Thursday, January 12, 2012

~inspiration love~

It's almost Friday.....
and you know what that means???

oh you don't?
hee hee :) means ~
it's my favorite day of the week!!

I really look forward to Fridays....
and the hope of what projects Mr. T & T will get done
what the weekend will bring!

now you all don't think I'm that laser focused do you??
well, ok ~ yes you're right, you know me so well.......I am.....but I do try to
restrain myself......ok not really little....he he he...
no seriously...I do try....;)

I've been hitting the inspiration 
jackpot lately....and officially 
addicted to Pinterest

in fact maybe you can relate?

or my personal favorite...
because it happens to me 
all. the. time.

oh my goodness ~ if it wasn't for
all the amazing plethora
of yummy pictures...

it's like thumbing through 
your favorite magazines anytime ~
and they never end.

so funny....but definitely 
a potential time waster *ahem*
just possibly.

here are a couple more pics I was
so excited about I just had to show you 
right now.....

k, now do you love these stairs
as much as I do???

so perfect! yes?
what could be better than grainsack stairs??

and here I am back in love with this 
bedroom.....I have posted on this house
before because I am seriously in love with it.


and another all time favorite...
this room just makes me happy...
another true love...

and perfect island / floor chippy-ness

ok officially ~ Mr. T & T
wants his laptop!
I wasn't done showing ya stuff!

but allegedly he has to "work"
sheesh! ;)

I'll leave you with one more yummy 
place to soak your tired bones...

and I'm off to dreamland....
g'night all!



{all images found here}


Rachel Pallas said...

Wonderful photos! Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully your hubby gets alot done!;)
xoxo Rachel

It's All Connected said...

I'm another Pinterest addict. ~ Maureen

Rozmeen said...

Lovely pictures!! So much inspiration.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.
xoxo Rozmeen

Anonymous said...

Giggling over the Pinterest posters. So me. And you've shared my favorite bedroom photo. Sigh. I'm definitely doing shutters just because of this photo! :)
Happy Friday,

Cat-arzyna said...

Hi,So today is Friday but 13th ! In Poland it is superstition that Friday 13th may be unlucky !
But no matter ,in all your pictures I can fall in love ,true love.
Have a happy Friday

chateau chic said...

Those pics are to die for!! Can't get enough of them. :-)
Mary Alice

It's me said...

O wowwwwwww!! mounth wide open.......happy

Anonymous said...

WOW..I am in love with those stairs..Awesome photos..Have a great weekend..

Anonymous said...

Those Pinterest quotes are hilarious Shellagh!! Especially the one about getting up from the computer before a blood clot takes you out!
I always love your inspiration photos you post! I think we have the same style.
Hope you have a beautiful day and a great weekend full of complete home projects by Mr. T & T! :)

Fresh Vanilla For C said...

Loving the Pinterest quotes!!!!Your images are so lovely too!
have a great weekend:)

Thespoena McLaughlin said...

Ha ha ha, I'm a total Pinterest addict too. I was planning on doing a Pinterest post tomorrow and you beat me to the punch, lol. I LOVE PINTEREST!

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Yes Pinterest can be addictive! Love the images....Just came across your blog and am a new follower!

Sherry Smyth said...

gorgeous inspiration here! I have "avoided" pintrest because I think I would be up all night and all day just gazing and gasping!

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Shellagh,
I think I have corrected the problem with ones not being able to visit or leave a comment :)
Come visit see what I have done with some wardrobe doors :)

Love all that you inspire in your home and others. I too love the stairs painted in French grain sack style.

How did your stairs turn out did you ever do the treatment we talked about and if so we would all love to see them.

Keep inspiring all the beauty you create over here.

summersoul said...

I literally have the same images pinned. have a great day


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh YES.......I could spend about a day a week on Pinterest. Isn't it just the best fun? I've gotten tons of great ideas and some yummy recipes there. It's hilarious when I find something I think my daughter would just love and realize she's already pinned it... :-) I'm left smacking myself upside the head and wondering "why the heck didn't I think of this"?.... Darn it.

LOVE your pictures. Everything is just yummy.

Have a great weekend!


Katherines Corner said...

So many pretty things all in one place. I haven't tried pinterest yet...Hugs and Smooches, Katherine P.S. have you entered my pink poodle giveaway yet?

Heaven's Walk said...

LOL! Oh my gosh, Shellagh! Do you realize that if we both built and decorated a house that it would be IDENTICAL????? hahahaha! I can NOT believe how much our tastes mirror each others'!!! Those stairs? I want'em. That bedroom? Want that, too. Inside shutters? Yes, please. More white in my house? Ummm...yeah! Am I a Pinterest Addict? Errrrrr.....yes. Do I adore you??? YEPPER! lolol!

xoxo laurie

ps and thanks for more pics for my Pinterest boards..... lol!

GypsyFox said...

Hi there I am a new follower here & I must say I am in love with your blog! 6 daughters? wow your so lucky, I only have 1..hehehe ;-) all these pictures are beautiful & I think my fave is the bathroom..the tub! :D

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