair fetish club in the making. You have made me feel much better about my impulsive chair purchases. I see the potential and the chair seems to be begging me to take it home. If it had a tail I know it would be wagging. Right now I have 12 chairs waiting for my attention. All are sets of two except the 4 oval backs. I will have to do a chair only post one of these days. Thanks for a glimpse of where the fetish takes you.

Sarah said...

I smiled and giggled my way through this one. First, I love chairs too. Right now, two sets of six dining room chairs. Yes, my husband found a set he had to have, but yet I can't see parting with the others. So we have an abundance at the moment. Can't have too many chairs, right?
Thanks for sharing this path. It was delightful! ~ Sarah

aimee said...

i love your chair story! what a hoot! can't wait to see what the chairs look like after you are done with them. enjoy!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

So I think this is how I ended up with 6 tables! Unlike you, I can't build up the courage to sell them on craigslist (but I buy them there) so I have all of them crammed in the house or stuck in 2 storage units. Help! How do I get rid of them? Tell us how...please?

Privet and Holly said...

S: Thank you for the
chuckles this cold
and blustery MN morning!
I have {shhhhh....} also
been known to buy and then
not likey so much....
Seems like a great deal
until it comes home and
I do love the round-up
you had at the end. It
looks like those chairs
are all waiting, expectantly
for your love and attention.
{Join the line, right?!}
Fun post and I know you'll
work your magic on all of
xx Suzanne

Crystelle said...

Sounds like the story of my life! Love craigslist, though!

mimi said...

yes.... I think you're crazy.... but in a really good way! I love all the new chairs and can't wait to see the magic spell you put on them!

Tina said...

I love your ALL your new chairs Shellagh and can't wait to see them madeover!! I love chairs too, just wish we had more space....:) Hope you are having a wonderful week so far ~ Tina x

Unknown said...

Hahahahaha -love your fetish -the chairs are fantastic!!

time worn interiors said...

I really do think your crazy, but we all are, aren't we? To funny!

time worn interiors said...

I forgot to say Happy Thanksgiving! I also realized your blog had disappeared from my blog list! Got that fixed cause I don't want to miss anything!

The Gilded Cherub said...

Loved, Loved, Loved your story about your chairs! I am new to blogging 2 weeks now and just came across your blog, you had me laughing so I had to say hello. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you get the time please visit my blog..

OneCraftyFox said...

Luvs your blog!! You are so crafty/talented :) Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

Victoria said... NOW I know who's been buying all the chairs off of CL that I thought I so desperately needed! Glad to hear (and so is my "Mr. Nest")that I'm not the only one with a chair fetish. LOL I think we're up to 12 at my house these days. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Love. those. cane. chairs! Too funny to see so many of the same chairs that I too saw on craigslist! I live in the Portland metro area and now I know who my competition is. I DID NOT see the cane chairs though. DARM! I love them soo much and have been on a big hunt for some. I only NEED two though four would be even better. If you ever think of selling them {or 2 of them}....
***PLEASE let me know first before you list them on craigslist!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shellagh,
I thought I was the only nutty chair person in the world! I loved your post, too funny. I absolutely love your new club chairs and I'm dying over those fabulous cane chairs! I love them white too.
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
Have a great night.

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

I have to say you had me laughing! Oh my what fun!
I am a chair girl too.
Love Love Love chairs {just ask my hubby n kids}
But I have a hard time parting with them!
I wish i could be more like you....
buy - enjoy - recycle!

Smiles, Dolly

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Ummm...excuse me but who said you could take time off from blogging,I need you for inspiration and you are not thats it back to work...chopchop!!!!!

Unknown said...

You are so funny! I loved this post and I need to show hubby. My husband and kids can so identify with this. I change up furniture a fair bit too. I love the chairs you have found, though.

Katy said...

haha! well if you're crazy then I am too...sounds like my life! Love that you shared this. Now that I know I'm not alone I'm inspired to bare all and share some of my adventures like this on my blog ;0) Forever upgrading, Katy

PS Such a great glad I found it.

Heather Salazar said...

I have never laughed so hard!!! I had to run and go get my husband to read this. You see you are not alone I can't tell you how many things I have bought and re sold, my husband says I really need to see someone, this is why I had to go get him, ive always told him I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this and it's completely normal.

I didn't tell him however I found this post googeling vintage chairs...shh don't tell him I hate the chairs I just bought.

Jaybird said...

ummmmmm did you ever find a table???? :^)
GREAT post!!

Anonymous said...

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