Wednesday, October 12, 2011

~pallet box love....~

Happy Wednesday friends!

we are talking blue skies today......
and the forecast is for the blue skies
to continue for several days......

 I was laying in bed, the other night, thinking of
different ideas for finishing our home
on our underfunded remodeling budget....

In my head I was milling around all the possible
materials for flooring......pine boards, fir boards,
paneling, etc....then my eyes flew open
as the thought of pallet boxes came into my mind!

did a little research....and lo and behold....
it has been done!
believe me, it can be made into flooring
with just a "touch" of prepwork
{that's for sure how it'd have to be "sold" to Mr. T &}

and there happens to be a place not too
far from me that has them stacked all
the a big ol' pile of rubbish....
{so they think....hee hee}
I'm thinkin I better stop in & say hi....

but as I was cruising around
the world wide web googling
pallet box floors & such....

I also found a bunch of pallet box furniture ideas....
so totally awesome thought you'd like to
see them too~
just in case anyone has an urge to build their
own coffee table or ?????

rolling side table book shelf thingy....

or how about a little dog bed??
{with the utterly invane hope of kicking them off the furniture....
ya right!}

source unkown

I can see my fat little weiner dog on this bed....
and I can see wheels on this too....

oh and now I see the leash attached...
and Sadie being drug through the house
by Allie & friends.....:)
yup...can see it all very clearly......

are you loving this pallet headboard???
very cool.....

but having the active mind that I have
{most of the time...ok half the time...}
I would truly worry about there being
a perfect place for cobwebs behind there??
no?  yes?  see how I am......
these things worry me....

moving along........:)

I absolutely love the antlers
 used as a jewelry"rack"
{hee pun intended...}

but can someone shed some light
on how to attach them to the wall????


Have an absolutely fabulous Wednesday!

I'm off to change sheets, sweep, clean,
fold clothes, put away clothes (the worst part...}
replace laundered slipcovers,
and alas cut some fabric for orders....




Shabby soul said...

I love the idea of not to waste raw material as wood and use it with a lot of fantasy and respect for nature! Beautiful ideas thank you darling Shellagh

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Hi there! I just stumbled onto your blog. What a great site you have! So many beautiful things to see! I am your newest follower and I hope you will follow back! God bless!

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Hubby has been collecting wood pallets for quite sometime. I have had him ripping them apart making things. What neat ideas you have found here. I will have to google the pallet floors. Have a great one.

It's me said...

What a great ideas ....we have also a industrial coffee table.....yes !!..we also sell them in our from

Kelly said...

My husband hung my antlers on the wall by drilling a hole in the middle and then using a screw to fit through the hole and into the wall. I did that in my family room and foyer. Another option is to wrap twine around the middle of them (the solid part) and then hang them from the twine on a nail on the wall. I did that in my kitchen. I love using antlers in the home! The pallets are very creative looking. I like them.

Karen said...

Hi Shellagh-
What a creative idea and resourceful one to use pallets for your flooring and such. Not sure how to hang those antlers but I'm sure someone at the local Ace would know. :)

NanaDiana said...

Shellagh- If you do enough things in your house you could call it The Pallet Place(The Palace Place)...never mind-bad joke~

I really like the looks of that headboard but I am thinking it should be "sealed" on top with some more pallet boards laid sideways-otherwise, at my house, who knows what the grandkids would stuff, drop, throw down there.

There was a gal called Gram. I think that was her blog name? She did a whole floor out of pallets and also covered some side walls.

Anonymous said...

I like all of the ideas but the rolling side table is my favorite..Great idea..

Heaven's Walk said...

I LUV LUV LUV that pallet coffee table, Shellagh!!! Sooo cool! Don't feel bad....I thought the exact same thing you did about the headboard. How in the world would you clean it...??? Are those pallet boards actually sturdy enough for flooring...? Great idea!

Hugs to you, sweetie!

xoxo laurie

A Cottage Muse said...

I just love everything being done with pallets these days! These inspiration photos are just wonderful!

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