Thursday, August 30, 2012

~heirloom linen~

Good morning!

I'm so excited to share with you

it's so beautiful....
this is truly luxury bedding....
the softest linen...
adorned with hand crocheted edging....
meant to be passed on from generation
to generation....

I've been wanting to add this type of product
to my store for quite awhile now ~
and a custom order gave us just the push
to get it done!

I feel quite fortunate that 
one of my dear friends, Merry, ~quite an amazing
woman~ is extremely gifted when
it comes to crocheting....

when I approached her about this order, 
she was eager to help us create
what our client envisioned....

we picked a pattern & matched the linen
and off to work she went....

the finished product was nothing less than

I can't even imagine attempting it ~
I would tied up in knots along with the thread!!

oh I've tried that before....not happening...
not for me! ;)

but she created rows and rows of
edging that is flawless....

so excited to show her work!
and excited for my customers to have
her beautiful work in their homes....

right now we offer
pillowcases, and sheets with this gorgeous

in a day or so we will be adding a stunning
duvet cover as well ~ I'll be sure
to post pics! :)

Thanks so much for coming by!

Have a great day!




It's All Connected said...

Oh my gosh, that is so beautiful! Bedding fit for a queen! ~ Maureen

PURA VIDA said...

How beautiful...a must have!

It's me said...

It is so so so so so beautiful...what i see today...enjoy your weekend

michele said...

what a fabulous item to offer! stunning.



Anonymous said...

Wow-Wee!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
Congrats on the beautiful new bedding line Shellagh!
Have a wonderful day.

Katherine Wolak said...

That is some stunning linen!!!! I adore the details and beautiful tint! :)


Mystica said...

Beautiful linen!

Carolyn said...

Beautiful-some lucky customer is going to be really happy!
I always enjoy your blog even though I don't comment often-I'm lazy like that!

Heaven's Walk said...! That is just gorgeous, Shellagh! It looks like something I would'ave found in my grandmother's linen closet. I'm in love, girlie!!!! ♥

xoox laurie

Myplace4tea said...

Very lovely!

Andrea said...

so beautiful!

summersoul said...

It is gorgeous! have a great weekend

Barbara Mugnai said...

so beautiful... the embroidery is a masterpiece..
Best Regards from Italy

Burlap Luxe said...

Is there anything better!

Vintage with history making for soulful pieces.

Love them Shellagh!
So fitting for you to feature vintage linens making for a good fit in your home of textile fashion.

Beautiful weekend to you.


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