Monday, May 3, 2010

~farmhouse love~

Good morning friends!

ok, I'm totally "laughing out loud" right now
because I am trying to help Mr. T & T learn
how to text....:) (over the phone that is...)

yep, he is a teensy bit behind
this whole technology thing~
don't get me wrong....he has a high tech blackberry thingy for work but only uses the email feature as it doesn't have texting.....and he works in a high tech industry....but not the texting industry...


we got him all set up...(me & the girls)
got him a new phone,
our 12 year old gave him a quick tutorial on
T-9 texting....(yep, Kenzie gave me the same tutorial about a year ago....hee hee)

and got it all charged up & when he walked out the
door this morning, I gave him a kiss & slid it in his pocket....

so I sent him a text "just checking in"....and a blank one
comes back....

 followed by a phone call....

"I hate this thing!" he says...

quick review on all the features ~ but he can't read the screen...the writing's too small and.....a few other choice words.....and I am lol.

so, we'll see how it goes, our 10 year old Allie is betting that he won't be able to manage 2 phones (one work & one home cell) because she is convinced she needs it....ha ha.

I don't think I could manage two.... 

Mr T & T is so fabulous & provides so much
love & comic relief in our family!

anyway....on to some yummy stuff...

I posted this picture in my post about bedroom love...
and I was so excited to find the rest of the home
that goes with it....
This is Nina Schwinghammer's home....
not in Fredericksburg TX!

I swear all the cutest homes are there...anyway,
it's actually in Florida
 I took one look at the chippy chairs w/ the
skirts & fell in love....she makes all of her
own slipcovers, these have ties that resemble
ballet slippers, on each leg~
love the painted metal table w/ the hydrangeas
and the little dresser in the corner is perfect~

little dessert tray with a still life
 incorporates her favorite colors

I just noticed I have the exact same dining chairs!
too funny!
I actually found a very similar chandy in my
favorite antique store.....hmmmm wonder if it's still there......

NO....nevermind ~ already got one in the dining room~

but.... I could move that one into our bedroom.......

cute little shabby pink box

this is her daughter's bedroom, love the ballet costumes hanging on the wall

and lastly her studio, oh to be so organized....


I did a little kitchen fluffing late last week
and will show you what I did on
my next post....

I actually forgot (gasp) my camera
last Thursday, at our oldest daughter's home....

so I've been without it for several days....
but got it back last night & will take pictures hopefully today.

Have a wonderful day!




Burlap Luxe said...

Ooooh my your husband sounds like how I was I had to getr my daughter years ago to teach me! now you might think that that was great but not! I was in my...Well lets just say my daughter was young LOL!!

So just when you get the hang of texting things go and change on you and it's a new cell and new tech to learn.

Oh Shellagh The iron bed in twin well that is a Corsican Iron bed and my daughter had that very one after her first bed the bunny besd that became so popular in all the mags. Then off the the one you have listed and now this Queen...I wish they would stop growing!! :)

See you soon beautiful girl...

Debra@Common Ground said...

Great images Shellagh, I'm really studying all those chair slipcovers. I found my material and finishing up a few things so I can get started. Love all the inspiration! Wish me luck, I'm a tad nervous to make that first cut, but I got a whopper of a deal on the material and trim so I'm not quite so "scairt". LOL

stefanie said...

love it ALL!!!!!

Morning T said...

This is just too it all!! Very funny about the texting lessons too.
Happy Monday Shellagh.

Tamarah said...

....hahahahaha....I'm with your Hubby Shellagh...I LOATHE texting....A quick, "Yes see you soon" takes me FOREVER....How the kids do it so quickly with just their thumbs will never cease to amaze me....!!

THANKS as always for the yummy pics....I'll pop back in on my lunch break & study each at length....!

Hope you're having a GREAT week...!!

Tamarah :o)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Oh yea...that sounds like my husband too! Love those photos!~Patti

A Cottage Muse said...

Beautiful photos...especially the daughter's room! I am hoping to post my princesses suite before she comes home from college and it isn't so sweet looking anymore!

Beach House Living said...

That pink trunk would fit in quite nicely around here.

It's me said...

Goodmorning??? i must go to bed now's verry late !!! hahahahhaahh!!

Nice story about you husband......hihihihi !! lol lol lol !!

Thanks for the beautiful pictures !!

Hugs from me Ria

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Your husband sounds like me. If it weren't for my daughters I would be stuck in the dark ages. Kids keep you young, that's for sure. I love, love, love the desk area with all those Frenchie looking wire baskets across the top and all the little cubbies to keep everything organized. Your blog is always so inspiring!

sissie said...

Beautiful pictures! I love that pink chest and her daughter's room with the costumes on the wall.
My huband has a hard time just answering his cell phone, let along text! LOL!


Rita said...

Oh, that sounds like me... never learnt houw Tò9 works and guess never will.
however,great pics of a wondeful home. so perfectly shabby chic, with the right things at the right place. that's what you call good taste.

Passionate for White said...

Love her house and SO appreciate you sharing it with us!

Privet and Holly said...

{Sigh!} This was just a dreamy post and an escape that I sorely needed, today. Funny that you mention Fredericksburg, TX, because my mom and I are planning a trip to Texas next year for my b-day, and that is one town that is high on our list to see! Had to laugh at your hubby and texting and the print being too small! The kids in this house are also the advanced ones in the technology area and I could really relate. Thanks for a wonderful post : ) xx P&H

Ruby’s Upcycle Designs™ said...

Wow, great photo's love her house...and wow, she is really organized. I wish my desk looked so good! Thanks for sharing! I hate texting and rarely do kids are textaholics! :) Beth

Crystal said...

I like how husbands are cheap entertainment at times!!!! I just love these rooms! I need to figure out how to use chippy furniture and still make the room have an elegance. I think these rooms have that!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Shellagh!
Oh, say it ain't so?! I truly believed that all the cutest houses WERE in my 'hood! ;-)

Nina's home is just divine, thank you so much for featuring it.

Have a wonderful week!

Cindy said...

I am ewwwing and ahhhing over all of the gorgeous emages. I love, love, love that style. All of it. Thanks for the chance to see them. Hugs, Cindy S

cityfarmer said...

this is just fair ...

cityfarmer said...

oooops ... not fair

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

So pretty! I LOVE that table the hydrangeas are on!

Alaina said...

Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

Cori said...

Hello Friend!

Ahhhhh...farmhouse love is right!

Love the the ideas. The grouping of those oil canvases is incredible behind the bed and I ADORE the hats and straw bag vignette.

So pretty!

Hope your Monday was great!


Starview Sonnet

Stacey said...

Shellagh, I love your texting story. My husband recently received an email askin him to be a Facebook friend. He asked me, "What is this?" I said, "You know, Facebook!" He looked at me like it was insane and said, "I have a job I don't have time for that." Oh brother! He's not technologically challenged but I guess he doesn't want anymore techno connections. :)

Your pictures are so inspiring, as always. Makes my heart melt!


ha ~ my daughter taught me how to text, how to blog, how to use google reader . . . etc. But they still have a long way to go to catch up with all the things I taught them :-).

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hello Missy~I thought I found myself a beautiful farm house and it turned out to be creepy!

I think it was just way to big for one and all the work Ugh! Might as well build your own if you have to do that much reno...............

Tell Mr. Man to hang in there he will get it. He better learn to keep up with all his Girls!

I'm excited to see your fluffing you do great work.I need to get you my Linen, I am excited to do some fluffing as well.~Cheers kim

ZAIRA said...

hi Shellagh!! How are you my friend? These photos are great, what a splendid house you showed us!! The studio is my favourite, with the baskets on the shelf!!!

a great hug for you xx

Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Sudio said...

I still don't text, nope not me. I had a hard time accepting I had to have a cell phone with me at all times...Now I blog...what is this world coming too.LOL My oldest granddaughter is working on me on the texting thing.
Anyway loved the home you featured today. That studio is to die for and love all the white.
Looking forward to seeing your kitchen fluffing, Shellagh.

tara said...

oh I love all of these inspiration photos!! That is pretty funny about your hubby and texting, although i can't laugh too hard I am not a good texter either, and my phone is really old to boot!! Can't wait to see the kitchen all foofed up!

The Flying Bee said...

So funny! I am loving that studio...I want one just like it!

vignette design said...

Love this post! You had me in stitches about the cell phones. My husband is the same way!
Also, the home you featured is way too cute. I love the first image with all the paintings on the wall.

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

oh yes I remember seeing this home featured in one of the USA mags, totally loved it then, so nice to see again too! Lol on the phone, my mum does the same thing and keeps sending me empty screen text messages.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I just love those chippy chairs with the beautiful skirts on them. Oh, they are lovely. I am about to re-do the chairs in my dining room with flirty white skirts and Monogrammed seats.
These are inspiration!

Alice said...

Poor hubby--being tech illiterate, I can sympathize. I hand the phone to one of my kids and tell them what to text.

I just love the Florida home, but that would never work with my family. I know these are usually buffed and fluffed before a shooting, but still--how could you keep all that clean and organized? Plus, hubby doesn't like all that feminine stuff. But a girl can dream--right?

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