Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~kitchens...european style~

Happy Wednesday friends!

Seriously, I can't believe it's
already hump day!!

all this fall like weather has
definitely gotten me in the
mood for cooking!

why is it, as soon as the weather
gets cool I get the urge to
 cook up a bunch of
homestyle meals????

in fact, I was feeling so nostalgic
a couple nights ago.....
I actually made my family,

shhhhhh......come close......

a little closer.....

can you hear me?

.......hamburger gravy......

oh and it gets better.....


are you still close?

.....served over toast......


for all of you "gravy over toast types"
my deepest apologies right now
and know that I love you just the
way you are!!


Mr. T & T comes into the kitchen
and says, "what is......that??"
like seriously shocked....
you see, we've always been the
"clean protein with salad & veggies types"
{boy, you'd think I'd be skinny or something....} 

I mean, we never eat gravy anything...
except at Thanksgiving.....
but my mom used to feed us that
and I was just feeling like
"hey, let's give it a whirl...."
my girls were saying..."how about
biscuits instead of toast, mom?"....
"really mom?  on toast?"

I'm like, noooooo, you gotta eat it
the way I did! hee hee.....

so you're wondering.....did they eat it?
was it yummy?

well, of course!

do you know the fastest, easiest gravy recipe??
this is from an vintage {of course!} southern
cookbook.....brown the meat, whatever it is,
add 2 cans of evaporated milk & bring
to a gentle boil while stirring constantly.
If it still needs thickened, use the corn starch
in cold water method.
{mix a heaping TBSP of cornstarch with 1/4 cup water,
mix well, add to the gravy & stir}

but ya know~ all the home cookin' doesn't really
do much for the ol' figure....
but the running does....
it is helping.....apparently...
so says Mr. T & T anyway.
I can't tell that much~
 but if he can ~ great!

so after my last post on Monday
I went running in the cool wet weather~
it felt great!
and I ran...drumroll please.....................
33 minutes!

oh is this kitchen just so fabulous?
love the cozy quaintness of it!

Hope you're all having a fabulous week!



{all images via pinterest}


Jem said...

I'm definitely biased as I come from Britain but British kitchens are lovely :-)

Jem xXx

Anonymous said...

Hi Shellagh,
You are so darn funny!! I'm from the South and gravy was a huge staple in my family growing up! When I do get the chance to make it, my oldest son is never quite sure about it. My favorite gravy is tomato gravy, my grandmother would make this all the time and it is delicious!!
I am the same when Fall hits, I get in a baking mood. I've already baked chocolate cupcakes, homemade peach pie, {my first}, and banana bread just over the last few days. I better stop or I'm going to be huge and I'll need to start running with you! I need to anyway.
So proud of you for running, I bet your feeling great!
Hope you have a beautiful day.

Kate said...


What a charming and wonderful post. I love the kitchens that you featured and the gravy story. have a wonderful week

much love

Anonymous said...

Oh, those kitchens are so cozy and lovely! I had to chuckle about your gravy story. While I am like you and only make gravy at Thanksgiving (or try to!), my mom made gravy every single Sunday because we always had a roast--either beef or pork. That was the German/Irish tradition of Mom and Dad's families. And she makes the best gravy. I have never had the "gift." If my three brothers were still hungry after dinner, they slopped that gravy over bread and wolfed it down. Gravy gets a bad rap today for health reasons, but it is the ultimate comfort food!

Lisa said...

LOVE all the kitchens that are pictured, particularly the one with the geraniums in the window. That's just stunning!

Beach House Living said...

The one thing I like best in the kitchen is the window over the sink that overlooks the yard...

It's me said...

Beautiful kitchens Shellagh,,,,have a nice from

Bertha said...


Me encantan! estas cocinas tipo"provenzal" o rústicas soy una enamorada de ellas...

Feliz semana y...gracias por estas imágenes son una gozada verlas.

d e l i g h t said...

When I read this post I could hardly believe that someone else makes "hamburger gravy". I grew up on it and it is still my favorite comfort food. My mothers recipe was slightly different with whole milk and flour to thicken it. I don't think I have ever in my life heard of it, except in my own family, until your post!!

Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me said...

Your kitchen images are divine! I will have to repin some of these for my sister who is renovating her kitchen next year.

Best wishes for a lovely week,

Karen said...

Great story of your dinner menu choice! And I love how you intertwined it with the photos of the kitchens. Nice touch! I grew up on gravy at meals so I'm a gravy girl too (in moderation, of course!).
Thanks Shellagh!

June said...

Isn't it weird how Fall makes us want to cook all those yummy things we never think of eating during the Spring and Summer Shellagh? We hardly ever have meat here, but this week alone I've cooked with hamburger twice! In fact Dale and I rarely ate meals together after the kids were gone because of his shift work as a cop (he was never here for most meals)but he retired a few months ago and I am trying to get back into the habit of cooking again.
Loved the beautiful images of the kitchens!
Now you have me craving biscuts and gravy!

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