Thursday, November 3, 2011

~what to wear~

Hello there!!

First off, thanks so much for your feedback
on yesterday's post about my
pillows & chair covers!! 

Do you know, I just remembered I have
about 5 yards of vintage grey & cream french ticking????{duh!}
oh man!! that little round pillow in grey ticking??

Anyway, I love hearing all your thoughts & ideas for
stuff to go in the store :)

but today, I'm not talking
 about pillows & chair covers
 or gorgeous interiors....
I'm talking about this stuff....cute stuff....

ok so I think I've already confessed
my whole Pinterest
addiction to you all....well maybe it's not
an addiction, per se.....ha ha ha dream on....
but let's go with that....

but another way I have loved it
 ~aside from decorating~
{oh, is there anything else??? }
why yes, dear....(talking to myself here)
you do need to "dress yourself!"
hmmmmmm.....yes I do......(myself responding...)

is it's help in answering
 this looming question.....
 what do I wear????

you see......ever since child #3 came along....
and the weight didn't come off
{oh couldn't be the nutella I discovered shortly thereafter....}
and the second income ended...
{after choosing to stay at home with kiddos}
I really lost interest in what to wear....
well didn't really "lose interest"
 ...more accurately... got a little discouraged "new" size 12 didn't dress up as cute
as my old size 6.....

then time rolls girl...decorator girl...
remodel girl........"run around after kids" girl
ends up wearing levis (boot cut at least!) and
various neutral colored (black, white, tan, cream, grey)
tops...and calling it "good."

and you seriously would've never guessed I started my
career as a Nordstrom manager.....pining for
a buying position.....worked there in college...
worked my way up....was waaaaaaaaay into

but the new "one income" budget....didn't really
work for Nordstrom shopping anymore....
and cheap clothes don't do much for your figure (usually)
but anyway.....
I think you get the picture! right??

well having darling teenage girls....

has gently pushed me into dressing a little
cuter....ya know??
they are so dang cute..aren't they??
can I say that?  is that bragging??
Madi (Madisen) on the left is 15 and a sophomore
& Mackenzie (Kenzie) on the right is 14 is a freshman
(and oh were they trouble as toddlers......!! I broke into a sprint
if  there was ever "silence" for over 30 seconds....that meant someone was stuffing, dumping, pouring, mixing, cutting "creating" something ...somewhere....that
was gonna be a major challenge to clean/restore/throw out/grow back etc...
hee, hee} but I digress....back to fashion...where
was I????

I mean, they are "into it" and love
being girly & dressing I have
to's definitely got me thinkin'
about dressing a little cuter...
a little funner...a little zippier...

but my big problem
was not knowing
what in the heck to wear!!!

I mean.....I would just go to a store or 2 and browse
around...pick up a few things....try on a couple...
& leave with one item....not exactly a way to
build a wardrobe.....
but I honestly was thinking...."I don't even know
how to dress myself anymore!!!!"

now that was a very long story to get to
my new found love
finding cute outfits on Pinterest.....
and "pinning" them....

now I know what to wear....
I feel my old self returning....feeling excited about
clothes, shoes, boots, bags....

don't have to feel like a dummy at the store
hee hee!!

if you have ever felt the same way....
{now I know most of you are
seriously amazing stylish
blogger fashionistas....
and probably don't need
any help....}
but just in case....
I thought I'd share.....:)

you can see my "pins"
on decor (of course!)
living rooms, kitchens,
bedrooms, bathrooms,
gardens etc....
"what to wear"

and then cuz I know you'll want to
find way more stuff.....
browse around & see what you can find
to cutesify your already darling self!




here's another great site for fashion scoping!

{all images via pinterest/tickingandtoile}


Laurie said...

It's amazing how our teenage daughters can get us thinking about fashion again. That is exactly what happened to me! The are also brutally honest about our fashion choices :) I love what you found on pinterest. I would wear any of those!

Imperfections said...

I love all your examples, wanna be my personal shopper? I have been trying to jazz up my wardrobe but it's a slow process.I think the way you dress is very important not only for the image you project but for your own self-esteem.

The Country Nest said...

Love all your choices. I just changed out my closet and needed some ideas.

Ilona said...

Yes...just handsome, easy, fun and comforter closes... the girls or even us older ones...and I love your site here...lots of cute things!

Beach House Living said...

That's how I've gotten in the last year. Recently I took Mom to lunch and it was so nice to really dress. In a cute cropped jacket and dress.

I really, really like each and every outfit you selected.

Blondie's Journal said...

Wow...I didn't know you could do this with have just created a whole new wardrobe. I like all the accessories, that's where I get hung up, but my daughter is good at that. I know what it's like to have daughters checking out your clothes. For the longest time I wasn't getting out of my sweats if I didn't have to go out and then they started dropping hints! lol! Now I at least try to have jeans on and a respectable top! Fun post! You are too funny!


Faded Charm said...

Okay, I'll take one of each please:-) And you think you don't have any fashion sense, silly girl.

Thanks for your sweet comments. Already sold my feather tree, so I'll be going up again in the morning to add a few things.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Gwendolyn said...

Hurray for you! Fashion is fun! And I think it is important to look good and feel good in our day to day lives. I love the outifits you have shown. I enjoy playing on Polyvore myself.

Heaven's Walk said...

I hear ya, Shellagh! I'm not the size 6/8 I used to be...and I hate it. I feel like nothing fits like it should and I just don't feel good in anything I put on...even if it IS cute! :( So while we've been Pinning together (lol!) lately, and I pin cute outfit after cute outfit (our tastes are identical!)'s helping my mind prepare my tookus to get back on my eliptical with that size 6/8 as my springtime goal. I WANT to look cute in my clothes again! I want to kick those size 10/12's to the curb!!!!!!

xoxo laurie

Bette said...

Oh boy do I hear you! Number 3 was the killer here too. Bye bye waist! After 12 years of being a sahm, I went back to work several years ago, and KNEW I needed help - so I hired an image consultant. I too had lost all confidence in dressing myself!

I love the looks you have pulled together. Thank you for sharing them.

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