Wednesday, August 15, 2012

~what I'm eating these days~

Good Morning!

It's our first overcast day 
in many.....
feels kinda like the beach 
around here...misty & dewy...

feels kinda nice....I must admit!

Thought I'd share with you what I'm 
eating these days.....

don't know about you...but I really do not
like preparing/cooking/fixing food to
eat in the middle of the day......that goes 
for me or anyone around me....;)

{kids definitely know they are in charge of their own breakfast & lunch...
ok they are older ages 12-16 so they can totally handle it!}

one meal a day (dinner for the family)
is about all I can take! haha....

For years Mr. T & T and I have eaten protein
shakes blended with fruit each morning...
fast & easy & yummmmmmy too!

this summer in the middle of everything else
I managed to freeze some yummy raspberries

and blackberries


and nectarines...

I was in a m.a.j.o.r. hurry to get it done...
was leaving town in approx. 6 minutes...
with a full box of nectarines & peaches sitting
in my garage....argh!!!!!

so I thought here goes....hope it works....
and it did!  thank goodness!

I just sliced 'em up
didn't bother peeling them...(no time for that!)
and laid them out flat on several cookie sheets
& literally threw them in the freezer!

came home & bagged them in freezer ziplock 

I freeze berries the same way....don't wash them
or they'll get mushy & squishy!

just lay them out flat & water over them
prior to using....

so here's my favorite protein shake recipe....

first gotta get a good protein powder...
not too many carbs/sugars..

this is one of my favorites...
but I always buy vanilla...
because I always mix mine w/ fruit...

but chocolate is also good...
it can be mixed with a tablespoon of natural
peanut butter (yumm-o!)
or a frozen banana...seriously yummy...

ok...the recipe...all in a blender

8 oz. water
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
handful of frozen raspberris
couple slices of frozen peaches or nectarines
blend on high until thick

drink up!!

I usually drink one for breakfast &
 a lot of the time lunch
{cuz remember I'm exceedingly lazy
with mid-day food prep}

lately I've been wanting to add flax seed
to my shakes as well....supposed to be very
good for us ya know! :)

but in a nutshell....
you're getting 24 grams of protein
lots of antioxidants & vitamins from the fruit
and don't forget the fiber! gotta have that too!
oh and approx. 150-175 calories
depending on how much fruit etc....

and I'm perfectly content for a 2-3 hours

do you drink protein shakes?

got a favorite?

I swear I couldn't live without them!

Have a great day!!



{all images from here}


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

My two teen sons love making fruit smoothies. Mixed fruit is the fave around here.

The Other Me Is Sane said...

yours looks yummy. We make ours the same way with protein, but add greek yogurt also. I buy bags of frozen strawberries to use cuz we haven't gotten to our outside yet so we don't have a garden yet. If we have bananas I throw one in for the potasium.

Blondie's Journal said...

I bought a blender a few months ago and went on a smoothie kick. I need to get back on it. They were delicious and good for me.

I am like you...they can do breakfast and lunch. Dinner is hard enough!!!


Sarah said...

Love a good smoothie. Those berries are gorgeous!

Daune | Cottage in the Oaks said...

These sound wonderful! Thanks for sharing them...

Heaven's Walk said...

Yummmm! Thanks for another great recipe, sista! Raspberries are my all time fav fruit. I've never tried them with guess what I'll be having tomorrow morning? lol! ♥

xoxo laurie

Carole said...

Yes we love protein drinks here too. I try different ones, rice, soy and whey. The only thing is whey has a lot of cholesterol so don't overdue. Just saying! but good for you for eating healthy.


tuhina tomar said...

All I really can manage in these days of lazing are smoothies. Oh deary where were you all my life. Thank you so much by the way, all those ideas just made one each for each day of my week.

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