Wednesday, March 7, 2012

~rustic amazing~

Happy Wednesday friends!!

it is bright & sunny here today!!
yay!!!!!!!!!! love it!

I have been in the weirdest state lately.....
have you ever felt like you just can't get
a   n   y   t   h   i   n   g  

like moving in slow mo?
yep ~ that's me....for the last few days...
slooooooo moooooooo....

it seems like everyone else in the house
has so much going on.......
 and I feel like I'm
just following them around making sure
they get there, are fed, dressed, picked up,
and sleep......I'm just hanging around waiting
for their next move....

oh my gooooooodnessssssssss!!
enough already!! hehehe!

ever feel like that??

just a little know I need to whine
on occasion.....yes?

one good thing, as of late,
is my renewed affection with

yummy green juice.....
I tell ya ~ I'm hooked!!

I am sooooooo loving my green juices's what I'm putting
in them:

one whole head of romaine
2-3 stems of kale
a big handful of spinach
1 apple
1/2 a lime

it makes about 16 oz of green juice
& makes you feel fantastic!!

I've been drinking them for
breakfast & a mid afternoon snack...

all the fresh colorful vegetables really
make you feel alive!

and I'm finding the more I drink ~ the
less inclined I am to eat processed, junky

My kids will even drink it!!

so anyway ~
been drinking juice & trying to be healthy....
still! and if
 I happen to lose a pound ~ I'll let you know!

I love all these rustic european kitchens....
don't you??
oh, to have a brick wall anywhere
in our house let alone the kitchen....
be still my beating heart.....serious

and hello mr. island!
can you please come to my house?
and mr. range over there...?
and miss sconce lights...?

what a beautiful kitchen with so many
wonderful elements!

I love the modern pendant lights mixed
with the elegant sconces....the wood mixed with
stainless appliances and the brick wall
oh the brick wall.................!

here's another rustic lovely.....

look at the amazing work table they've dropped
the stove top into!
love it!

more wood, more brick, more stainless...
yum yum yum...;)

well ~ I've got to get back to work
now......must get  s o m e t h i n g done!

have a wonderful day!!!



{all images & credits found here and here}


PURA VIDA said...

yum. that green juice looks healthy and tasty!

Anonymous said...

I would be totally happy in each one of those kitchens! They are exactly what I have pictured in my dream kitchen. I could stare at them all day!

Thanks for giving the ingredients for the green juice...I meant to ask you when you mentioned it a couple of posts ago.

Happy early spring!
Sarah xo

Cosy Life by Elly said...

Yep I have the same feeling . I miss the sun! Overhere it's cold and very wet. The color of your shake is beautiful!
Have a nice day, dear greatings Elly

mariondee-designs said...

Great pics.. I suppose the more different and contrasting elements you use in a space makes it much more interesting. that green juice looks interesting, but what is romaine, is that a lettuce? I know what you mean when you say you walk around the place and feel like you're getting nowhere.. I was like that up to not long ago... take care, Maryann

time worn interiors said...

Great kitchens! I love them all!

I'm a little slow lately as well!


Anita said...

Oh how I LOVE all those images!! honestly I think a lot of the popularity of rustic is that it is the opposite of the builder/mcmansion/granite/all the same kinds of kitchens that have been everywhere. There is so much personality and history, which I am just in love with. I am trying to go that direction a little at a time with old wood, etc. And...I certainly do feel like I'm getting nowhere these days!! I'm hoping that exercise and eating healthy will get rid of it.

Linda K. said...

We are the glue that holds our families lives together. We could all write volumes about our hubby, kids, and grandkids. I know whereof you speak!
Love green juices and your photos today are amazing! Love the looks of vintage and new. Makes it all 'pop'!

Queen Bee Cottage

Anonymous said...

You are so darn funny Shellagh!!~ And yes I feel that way all of the time. I have been feeling so antsy lately and have been really wanting to make some of my dreams to come true, NOW! But I guess it can't all happen over night.
Love all of those gorgeous photos!
And you might have to fight me for Mr. Island, Mr. Range, & Miss Sconces, I'm in love with them too:-)
Hope you have a great night my friend.

Fleaing France & French Shopping Tours said...

Love the photos!!! The first sink is to die for and that retrofitted cook top idea is brilliant!

Lana said...

I love the European rustic kitchens especially ones with brick or stone walls. The worktable is amazing witht the cooktop.. I wouldn't have thought of doing that. It looks great. I also love green juice and should drink it more often. My vitamix has not been getting used enough.

It's me said...

Great post !! have a nice Ria...did you see mine post ???

NanaDiana said...

I love all your kitchens you are showing here. I would like to steal certain elements from each one of them. LOVE them!

I used to juice, too. I should go back to it because I felt fantastic while I was on it. xo Diana

Kelly said...

You always have the best images for inspiration! I feel the way you described everyday. Taking care of everyone elses needs first and then realizing that none of mine have been met yet. Yikes! I should try that juice some day. I've heard it is so good for you. I have to admit that it doesn't look very appetizing though. Maybe if it was light brown (like a milkshake) and a strawberry for garnish would change that. Ha!

Wild Oak Designs said...

I love those pictures! What fun! Of course, the Hubbs wouldn't go for it, but hey one can dream....maybe the next house...

Deb said...

Gorgeous photos. All of them. I think I may try that juice. Thanks for sharing. Deb

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

I'll have to try that juice. I drink something from Trader Joes called Green Plant, I think and it's delicious. I love your photos, especially the first two. What a great sink!!

Heaven's Walk said...

Ok.....just STOP it, willya, Shellagh??? Stop making me drool all over my computer keys!!!! This is getting quite ridiculous over here.

Can you even imagine whipping up your yummy looking green juice in that last kitchen....??? Whoa....

Oh, and do you use a blender or juicer for your green juice? I want to try making it!

Now....stop talking to the range, sconces, and island and go get something done....


xoxo laurie

Michelle said...

I was going to buy a juicer today or tomorrow. Looks good! Just got done watching the documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and it's about doing a juicing cleanse and how great it is for your body.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shellagh, you may not want to hear this but that was how I felt--just before menopause! And being the mother of a large family, with all the multi-tasking, just aggravates the symptoms. Good luck with that! You are inspiring me with your smoothies. Do you think they would make good popsicle/frozen pops? Allegra

Rachel Pallas said...

LOL I can sooo relate to how youre feeling!! :) Great images~ xo

Irma@CosasBellas said...

I'm surprised you're on slow mo' with all that green juice. You'd figure that "everything" would be go, go, going! lol
I have that pic with the brick wall on my Pinterest board "Kitchen Covet", as soon as I saw it I captioned it with "this is it!".
I'd tell you I would fight you for all those Mr, Miss features but it seems you and my friend Melinda would already be rolling around the kitchen floor for them. lol

I'll let you get back to your "something". BTW: I'm your latest Pinterest follower.


Granny Bob said...

Love the pics of the great kitchens, amazing! Sunshine is wonderful got some here this afternoon, makes everything seem less ho-hum. Thanks for the green juice going to have to try make some. Take care,I enjoy your posts,thanks!

Lifes Patina said...

Oh my goodness! Those kitchens are making me swoon! I just wrote down your recipe for your green juice. We too at our house are trying to be healthier. and I sooooo know how you are you are moving in slow motion and everyone else is getting what they need to done but you are just making sure they are getting everything done that they need eating, sleeping etc...Maybe it is the time of the year?

Marias Hörna - Njut av livet ♥ said...

Looking into a short ride to see how you have it. Here at home, there have been snow today .. hum. Wish you a nice evening hugs from Maria

Burlap Luxe said...

I just love sink and faucet pictured in the first photo...It steals my heart in every RUSTIC way :)

Jody and Stan said...

Those kitchens with the stone walls are so provincial and gives it that countryside feel. Love it...Sometimes in the afternoon I need a natural pick me up and that juice looks amazing. I'll have to try some.

Wanted to let you know I'm having my first linky party Simple & Sweet Fridays and hope you can visit with your wonderful ideas.


Vintage Home said...

must be going around...i feel the same.
Great looking kitchens!

summersoul said...

what a lovely post. I too love exposed brick walls and the juxtaposition of industrial looking pendants and lovely detailed chandeliers.

off to buy the ingredients for your juice


arrielle_p said...

Nice kitchen design you have in here. So nice to cook in there. :)

real estate ph

Jonathan Sinclair said...

thank you for featuring one of our antique Marble farmhouse sinks as seen at ancient surfaces.

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