Thursday, March 24, 2011

~on top the piano~

Hello everyone!

I thought I would show you a little
refluffing I did recently on top of our piano....

but first the weather ~ ok. rain.
moving right along....;)

I found this vintage typewriter at the goodwill bin store
down the huh?
very heavy....

I had to adorn her a little ~ give her a little bit
of lavender & lace....
much more interesting that way!

we actually got this piano off ~ you guessed it ~
craigslist!  And it was F R E E!!
sadly, a result of a divorce.

I brought my very musically inclined friend
who tested it and told me it was an amazing piano w/
wonderful sound.  It is.  I love it.

of course, I'm not especially loving the BROWN wood
I mean, come on!  Right???

but, Mr. T & T has strongly suggested
 (uh what?  what does that mean??? hee hee)
that we leave it alone....huh?  what?  I don't think I really got that....
not that I would EVER do something crazy while he wasn't paying attention....

we shall see.....lucky for him I'm too busy to cause
too much trouble right now! ;)

but I have to admit.....this particular paint treatment is haunting case you didn't see this post from Miss Mustard Seed....GO SEE NOW!!!
you won't believe how gorgeous her previously BROWN cabinets turned out!!

are you back?  Cool!

where was I?
ok back to the brown piano...

so, I moved my little cherub laying on her french vintage books
and added a few plates & platters....
tore up a couple books....
{fyi....make sure the books are old enough or they really don't turn out that great....course
all you super talented decorating ninjas already know this.....;)}

adorned a few candlesticks with vintage french sheet music
~ that was a little difficult ~ cutting it up....hated to do it!

but it doesn't really do me any good just holding on to them ~
stacks of vintage music sitting on a bookshelf, right?

fun stuff ~

re did this little table ~ again!
since I stole the cherub....
moved the lavender to this neat old trophy
and added a little clock.

welcome spring?  she's declined thus far
to be welcomed..... errrr....


I wanted to let you all know that I'm now offering
tablecloths in the Linen Shoppe

I recently completed one for a custom order & thought it was
so beautiful ~ I decided to add them to the store.

you can find them here

I also wanted to show you a beautiful necklace
I recently purchased from another
etsy shop

it came so beautifully wrapped

what a treat it was to open!
my girls were gathered around soaking it in!

just beautiful ~ all completely hand done

the artist is Laura Venosa DellaPorta
and her shop can be found here!

here is another beautiful example
of her work....

go see her ~ you will not be disappointed! :)
oh and btw....she is an absolute sweetheart.....

now, I'm back to work.
got 2 girls home sick...
Kenzie age 13 ...sore throat, cough, fever, ear ache
Allie age 10..."hurt foot" and tired.... ha ha no
just kidding she does have an owie and let's say
a plugged nose (at this point) I do believe it's time
for her to get back to class! :)

Have a wonderful Thursday!




Victoria said...

A hurt foot and tired is a great reason to stay home...especially when it's rainy:) So cute!

I love your vignette and I really think you should surprise your hubby and paint the piano! I have the same little birdcage as you and a similar cherub except mine's reading a book:)

A Rosy Note said...

Your vignette looks so pretty, I love the little birdy in the cage. If you don't want to rip up your actual sheet music you could photocopy it on the color setting, I've done that and it has turned out really well. That tablecloth is so pretty too :)


Shelia said...

Wow! A free piano! I'm so glad for you and you've certainly made her look pretty too! I had an old upright at one time and I painted her socks off! Looked pretty good too! :)
Love your vignettes and your table cloth is lovely.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shellagh,
I love what you did on top of your piano, especially the typewriter with the lavender!! It's just perfect and beautiful! I can't believe that you got that piano for free, amazing!
I hope your doing well and I can't wait to see if you end up painting your piano, you can always say you didn't understand Mr. T&T right? :)
Have a great day.

vintageculler said...

I love the fluffing that you did to the top of your piano. It is so full of character! I especially love the typewriter! You have a fabulous blog and I look forward to peeking around some more. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a sweet comment!


Sandi said...

Beautiful photos! If you have ever been to Miss Gracie's blog...her piano is painted white and it is GORGEOUS! Oh how I miss a piano! I hope I can find one someday again cheap or free. We had an upright and I got rid of it because I thought I didn't want it anymore. I want one again. I can even play...somewhat!

Blondie's Journal said...

I just know you are going to come up with a great transformation on the piano. It's lovely now but I know you can't leave things alone!! Love the pretty vignette on top...the cherub is adorable and who doesn't like lavender and lace?!

Love, love the new tablecloth! I need something smaller as my table only seats 4. I love the ruffle!

I hope your girls feel better soon!


Laurie said...

The piano refluff looks lovely. I was going to suggest Miss Mustard Seeds most recent post, but of course you were already on it! Don't tell your husband that your fellow blog friends are pushing you in the paint direction =)

The tablecloth is also very pretty!

Have a great day... Laurie

Beach House Living said...

Hmmm that's are hard call. I don't know if white is quite the answer for the piano.

Kate said...

Those are the most stunning vignettes. Just gorgeous indeed. Miss Mustard Seeds is pretty amazing with the yumminess she creates. Have fun and enjoy your weekend


sissie said...

I know that there will be a white piano in a near future blog right here!!! LOL! I know you are scheming, plotting and planning!

I do love your paino top vingette. Very pretty.
And I love your ruffled tablecloth!


Sandy said...

I have to start by saying I love what you did with the top of your (free~ lucky you) piano...looks fabulous. Typewritter vignette excellent. I have and old one not like yours but old, it's a very odd shade of green...I might just bring it in and decorate with music sheets.
I so agree with you on the using of our coveted music...I cringe every time I think of using one...and I have a huge box full..what's that about? We're just silly...gotta use our best things, huh?
Music on candles...great idea. And...supper dupper table cloth. Swoon!
Love all your ideas, can't wait to see the piano WHITE!!! Have a wonderful day..xoso Sandy O

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Your whole vignette is wonderful! Dried lavender just makes everything look better! I love touch of the little old key tied to the candles!

michelle said...

Love all your treasures! They are calling to spring and I hope she will listen soon! :) We had a piano and I so wanted to paint it but sadly we had to part with it. You sound like me, hubby goes away and everything changes!! :)
I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Faded Charm said...

I love how the lavander looks with the typewriter. I'm redoing my office and am goingto display one that I've had, so thanks for the it!

I'm going to go and check out your tablecloths. I've been wanting one for our you do custom sizes?

On a final note.....we finally came out of the Dark Ages.....text me so we can talk about hooking up at Monticello's:)

Take care,


Privet and Holly said...

I may be ordering
up a tablecloth
after spring break ~
just love them!!
Hope your girls are
feeling better, soon!
xx Suzanne
PS: Need to know
where that GW is : )

KarenSue said...

I hope they feel better soon!
Love the piano fluff, I can do that with my piano..
Hugs from Florida~karenSue

A Cottage Muse said...

Loving your vignettes!

Tell Mr T&T Happy know he'll cave!

The Pennington Point said...

Your piano vignette looks so pretty. I do love the candles with the sheet music. Darling!

I normally would never leave a link in a comment, but I just HAD to send you over to my page where I painted my piano. Show it to your husband! ;)

Love to you! Lisa~

Ruthie's Renewed Treasures said...

Beautiful!!!! So glad to find your blog.


The Remnant Room said...

Your style is lovely. I am new to blog world, so check out The Remnant Room when you get a chance.
Have a great weekend!

Sue said...

Cute vignette on top of the FREE piano! Great coup on that, BTW! Oh why did you have to cut up your Frenchy music- couldn't you have made a copy, then cut THAT? I look forward to seeing what you end up doing with the piano's finish! :-)
~ Sue

Gracefully Vintage said...

Love the display.. Typewriter looks amzing. We can not keep in our shoppe. Just Darling.
Karryann said...

I just love how you added the lavender to the typewriter. You were a lucky girl to find the piano for free! Also, I am your newest follower.

Sharon said...

Hi Shellagh! I've been a follower for a long time! The piano is wonderful! Couldn't find your email address so thought I'd leave a note here. I know in a previous post you mentioned how much you love the Jane Austen type movies and wondered if you've seen "Downton Abbey" thats been released? They are starting the 2nd series & it should be out in U.S. by winter. Another one to add to your list! 6 hours to enjoy!

Anna See said...

Lovely vignette! And lavender? Yummmmm!

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