Wednesday, October 19, 2011

~cozy up~

Happy Wednesday!

Today is the first very "cool" day....
a little drizzly, a little brisk,
the needing a jacket kind of weather...
~indeed...very much like fall.....

definitely a cozy up by the fireplace day....
if only we had one...hee hee...

how about cozying up next to some....
{not quite the same.....}

I am really loving this distressed leather
chair business.....
ah...worn out leather....does it get
any better??

well, I'm looking out the window, and
the leaves are really starting to fall now...
and the colors are amazing....
but I just dread the bare trees...

anyone else dread this?
it basically means "for real" we're in for it...
for a bunch of months...

the best way I've found to get out of
that mindset is to embrace the 'coziness'
fall & winter offer....

patchwork quilts...
warm snuggly blankets... cocoa...
10 extra pounds
all the joy that the season brings...;)

now I'm off to embrace the kiddos....
who just hopped off the bus & are
foraging about in the kitchen...

Hope you're all doing terrific!!



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  1. Love these images, I'm pulling out the quilts!! xoxo

  2. I just said the exact same thing a few days ago. I hate to see these beautiful trees go dark and bare! Very depressing! you said we must embrace the coziness of the season. I always think the holiday twinkle lights get me through this period. Of course, after the holidays and the lights are put away I try to find something else to get me through the next chapter of the winter....snow. Decorating is a good distraction! Have a great week!~Hugs, Patti

  3. Hhaahahha!! i must laugh about you.......enjoy a happy day from

  4. I feel the same way, Shellagh! The bare trees make me a little blue. You never see anyone outside, I suppose they are all cozied up in their homes. And that I plan to do!!

    I love these images but wow...that leather chair is truly worn!!


  5. Oh, Shellagh....I am SO with you about the falling leaves, cold rain, dreary days ahead....AND the 10 pounds! lol! Your photos are like a warm, cuddly hug, though. I feel warmer already... :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. Some great images here...gotta tell you though, that leather arm chair is just a tad too worn for me! I see little animals making their home on the stuffing inside!;>)

    It is cold here, too, and most of our beautiful leaves were blown away in the winds we have had the past couple of weeks. UGH.... and tonight I have the fire going and a cup of hot coffee...just to warm the soul. xo Diana

  7. Great quilts and I love the open fire
    Stay cozy

  8. I like your positive spin on our winter months. "Embrace the coziness" is good!

  9. Oh How I love the WOrn Leather Chair..SO Darling and such Charchter... Such Inspiration!!
    Thanks Karryann

  10. What inspiring pictures you show ... Wishing you a nice weekend, hugs from Mary

  11. We just had a break in the weather as well. It was nice to enjoy a cool breeze for a change. I guess I'll do like you, cozy up and break out the ....candles?!? LOL
    Great images!

  12. Curtains are such a beautiful with white widow and white home. I have same fireplace in entrance room. In that room, their is small fan and less furnitures also.

  13. The leaves are turning here in the south but won't be at their peak for another week or two. I agree with you that it is some what bleak looking when the beautiful colors are gone. I guess it gives us something to look forward to again. The images you showed look very cozy. Have a wonderful weekend.-----Shannon


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