Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~french farmhouse love~

hello there bloggy friends!

what a beautiful sunny day it is here
in the Pacific Northwest!
apparently it's heading towards the mid 90's today,
a bit of a change from our 60's & 70's of late....
but that's just fine, a few more good swimming days for the kiddos....who are enjoying their last 10 days of summer break.

I thought I would show you a shot
of our front garden while it's still in bloom.....

Oh, I never mentioned our stone farmhouse?


that truly surprises me.....
all the chats, all the pictures....hmmm..


.....of course it's not mine....

I'm just day dreaming.....
of lavender fields in the french countryside....
of maybe someday....;)

isn't that just the best color of blue for cabinets?
love the rustic door....

and you may not know of my love for exposed beams...
so beautiful.....

I love the turquoise side tables...

what a cute pooch, huh?
and love travertine floors.....what is this though?
carpet on stairs??? whaaaat???

well the house is so darn cute, I can overlook
this small infraction....;)

{my sincerest apologies in advance if I offend anyone who has carpeted stairs!!! ;)
I really don't mind them so much...}

what a lovely home!

speaking of France.....
I thought I would show you my latest creation....

I was having a little fun with some more
french graphics....and came up with a new
chair slip for the linen shoppe!


and a little bit of burlap to bring in Fall.....


......over in the linen shoppe.....
so go take a look if you like!

have a wonderful week everyone!



{all french farmhouse pics from Period Living}


nancarts said...

Love your creations! This house is amazing...
who wouldn't love it? Especially in France! or
anywhere. It is my style!

Have a great day.
Smiles and Blessings

Shannon said...

Love that blue kitchen, amazing!
Great new additions to the shop as well :)

Anonymous said...

You totally had me - I saw the picture of the house and instantly became jealous!!! :)
Isn't that house gorgeous though - I would also overlook any carpet just to have everything else.
Love the new chair covers - you are so talented!
Enjoy the warm day - we have the 70s today which is a very nice change. I can actually spend some time outside. Have a great one!

Nancy's Notes said...

Sensational home, the photographs are just amazing. But, your new creations are awesome, wonderful French Graphics!


Shelia said...

Oh, what a lovely most gorgeous home! I can see why you'd be day dreaming! Heck, I'd join you! I adore the kitchen!
Your creations are so pretty!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

NanaDiana said...

Well, I had to pick my chin up off my desk top when I opened your blog and saw "your house"....so thrilled to think I might "know" this person that lived in such a splendid residence. Instead, I found a very real -Wish-It-Was-Mine kind of gal!

However, the linens ARE really your own...and oh so lovely! Some wonderful new items for the shop! Diana

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Shellah, Okay girl, what's your secret? How do you get all this done, especially with all your daydreaming? Love the pics, and the first thing I noticed (well after the puppy) was the carpet! Boy, we could all redesign those stairs, huh?

Your new designs are awesome..you've really hit your niche...I'm happy for you.

cityfarmer said...

I'm in love, madly in love
did I mention I'm in love?

* French at Heart * said...

~*~You are so funny..I totally thought that was your house!lol..I was wondering where in Washington you lived? Certainly didnt look like my neighborhood!!;) Love your blog!! Im here in Washington too..it is sooo hot today~ Where in WA do you live? Are you in Seattle too?? Have a lovely sunny day!RAchel~*~*~*

Sweet Old Vintage said...

The pics are wonderful... What a lovely cozy place to be and your creations are very very nice... Gotta love it all......

It's me said...

O my............that pillows...........so nice and lovely............and dream on girl !! ...i must laugh about you................i quick go to your shop....pillows.....her i come !!!!......hugs from me............

Lisa said...

LOVE the pillows. Beautiful as usual !


Blondie's Journal said...

You always have the best pictures! And you had me fooled for a second!

Love your latest creation!


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

LOL, you should have seen my "whaaaaaaa?" face when you said that was your stone house! I was like, "What the???" :-)

I love your chair slips sooooo much!

Creative Style said...

That house is to die for, LOVE it!!! And your slip covers and your pillows are awesome... Great job!

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Stone cottage hey, you hid that one well ha! we have exposed beams in our bedroom but I am always worried that big beam going across my head is going to fall on me whilst I sleep!!!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love your chair slips...too cute! I dream of a backyard like the one in your photo, the thing is I don't have a green thumb.

Privet and Holly said...

Hey girlie!
Loved these shots
of your stone
farmhouse : )
especially the
beams...I'd love
to add those to
my manse, as well!!
I will send you
the pic from our
tea, soon. I left
my camera ON THE
PLANE and am still
waiting to see if
anyone turned it
in : ( So no camera,
but luckily I had
already taken those
pics off....
Enjoy all of
that lovely hot
xx Suzanne

sissie said...

Love your chair slips and pretty pillows!
I cannot believe that you have held out on us so long about your lovely farmhouse! LOL! I have that same dream and those pictures will leave us wanting more. I don't mind carpet on the stair either, but it looks out-of-place for that stairway and the rest of the house.


Norma said...

For a garden like that, with house to match, I'd even grow to like pulling weeds ;)

The carpeted stair sure is out of place - I wonder why they'd do that?? Maybe to hide a staircase in need of some work...

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! Love it!! I also love your chair slips- really charming!

Brooke ~ SummerBrooke Gardens said...

Love the stone farmhouse, wish I lived there! Your new pillows and chair slipcovers are gorgeous!


Maybe it is good, Shellagh, that you do not really own the big stone home. You would be so busy caring for it, you would have no time to create all the beautiful things we are enjoying.


Faded Charm said...

I'm loving all your new creations! I had so many compliments on my tablecloth last weekend.....thanks sooo much for making it for me.

Hope to see you in Camas on Saturday. Cross your fingers it doesn't rain on me.

Take care,


Morning T said...

Your dream house is lovely, esp the kitchen! Headed over to check out your newbies in the shop, they are gorgeous!!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Shellagh...Well that's ok...we can all dream, can't we? Beautiful rooms and beautiful new pillows! I envy your talent for making them!~Hugs, Patti

La Dolfina said...

You had me for a minute... you really did!

she dreams big! said...

I'm like everyone else . . you totally had me believing this was your house for a minute! But I bet your real house is just as pretty! Am loving my pillow! Now, what else can I have you make for me . . . hmmmm.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Ok, Shellagh....you SO had me convinced you lived in that farmhouse. I thought, "Holy cow! What a lucky girl!" But, we can all dream, right? And photos like that just continue to inspire us. Hey, LOVE your new pillow slips! I'm thinkin' that I need that Plumes-Fleurs one...... :)

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hey, Just a note to say "Hello" great new items.Hope it's going well for you.~Cheers Kim

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Shellagh,
Hey that's my French farmhouse (in my dreams). That is definitely the perfect colour of blue. Thanks for sharing and most importantly, for crediting the source. Have a lovely weekend!

Karen said...

GASP! I have carpeted stairs! :)
But. . . they are warm in the winter, kinder to my sore feet, and were much, much quieter when we had teenagers sneaking in and out at all hours of the night.
Love that kitchen! If I were brave - I'd paint my cupboards that blue . . .
And I am really, really liking those chair seat covers!
This was great! Thanks for sharing.
But I still don't understand how you could go all these years without telling us you lived in a stone "farmhouse" chateau . . . one minor little detail . . . who would've thought that would slip your mind . . . I would never forget such a thing . . .never, ever . . . :) LOL
Have a wonderful weekend!

La Maison Reid said...

Oh you really had me going...I thought ..."my gosh...I didn't know she lived in a Mas"...my dream! Makes me want to go back to Provence or St Remy and stay in one again. They are SO warm and welcoming and the French really know how to decorate them.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Paris Flower Market slip. I have downloaded that graphic for a pillow (or something) and after my daughter's wedding next month I'll be ready to sew again! You do lovely work.


paperbird said...

I love this house, it is so pretty. I have carpet on my stairs and it drives me insane- so no offense taken here :)
I remember beautiful sunny days in the Pacific N.W.- taking the ferry to Seattle- purchasing crab and sour dough bread at Pikes Place... sigh!

Burlap Luxe said...

beautiful post, I was holding my breath on you announcing your gardens and when I looked up and saw that beautiful Villa I thought I would need to be revived. I always enjoy how you can move in on any magazine photo and make it your dream. You are so much like me, I dream your same dreams :)

I love you Sanctuary dreams
I to am featuring a Sanctuary :)
Your girl friend, Ok have to go visit Kim and see what she is up to :)
see you soon

Emom said...

Beautiful images! smiles.

vosges paris said...

haha when I saw the picture I thought hihi this house loks more french then somewhere in america ;) ... I am posting about my french adventure to

bj said...

I see all these beautiful farm house rooms and wonder if people REALLY live like that. They just take my breath away.

bj said...

I'm trying my best to link up to follow but your FOLLOW thingy is down...I'll come back, tho.

Uncovered Ruby said...

Your pillows and chair slips are BEAUTIFUL!!! You make me want to change my traditional home to a frenchy home...just lovely!
Lisa ;-)

kimberly at mimicharmante said...

Clearly you took that sunny photo before today... rain rain go away! What a gorgeous place - don't you imagine that if you lived in that home here in the pacific northwest, it would still be wonderful in the rain? sigh...
Have a marvelous week!

Vonda said...

Love any thing French!!!your blog is wonderful.

Pamela said...

Too funnY! Love the new slip covers!

Roseheath House Boutique Accommodation said...

Love the Parisian cotton/linen cushions! They are wonderful! Hello from Australia! - Andrea

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

Hello...I just found your blog from Home & Harmony and I love it! I love French things too :)

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

I never thought to blog about my fantasy house AND add photos. Im totally into that idea. I may as well have fun with it. Your chair slipcover is pretty sweet too. I was selling a chair that it would look great on ~ I may have to rip it out of my shop now.

Linda said...
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