Friday, June 11, 2010

~I'm at Shabby Chic Cottage today!~

hi friends!

happy Friday!

{weather update}
partly cloudy 62 ish
tomorrow 81 & sunny skies!!

I'm guest posting over at

I'm really honored and thrilled to do this
for Gina ~
she is just wonderful!

I did a revamp of a favorite post of I did when I had barely any of you bloggy friends!

{look what's blooming!!}

She also just recently redid her kitchen floors.....
pine boards from Lowe's!
very inexpensive & they look fabulous!!!

so head on over.....:)

I also want to thank all of you
sweet friends of mine
for your encouragement
for Mr. T & T!

you are all so sweet & wonderful
I appreciate you so much!

hugs & kissees!


the pics are a sneak preview of my
next post....

~peonies and roses~

they're blooming! :)


Frau said...

I love road trips see you over there!

Privet and Holly said...

Hooray for blue skies and 81 degrees! {I think you must have booted your weather our way.....we've had rain the last few days....thunderstorms, today.} I've never been to Gina's blog and will skeedadle on over there. Enjoy your fabulous weekend! xx Suzanne

It's me said...

Hello my darling...............have a good sunny weekend enjoy !!! hugs from me............beautiful roses !!! i love ............bye sweetie !

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

When I saw your beautiful roses, I was a teeny bit jealous. Then I saw your peonies. Yep, I'm jealous for sure! They're gorgeous!!!! I'm off to visit you at the shabby chic cottage.
Patricia :o)

Jenny said...

Love your eony roses - just beautiful! Now going to visit your post...

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I wish you were local to me, that way I would ALWAYS be on top of whatever the weather is! ;-)

Beautiful blooms, enjoy your weekend!


Gypsy Purple said...

What fabulous images....oh how I love flowers!!!!

Tarnished and Tarnished said...

Hey Shellagh,
I remember the first time, lol. I'm a long time friend, I remember the days when you were just lusting after slipcovers, not making them! I expect to see Mr. T & T slipcovered in the next post! Seriously tho, you ARE amazing at this stuff. Write a dang book girl, a book aimed at real people with real budgets. I'd buy it. Happy weekend sweetie. Lisa


Gorgeous flowers!!
Have a fab weekend~

Anonymous said...

Oh, Shellagh...I LOVE your roses!! Are those David Austin Roses? What are the names? I love that first photo with the vintage window in the gorgeous!
I meant to wish your husband much luck in finding a new job (I'm so absent minded sometimes!). This economy is so tough right now. My husband's worried they're going to do wage cuts at his work (yikes!). I hope not.
I checked out your post over at Shabby Chic cottage yesterday...fabulous, as always! I can't believe you got those wood floors for so cheap...way to go!! You've done a fabulous job transforming your home into a beautifully shabby chic cottage. :)
Thanks for visiting! How funny that you have a crate just like mine and that we both use it out in the garden. Great minds... ;-)
Enjoy your weekend, girlfriend!

rustandruffles said...

Hi Shellagh,
Gorgeous pics...I have the computer for a bit this am----HOORAY!!!!!! (ha, ha)

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

I'm on my way to visit you there.

Becca said...

Beautiful flowers! Enjoy your weekend!

Beatnheart said...

Are those Peonies!!! love and adore them!!! we don’t have them in Callifornia boo-boo hoo h00000

The Pennington Point said...

I love the guest post. We have a lot in common. I have the same lights from IKEA, the same kitchen counters, and more...funny! Lisa~

June said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous blooms girl! I am just now getting lilacs finally, so I'm lovin' the pictures of your beautiful peonies and roses. AAAHHH...thank you so much...I needed this!

Marianne@Songbird said...

Beautiful rose pictures! I am of now to Gina's see you there!

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