Sunday, November 8, 2009

~kreativ blogger award~

Thanks so much for the nominations! 

Two wonderful bloggy friends have awarded me this
within days of each other

Please check out their incredible blogs....

Cindy's is so beautiful.... right when the page starts to load,
you know you're in for a treat ~ her dining room makeover
 (click here to see)
is totally amazing and serious eye candy.
Lisa has got to be the busiest person I know....
I am always astounded everytime I see yet another fabulous project she finishes!!
click here to see one of my favorites~

It is really so wonderful to be a part of this blogging community!
I have met so many terrific women who never cease to
amaze and inspire me.

Every new follower and every single comment makes me smile :-}
I think we all need the little motivation and encouragement
 that we get from each other....
the little nudge to keep trying, and the sweet comments to say "great job!"

on that I can share with you 7 things you
definitely don't know because it's too embarrassing....
might not know about me....

 ~ ~*~ ~

1)  I don't like to shop for clothing....
I would much rather go to Lowe's or Home Depot....
and that is the reason I only own 2 pairs of jeans....scary I know.

2)  Regarding the "only 2 pairs of jeans..."
those get made into cut offs at the beginning of each summer
and become my gardening gear.......

3)  My hair "style" is a ponytail on most days....ok all days..

4)  I listen to talk radio roughly 4-5 hours a day...
(until the kids get in the car and/or come home and begin to protest) and
watch less than 1/2 hour of TV a day and rarely
use the computer (I know, I know.. the computer thing was an outright LIE! :) ) 

5)  I tore out all the grass in our backyard.....
if you are wondering if I did this while my hubby was at're right...
  but he did come home at lunch to load up the sod cutter for me in the trailer....that thing is heavy....and in case
any of you are wondering if he ever runs out of  patience...... you are right... I'm on strict orders  not  to tear up, or tear out, or dismantle anything until further notice...
(you can look here for other mischief I've gotten into over the last 5 years...)

6)  I'm horrified at the site of spiders AND my dear sweet hubby
HAS had to come home from work to kill (sorry sometimes being put outdoors isn't good enough... ) one for me...
and I've had several neighbors and my daughters rescue me as well..pathetic I know.

7)  We watch Home Alone I and II all throughout the year
start listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween.

Well, there you have here's what I do:

~thank the person who nominated me for the award
~copy the logo and place it on my blog
~link to the person who nominated me
~list 7 things people may not know about me
~nominate 7 creative bloggers
~post their links
~leave a comment on each

 ~ ~*~ ~

Here are my nominees:

1)  Lanette @ Cottage Elements
her blog is FULL of fabulous inspiration and eye candy~

2)  Cheryl @ Fields of Linen and White
I just found her and literally my heart skipped a beat when her page opened~
Her header picture is just divine & all the pictures are JUST my style~

3) Tina @ Cherry Hill Cottage
I just found her blog and it is so beautiful! The pictures of her home are incredible~
Serious talent over there~

Her blog is full of fun, old, and "tarnished and tattered"
lovely things! She's an amazing artist AND a mom to triplets born in '05!

5)  Cathy @ Mille Fleur
She is truly one of the sweetest persons I've met in bloggy land.  Her blog
is full of wonderful photos.  From decor to dinner ~ every post is a real treat!
and be sure to enter her Williams Sonoma giveaway!!

6)  Kathleen @ Faded Charm
Her blog is full of very cool vignettes & displays.  Her home is gorgeous.....
I love her style!!!
she's local and having a sale in a couple weeks that I get to go to!!! :-}

7)  Cori @ Starview Sonnet
I'm sure you've all met the kind of person who is like a ray of sunshine?! 
Well this is Cori ~ She is fabulous & her posts are always delightful!

Till Next Time!




Congrats on the award and thanks for some giggles this morning (; I hate spiders too!!

Cindy said...

Boy do we have alot in common :o) Thanks for sharing about yourself...I LOVE reading everyone's '7 things'! I'll have fun checking out your nominations...a great way to find new places to stalk!

Emom said...

I love your seven things....really, I wish that everyone could be so honest...smiles.

Cathy said...

You are just to sweet!!! I am soooo flattered that you have thought of are so talented and is an honor to receive this award from you!!! Thank you for all of your kind words and the mention of my giveaway on your site!!!

I love visiting here and seeing all of your beautiful posts!!!

Thanks again!!!

Rebecca said...

If you have 2 comments from me and they are the same I apologize = I seem to be having trouble here today. I just want to say again :) that it is nice to meet you, I am very familiar with VanCouver as my daughter lives there also, and we have shopped Monticello Market quite a bit. My daughter should take out stock in the store that and Burnidettes. I have enjoyed browsing through your blog and see you have a lot of pictures from Bountiful, is it the same store out of Venice Beach in CA. I know the owner Sue very well and used to sell to her quite a bit.
Love your banner also, is that your home? It is gorgeous.
Thanks so much for stopping by-I will be back

Faded Charm said...


Thanks so much for the award and kind words. I've really enjoyed getting to know you through blogland and hope we can meet in person someday.

Take care,


Chrissy said...

Way to go!! I sooooooooo agree with your #1,who needs clothes when you can buy a lamp!!! Talk soon,Chrissy

Tracey said...

Congrats Shellagh!!! Such a well deserved award, you really are so very creative!

We have quite a few things in common...I am quite afraid of spiders, we start listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween, and my hairsytle is a ponytail on most days too :)

:) T

Cori said...

Thank you SO MUCH Shellagh! I feel honored to have you visit and like my blog. You know I ADORE YOURS! took me a few days, but I got my post up with my 7 things and 7 nominations. I hope you are having a wonderful cozy day. What a great day to make Christmas ornaments! : )

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Congrats to you. It's always fun for me to read the details about other people.

Tricia Anne said...

congratulations on your award! What fun facts!
We love Christmas music and I am surprised we have not played any yet! Laughed about the 2 pair of jeans. I have just a few pair also, hate shopping for pants ... eck. :o) Would rather be outdoors any day!
~ Tricia Anne

Room to Inspire said...

Congrats on the award! I am off to check out your nominees...


Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the award!! I'm a little embarrassed in being so tardy in thanking you for it. Oops, my bad! And congrats to you, too! Now I have to scour your beautiful blog. It looks gorgeous!


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