Monday, September 19, 2011 I smell fall?~

Good morning
& Happy Monday bloggy friends!

Well girls, fall is definitely in the air here in the NW!
damp, chilly mornings, falling leaves.....and getting
dark much earlier...{oh the sadness....}

but, I'm looking forward to
 football games, pumpkin patches,
and corn mazes......with a little hot cocoa on top.... 

I have to admit ~ most years I go into fall
kicking and screaming......not usually ready
for it....but this year I'm thinking it's ok...
I can do this....I'm   r  e  a  d  y!

ready for some white pumpkins
ready for some hay bails
ready to make some crafts.....

aren't these the cutest?
super easy & I love the simplicity of it!

these (above) are another story however....
not sure how simple, but love love them.
I'm thinking book pages, mod podge, mossy stuff,
and what kinda stick thingamabob
do you suppose is used for the stem?

loving the orange against the faded turquoise

very cute, huh?

I have a broken down,
dilapitated{did I spell that right?} 
antique{for shame} wooden wheelbarrow
project {phew mouthful there}
 that I'd like to do this completely
fell apart....maybe from all the   *r   a    i    n*
we had last year.  So I'm thinking of just
buying some plywood & tracing the old pieces
and reconstructing.....sounds easy enough right?

I'll keep you posted!

What fun things are you all up to?

btw.....trying to get a little more technologically updated
over here so I now have

I'll be posting fun stuff almost everyday
so come by and this point I have 5 friends....{3 of which are
my family & I told them they had to..hee hee hee...}
what a sad lonely existence.....;)
of course I'm kidding but seriously come by!!

Have a fabulous week guys!



{images all found on Pinterest}


Inmaculada said...

Que bellas imágenes.
saludos Inma¡¡¡

Bertha said...



Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Lovely images, so fallish. I am so ready for fall! I'm heading over to FB to "like" you! :)


Anonymous said...

These pics put me in the mood for fall, however the weather here does not (98 degrees today)....I certainly cannot wait for the pumpkin patches =) Xoxoxo ~Ashley

It's me said...

Hello darling.......nice to read you...have a great autumn !!!......beautiful pictures!! love from

NanaDiana said...

Hi Shellagh- Well, I am loving your Fall finds. Those pumpkins with the print are adorable. Don't you think they just used pieces of branches cut to fit for the stems? And that orange wreath on the aqua door? WOW! Sorry I don't do FB because of my dil's job as a Federal Agent-It's a no-no for us~ xo Diana

Unknown said...

Hi Shellagh,

Lovin all the photos you posted. White pumkins is what I always buy each year to decorate my home for fall. Oh yea, I'm follower #10 on your FB page, your movin on up.. I'm also on FB (The Vintage Attic) you will like having your business/blog/Esty on FB it's a great way to do a quick post to all your friends with doing a

Heaven's Walk said...

Loving those white pumpkins, Shellagh! I think the b/w ones have just a piece of stick for their stems. So cute! Thanks for all the pretty autumn inspiration today! I nabbed some great ideas! :)

xoxo laurie

John'aLee said...

I know I am not supposed to lust.....but I WANT that bed!
Amazing photos!

Passionate for White said...

I wasn't ready until seeing these pics!

Anonymous said...

Love the fall pic's they get me itching for pumpkins and such.

I have to say I'm not loving the way the pic's open now.. Is there a way to enlarge them.. I like seeing the details better..

Ido said...

Beautiful, I'm so ready for fall, I'm even wearing orange and brown today. Love the idea of the mason jars with candles and acorns!

Robin Johnson said...

I love this time of the year. I'm ready to break out the cozy blankets, hot cocoa and enjoy a toasty campfire in the backyard.

Anonymous said...

I love the print pumpkins..I love this season..My favorite..Your photos are beautiful especially the orange against the turquoise..Have a great week..

"Create Beauty" said...

As is my yearly custom, I am in denial that summer is over. I can't get into Fall decor or pumpkins til the middle of October ~ but my oh my those papered pumpkins are stirring my creativity.... GORGEOUS!!!!

~ Violet

michelle said...

Hi Shellagh!! I love fall and I love the images that you chose here!!! I just stared putting out my pumpkins around the house and the weather has been so perfect here.
I hope you are well!!!

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