Tuesday, September 13, 2011

~European Grain Sack Pillows~

Hello my bloggy friends!

I hope you are all doing fantastic!

I have been sewing up some amazing

and now have them in the shoppe
I can't even tell you how much
I LOVE this fabric.....
I could barely cut it....I mean had to convince myself....
that people do it   a   l   l    t  h  e    t  i  m  e  !
it will be ok.....

and those of you who have followed me for awhile
know that I have had these for....*ahem* a bit now.....
oh let's see only 6-8 months....
I'm quite attached, you see....
but now I'm sharing ~ with you :)
{boy that didn't take long, did it??? hee hee}


I've got a few more ~ stashed here & there for myself...
well draped here & there you might say!

I tried to take them off my furniture ~ and just couldn't...
too darn fabulous....too much awesome european
nubby yumminess....
I better order some more, huh?

I am thinking the red will look amazing
for Christmas decorating!  don't ya think?
Can't even believe I'm thinking that way yet?

I'm NOT!
not even Autumn decor yet!
I think I need at least until October! ;)

{each pillow slip has cotton twill closures,
and is made exclusively with
Antique European Grain Sacks
straight from Denmark!}


oh, and on a personal side note.....
guess who is running 25 minutes non-stop now????

can you believe it? 
I am pretty happy about it....don't even have
shin splints!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!




It's me said...

Bbeautiful pillows !!....lovely week......love from me....xxx...

kathee said...

Shellagh...it was so nice to meet you and Kathleen the other day!! I love these pillows!! Do you sell wholesale?
I wish I could run for 25 min....that is awesome!!
Added you to my sidebar of FAV blogs so I won't ever miss a post!!
Have a great week, talk to you soon...and call me if you ever come to L.A.

Tattered & Timeless said...

Beautiful pillow slips. But more proud of your running - awesome. Keep going.

Anonymous said...

Love these pillow slips!! Have a lovely week! Xoxoxo ~Ashley

Rebecca said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, too, Shellagh! Fabulous all the way!


The Vintage Hobby House said...

Absolutely gorgeous ,loveeeeeeeeee these,and your blog which I am now following xx Manda xx

Petite Michelle Louise said...

these pillows are gorgeous shellagh!!! oh my...i'm drooling here!! congrats on your "running feat too!" YOU GO GIRL! ;)

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful..Loving them a lot..

Blondie's Journal said...

I love these, Shellagh! The fabric is fabulous! I wish I had your creativity. And hooray for you on the running!!


Heaven's Walk said...

Hey Shellagh! It's so good to hear from you again, sweetie! I've missed you, girl! :) First of all, congrats on your running! Way to go! You put me to shame, that's for sure. lol! I need to get off my tookus and pick up my running again. You have inspired me. ♥

Second - your pillows are beautiful! I'm so glad that you finally decided to make them. :) They turned out incredible! I'll have to go take a peek at them in your shop. :) Keep up the great work - and chat with you soon!


xoxo laurie

Fishtail Cottage said...

So cute! i love the one with the sweet ties at that bottom! Hugs to you!!!!

Shabby soul said...

I adore the semplicity of this fabric and of the pillows, especially the red one!
Have a nice day

lisaroyhandbags said...

Sounds like we're of the same frame of mind! I just sewed up 2 grainsack pillows for my sofa this week :)

rvelazquez said...

I love your pillows! Where do you get your fabric from? I have had a hard time finding some. I will have to take a peek at your shoppe :)


Anonymous said...

Soooo Beautiful Shellagh!! I was so happy to see a post from you, I always love seeing what your up to!
Hope your doing well and have a wonderful night.

d e l i g h t said...

Your grain sack pillows are lovely!

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