Monday, October 3, 2011

~a farm down the road~

Hello friends!

Happy Monday!

....sort of.....

this will be two Mondays in
a row of rain.....
{I'm sure I'm not complaining about the rain this early
in the season.....nahhhhh....I wouldn't do that....}

but there is just something
about the combination
of Monday morning & rain
that just doesn't seem right.....

I mean aren't Monday's hard
enough without making them
all rainy & gloomy at the same time??


if it appears to you that I'm just a touch cranky today....
you just might be right....;)

you see~ my absolutely fabulous
{on all other days but today & any other day he wakes me up at 5am}...
Mr. T & T
has gotten into this new "thing"
called waking up at 5am everyday...
to go to the gym....


I can't get up that early
I'm evidently too old to go back to sleep.....

so, yes, you see....I'm just a wee bit cranky.....

so this morning I'm looking at my options.....

My Options:
 a) earplugs & eye covers
b) go to bed at 8:30pm
c) sleep on the couch
d) Mr. T & T on the couch
e) Mr. T & T sleeping in the doghouse?
f) turning off Mr. T & T's alarm "accidentally..."
g) Mrs. T & T sleeping in the doghouse....hee hee

any other awesome ideas?????

well, I'll let you know what I come up with!


but for now, let's look at the bright side of things
shall we?? :)
{of course I'm talking to myself here!!!}

like these beautiful pictures of a cute little
farm up the road from me....

this darling family farm has been
around since 1872!!

I go every fall and pick up pumpkins
and corn stalks for my outdoor decorating...

along with all their farm fresh produce....
they have a huge pumpkin patch,
hay rides, petting zoo, and
a corn maze...

they also sell beautiful hanging baskets
and flowers of all kinds...
garden adornments & such....

they're actually located just a 1/2 mile
from our high school....just down the road...

what a treat, huh?

we love to get their "fresh from the field"
corn on the cob...
enjoyed some last night....

I'm really grateful for little places like this....

and yes....
I'm grateful for a husband
who wants to stay in shape.....

even at the expense of my beauty sleep.....
it's ok....I'm not resentful of the puffy eyes
and dark circles that age me 20 years...

if he can feel better & work out....
I'm fine with that.....

aren't I such a brat??


do you still love me?

Have a wonderful day girls!!




Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Hey Shelllah...what a neat place, a real treat. I haven't even seen any pumpkins here yet. Guess I'll have to ride up the road a bit and get outta the city!

Lately, I'm also up around 5ish....only cause I just can't sleep. Isn't life crazy, because I could actually sleep in as late as I wanted now?

Have a wonderful week...we're actually having a litte 'cool' snap! yes, it's 80 degrees, rather than 90!

Have a wonderful week...blessings,

It's me said...

Hhahahahhahh!! you make me laugh.....great post...beautiful autumn in Holland we have summer days in autumn the weather is great !! love from

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Very funny!
We have had day after day after day of sunshine, I can't take it much more :(

My husband works out of town for the most part but when he does work from home his alarm starts at 3:30 AM! He hits the snooze button EVERY 9 MINUTES FOR AN HOUR! He does not roll out of bed until 4:30 and at that point I am in serious danger of wanting to hurt him. I try to think that now I can get up and have coffee, too. It makes for a very long day and yes, I do then go to bed at 8:30 PM :)
I love him, and I love him being at home with us so I usually don't say much. OK, sometimes I kick him when the alarm is beeping, beeping, beeping. He says he puts it in a dream and a truck is backing up...beep...beep....beep. Makes sense.

Sorry this reply was soooo long, was there a word limit here? Did I lose you??

Loved your post ;)


Heaven's Walk said... poor girl! No wonder you're feeling cranky today! :) It's bad enough that my hubby wants to get up at 7am to start his day (yeah....I want a fuuuullll 8 hours of sleep, thank you very much). So I guess I shouldn't complain. lol! I gotta give kudos to your hubby,though, for getting up early to work out. I wish I had that type of ambition....I would go with earplugs and eyecovers. :)

Hugs, sweetie!

xoxo laurie

xoxo laurie

rachel@Acts of Life said...

Wow how neat to have a farm like that so close to you. I would love to have something like that near me! Looks like they have a great assortment of flowers and pumpkins.

Rachel :)

NanaDiana said...

Shellagh- Send him to the corn maze at dusk...maybe he won't be home til late morning- just sayin'..... xo Diana

blessedmom's simple home said...

Wonderful photos. I'd be cranky too if I got up at 5 am :) I'm not an early bird either.
Have a wonderful week, and try to get some sleep :)

outjunking said...

Just think how good of a shape he will be in to carry all the things you drag home from sales.

Tattered & Timeless said...

My husband does that same annoying thing. I mean yeah he wants to work out great but must it be at my sleeps expense? I need this sleep does he not understand?

Shabby soul said...

Love love love all your photos!
Love the real country life one can breath in your place.
Hugs Silvia

Brooke - Creative Country Mom said...

I wanted to let you know your post was
so beautiful that it is featured on
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Thanks for sharing your gardening talents!
~Brooke (CreativeCountryMom)
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